📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Summary Post

September 25th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 48.

Random words
  • 暴く = あばく to disclose, to expose, to divulge.
  • 報道 = ほうどう news, report.
  • 裏側 = うらがわ reverse side, hidden side.
  • 海浜 = かいひん seashore, seaside.
  • 海辺 = うみべ beach, seashore.
  • 圧倒 = to overwhelm.
  • 横顔 = よこがお profile, face in profile.
  • 大人びる = おとなびる to be or to become adult-like.


Summary post

Day 25: Read another two pages of よつば&!I didn’t have to look up any words today, even to double check, which was nice!


Summary post

Day 25: September 25
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol. 2 :raccoon::maple_leaf:
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 16 min

I worked most of the day…why does this project take so much time D: The annoying thing is that I would actually really enjoy this project if I felt like I had adequate time to complete it and really dig into it. Story of my life. -_- Anyway.
These chapters killed me with cuteness - the tanuki has seriously turned the cuteness up to 11 in this volume.

The tanuki started growing in his winter coat and he looks so soft D:

So floofy

もふもふもふもふもふもふもふもふ :hugs:

But then he caught a cold :pleading_face:

Tanuki burrito


Plus I got some bonus reading practice trying to figure out what the heck is going on in this random flyer I found inside the manga xD

Is the cat gigantic, or is it just perspective? :joy: (I think it’s perspective, because on the back there are some more illustrations where it looks like it’s normal cat size. But I was momentarily very excited about a manga involving a giant cat xD For a sec I thought maybe the premise was like…the woman’s husband turned into a giant cat. Isn’t there a manga like that? Or am I making that up? I don’t know why that’s where my mind went :joy:)

Good words (I guess I'll put them in here since leaving them out would kind of defeat the purpose of the spoilers I put above)

しょぼしょぼ - dejectedly; gloomily​
めげる - to be discouraged; to shrink from
換毛期 (かんもうき) - molting season
風邪気味 (かぜぎみ) - slight cold; bit of a cold; touch of a cold; lingering cold
おくるみ - covering used to wrap a baby

Omg what
In honor of my flyer, I feel like I have to read this now


友人, generally speaking is more formal, polite than 友達!you might use it in a more formal situation etc, but the nuance is the same, both words express someone who is your friend. Link , HiNative

Glad the 鳥居 article picked your interest! :innocent:


Home post

September 25 very slowly working through dialogue from レイトン教授と不思議な町.
It turns out there are 2 versions of this game in Japanese, they first released a version without furigana, and then later released a “friendly version” with furigana. I had been expecting to have furigana, but then I thought I must have misremembered. Finally put 2 and 2 together. I’m kind of having fun battling Kanji, although I’m also a little tempted to spring for the furigana friendly version, but that seems wasteful now.

September 26 today is the last day where I can use my left arm for a while, so trying to get a bunch of typing tasks out of the way =p
Been trying to crunch a bit more WK than usual as I’ve been slacking off lately and surgery will only make that worse.
I’ve also been mining grammar and vocab from 王様ランキング and 大海原と大海原.
But my main task today has been working through A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar to make Anki grammar cards for grammar points I’ve encountered in my reading, so even though I didn’t make any progress reading through a story today, I still read and worked to understand a lot of Japanese - so I’m counting it.

Over the next few days I’m hoping to keep up some form of reading, it might end up being graded readers as I can usually work them out in my head - whereas a lot of my other reading material is complex enough that I want to take notes and do more formal breakdowns.

I’m sorry I keep mentioning my surgery :sweat_smile:, I mentioned it as my reading has been a bit different lately and will likely be weirder for a while more still, I wasn’t trying to elicit sympathy from anyone but I really do appreciate all the wishes and thoughts =D

Once again, thank you all very much :pray:

See you all on the other side, although it may be a while before I post any updates :slight_smile:

I spoke about this game briefly above but I didn’t make it very clear what I was talking about =p

I posted a photo of the game arriving (but I didn’t mention the name in text, I linked to some discussion on it from the summer club).


Main post

Sept 22 to 26 - I was able to continue 僕らの天使ゲーム every day except on Thursday because I was too tired to read. My two-year apprenticeship is starting tomorrow and I really hope I’m going to have enough free time to keep up with WK + my other hobbies :star: I’m now at page 151/354.

  • 所轄 (しょかつ) : jurisdiction
  • 頭蓋骨 (ずがいこつ) : skull
  • 陥没 (かんぼつ) : collapse
  • 鈍器 (どんき) : blunt weapon
  • 失神 (しっしん) : Syncope
  • 厄年 (やくどし) : unlucky year (I want to learn more about this later haha)
  • 煽情的 (せんじょうてき) : sensational
  • ノイローゼ : Neurosis
  • 素行 (そこう) : behaviour
  • 殊更 (ことさら) : intentionally
  • 苦渋 (くじゅう) : bitterness
  • 喪失 (そうしつ) : loss
  • 破滅 (はめつ) : destruction
  • 出世 (しゅっせ) : success in life (interesting word!!)
  • 均整 (きんせい) : balance
  • 迂闊 (うかつ) : careless
  • 無断外泊 (むだんがいはく) : staying out overnight without giving notice
  • 自嘲 (じちょう) : self-deprecation
  • 事も無げ : careless
  • 怪訝 (けげん) : puzzled
Sentence I liked

この男、おそらくこれまでに挫折というものを知らなかったに違いない。勉強も、仕事も、結婚も、子育ても。だからこんなにショックを受けているのだ。それに比べると、花井のこれまでの人生なんて挫折だらけだ。 → 挫折( ざせつ, failure (e.g. plans, business) ) だらけ :laughing: that’s probably my future too

I wish you all the best for tomorrow too!! See you when you feel like posting / when you can post again :blush:


Owww, I didn’t know about it. :frowning:

C’mon, this thread is all about peer support, right?
I also hope you’ll have a speedy recovery! :muscle:t2:


Day 26

I haven’t posted here in a while, and I haven’t been reading everyday either, whoops. I read two pages of Kiki today though! Since I’ll be away from home and not bringing the book I’ll read some free manga I collected from Bookwalker instead for the next four days.



September 22
:maple_leaf: 22

  • かがみの孤城 上 (6 → 7% text+audio) Okay, good place to stop for a while, so now I’ll try to finish カラフル first.
  • カラフル (48 → 50% text)

September 23
:maple_leaf: 23

  • カラフル (50 → 52% text)

September 24
:maple_leaf: 24

  • 文豪ストレイドッグス21 (85 → 100% Finally Finished :confounded:)
  • カラフル (48 → 52% audio)

September 25
:maple_leaf: 25
total: 92/100

  • カラフル (48 → 52% audio once more because I kept falling asleep the day before)
  • カラフル (52 → 53% text)

→ Changed how I use the audiobook version. Before I was trying to read and listen at the same time, but switched to read first, listen later. I was too frustrated with constantly pausing the audio :sweat_smile:
→ カラフル spoilers!
The letter from the mother was interesting, and gave her a nice depth, even if I don’t relate to her life choices. (But then again, I’m personally fine with being average. I’m struggling with perfectionism, but I want to be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and thinking of myself as average gives me comfort, because that means my choices don’t matter that much, which helps with perfectionism… yada yada)
And I think protag was definitely too harsh with her. I also wonder what it is with the mother denying that there are any severe personality flaws regarding the father. I was wondering from the start if the angel can provide a fake backstory, maybe even because that was how original 真 perceived some events.


Ohhh, then it makes sense xD I guess I was mixing bits of conversations :sweat_smile:

I see I’m not the only one doing tiny reads :mag: :eyes:


Ohhh ok thanks so much :durtle_noice:


teach me the way of the tiny words 先輩。下さい


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :full_moon: ::: TANUKIDATE 20210926 ::: :full_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XXVI: クマとたぬき (16 page free preview) :bear:

@MaraVos thought I’d check out the manga you mentioned (thanks for suggesting it!)


Conclusion: Very cute. Must read.
I’m gonna need some serious funds for a book haul, because there is so many on the list now

えええぇぇ!! what a coincidence :rofl:

You know, I didn’t think the tanuki could get any cuter, but then I see this tanuki burrito and now I can no longer function how cute this much



depending on how many times you type it, you can decide the level of smallness

also i wrote it in small because i wanted to avert attention from the fact that i started yet another New Thing
meanwhile it brought quite a lot attention
not according to the plan


oooooooooooh I see (¬‿¬ ) This is nicessss…どうも


Um, I usually just turn on the subtitles on Netflix. Real good practice. <3 (also works on amazon prime)

Bonus points if it’s audio is in Japanese as well.

Right now I’m “reading” japanese subtitles for Lock and Key (netflix) the boys (amazon) the new my little pony movie (netflix… so cute) Sheera (netflix) saikikusou (netflix) and the santa clarita diet. (netflix) probably missing some.

Then I’m reading treasure island, and the horse and his boy. as actual “reading” reading. (childhood faborites, helps if I already have the english version memorized)


Read some more パラサイト・イヴ probably half a page.

Time for some new vocabulary
顕微鏡 microscope N2
培養器 incubator
加圧滅菌器 autoclave


Newbie here! Excellent thread though I’m very late to it as a challenge I hope no one minds me joining in for the practice anyway!
I started attempting to read 聲の形 yesterday which is my first real attempt to read a manga in Japanese, so it is very slow going and lots to learn but I’m enjoying the process for now.
25.09.21: mostly getting started was about figuring out the approach to reading manga, the best way of translating, and getting a sweet sweet spreadsheet set up to keep track. I did find an English translation online but I’m resisting the temptation to look until I’ve got through a page and then I have a little check to see if I’m on the right track. Names were the first thing that tripped me up, spending too much time trying to translate only to finally look over to the righthand bar on jisho to realise it’s the name of a character. I got through about 5 pages in total.

26.09.21: This thread prompted me to try another page, but it had me pretty confused, on the surface of it it’s simple as it’s only a few panels and most of those panels are the character shouting his own name. But it included the phrase 小6ン時の which I eventually found is a version of “in the sixth grade” but more commonly spoken than written. And then I got thrown by multiple uses of けど at the end of sentences. Again some googling suggests that this is a turn of phrase used to soften the sentence, kind of like finishing a sentence with “buuut…” in English, however this idea of softening the sentiment doesn’t feel like it fits with the fact that the character is yelling it down a stairwell at someone. Ah well, if anyone has any other explanations I’m all ears!

Right, back to lurking :slight_smile:


My tiny summary post

September 26 Very tiny read today, like 3 long sentences, haha
・乳と卵. (8% → 9%) The first week is done and I’m behind :eyes: :sweat_drops:

ohhhh, sumimasen :caught_durtling: I got excited when I saw tiny text :eyes:

Hello! :durtle_hello: You’re very welcome here :grin: Better late than never, as they say :books::books: Good luck with reading!


Summary post

Day 26: Read two more pages of よつば&!