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:question: Title How much read today Currently at Notes
:art: この美術部には問題がある! Chapter 1 2nd half — —
:desert_island: ISLAND 5k 215.000 char 66 new words
:orange_book: 恋人 2 episodes 47/52 —
:kimono: 舞妓さんちのまかないさん 2 chapters 58/261 —

Getting closer and closer to the end of the route in ISLAND… actually got a credit roll today!!.. and then the story continued :o) but that’s fine, gotta wrap this up nicely.


December 9th!

Today I read about 3 and a half pages of コンビニ人間 - I’m at a really interesting bit so I didn’t really want to stop reading, but I was getting a bit tired!

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・サイレント・ウイッチ III (20% → 23%)

Just a light read on the train.


I’m glad you asked! If we ignore all the years I’ve been watching anime since junior high, my journey started in university.

2019 (2nd semester of 1st year): We did Genki 1 and I was lucky to discover and use WK pretty early. Saved me on kanji tests. During the third semester we did Genki 2 and eventually I got into doing more grammar with BunPro. In October I started reading the manga Haikyuu whose story I was quite familiar with already.

Then in 2020 I joined the 氷菓 book club. Also started reading the Sword Art Online light novel because I heard it was around N2 level and thought “perfect! I’m nowhere near that level and it’s another story I’m familiar with”. It took me months to finish those two books. It went super slow, but <5 pages/hour of SAO eventually turned into 10 pages/hour. Several months per book got down to 3 weeks.

I have a spreadsheet of all the (non-manga) books I’ve read and when I finished them.

I finished my bachelor’s degree in Japanese language before summer 2021. That’s when I got the idea of starting the Read every day challenge. I thought that that summer vacation was going to be my last chance to spend lots of time doing Japanese stuff before going to uni again (in a different field where I could land a job). I’m so happy I made time for studying JP and reading in my free time even after that. Later that year I passed N2, so that was pretty cool :3

So that makes it more or less 4 years of reading. On bookmeter I got bookshelves with what I’ve read for each year, including manga.


Dec 10

  • Very busy day but two train trips and finally some time to myself meant I finished トナリはなにを食う人ぞ ほろよい 3 | L27. Ultimately my favourite thing about this series is that I always find myself making time to read it and end up reading it in two days. Also I realised the recipe pages are becoming the fastest bits to read because I’m getting more and more familiar with the various types of cutting and boiling etc you need to do…

5/12 3 pages Spy Family

6/12 25 pages おじさまと猫

7/12 2 pages Spy Family, aDoBJG appendix 4

8/12 4 pages おじさまと猫, aDoBJG appendix 5

9/12 3 pages Spy Family, 32 pages 本好きの下剋上 manga vol 2, 17 pages おじさまと猫

Well, my plan of “reading up what I’m supposed to”, ie the book clubs I’m already in, has not gone to plan.

On the plus side, I’m plodding on with finishing the grammar dictionary (after deciding I’d read all the appendices)

Also, I’m quite happy with the extra manga I’ve been reading - I started おじさまと猫, and also the second 本好き manga.

The issue is that I’m going to have multiple offshoots starting soon, so I really need to finish what I’m actively reading, or at least keep up with the clubs!


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:cat: Book Pages
:fallen_leaf: 季節を愉しむ366日 | L30?? December 11
:tiger: trash 19 - 25

Seasons :fallen_leaf: was about…
7 大雪(たいせつ), which is the current of Japan’s 24 seasons. Guess what kind of weather we’re supposed to get. Guess. Colors :rainbow: was also about this and had many grays :grey_exclamation:
8 事納(ことおさめ) which is like a sort of break from the usual for farmers. They prep soup in advance and prepare for new years. It’s from 12/8 until new years I would think.
9 霙(みぞれ), a type of weather I already forgot about
10 Daikon! 「大根(だいこん)どきの医者(いしゃ)いらず」delighted to learn Japanese has something like an apple a day but with daikon. because of course daikon
11 fluffy birds! or rather how sparrows poof up in winter for warmth

I’m a lot busier than I expected to be ngl. I might post the next season’s thread this upcoming week in order to ensure that it’s there and ready to go.


Before I forget again, here was the page of seasons about Beethoven’s Ninth. I had started mentally drafting replies but I got distracted and forgot to even draft them in a post :smiling_face_with_tear:


Dec 10, Sun of Week 11 of Fall Q4 2023 :maple_leaf:

  • DEATH NOTE Vol.11 Ch.90

  • NARUTO Vol.13 Ch.110-114

Plan start!

  • DIJG : ならない

  • STEINS;GATE (VN) Ch.3 (1 hour)

Words of the day
  • 根ねに持もつ = to hold a grudge
  • 助たすけ船ぶねを出だす = to send a helping boat in the time of need
  • 事後承諾じごしょうだく = ex-post-facto approval; approval after the accomplished act. The fact itself is 既成事実きせいじじつ, I think.
  • 集約しゅうやく = aggregating; putting together
  • 睡眠時すいみんじ無呼吸むこきゅう症候群しょうこうぐん = sleep apnea syndrome (SAS)
  • 直訳ちょくやく = literal (word-by-word) translation. Opposite is 意訳いやく.
  • 序列じょれつ = hierarchy; ranking order
  • 至上主義しじょうしゅぎ = supremacy; supremacism
  • 太ふとっ腹ぱら = generous. Heart not stomach.


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・サイレント・ウイッチ III (23% → 28%)

Today was spent studying for tomorrow’s exam, so just a tiny session for reading Silent Witch.


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Sat Dec 9 :art: This Art Club Has a Problem (wk 1) pgs 7-10
Sun Dec 10 :art: This Art Club Has a Problem (wk 1) pgs 11-17, finished week 1 just in time for week 2.

This story isn’t grabbing me as much as Horimiya, maybe it’ll be more interesting once we get to know the characters a little better.


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:calendar: 12月10日 :calendar:

:question: Title How much read today Currently at Notes
:art: この美術部には問題がある! Chapter 1 2nd half — —
:desert_island: ISLAND 8k 224.000 char 130 new words
:exclamation: あなたも殺人犯になれる! Chapter 14 & 15 — 61 new words
:orange_book: 恋人 2 episodes 49/52 —
:kimono: 舞妓さんちのまかないさん 2 chapters 60/261 —

Wow, 224.000k! What a journey. So the prologue and this route had about the same length, 100k. Good to know for the other routes.
Really enjoyed struggling with ISLAND haha. Big difference in my reading speed between when I started and now, but it is still kind of a struggle because I don’t have a lot of vocabulary yet.
Also when you read a VN it’s super nice to finally complete a route because then you unlock new menu points, you can see the list of endings (only reveals those you have finished, the rest is ???), percent of completion (29% for me), the CGs, the music.
Now I will pause ISLAND for a while, so I can join Flowers in January.
In the meantime I will read more of 舞妓さんちのまかないさん, still have as a goal to get more used to 関西弁 so that I can start on 阪急電車!


Wow @Redglare thanks for the detailed reply!
Always love seeing spreadsheets haha. Awesome one, nice way to capture your journey, all visible at a glance! Very cool to see the progression, 2022 has the double amount of pages as 2021, and it is still going up in 2023!
Very cool idea with the bookshelves too, now I want to make the same ones on bookmeter!
Might go ahead and copy you on both the spreadsheet and the bookshelves idea, thanks for the inspiration :smiley: (maybe I will wait until I have at least one novel completed though haha)




Yeah, it doesn’t hold back, and luckily you learn that on page 1 already. No hidden surprises, for good or for bad…

Oh great! I am very interested in this author, so I might read this one as well at some point! Let me know how you like it.

Haha and I thought I’m the only person who replies in their head and then forgets to actually post these replies :grin:


Oh and while I’m at it:

I’ve finally made up my mind and decided to defer あん. Instead, I dug up the 大江 健三郎 short-to-medium stories collection that I had started in spring to commemorate his death. I had only read one story (his Akutagawa prize winner) but now I want to finish the book and read the other 5 stories. But it’s a slightly older book, and I forgot how slow these can be for me. This, combined with a bout of busyness that will continue until next year, has left me with less progress than I had hoped… and so I’m running late with あなたも殺人犯になれる :unamused:

I also added a few upcoming reading plans, namely 天気の子 with EBW on Natively (we still need to fix a starting date, though) and also 銭天堂 with the Natively Children’s Book Club (I started this one ages ago but never finished, and I really need to shave some books off of that stack :sweat_smile:).


December 10th!

I read a chapter of Shadows House today. Only one more chapter in this volume, so I’ll be finishing it later this week. :slight_smile:

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  • 侵略!イカ娘 - started volume 2 and a made a bit of a dent, finally getting back to this and it’s still a nice read. Still feel it’s pretty significantly underrated, though
  • 赤い手袋 this was the first thing I read on aozora last year (I think I read it in november?), but I wanted to return to it to see if I could understand it better. Definitely did! I only really remember being able to get some of the imagery, but not really follow what the story was. A lot of elements are kinda vague, so not surprised that I struggled with it last year :laughing:
  • とらドラ!pg 180 → 187

Dec 11

  • This week’s half chapter of 美術部. Can’t say I’m really feeling this one, but I’ll stick it out for the BBC…
  • The coin said ‘continue a series’, so started 僕の心のやばいやつ2. I feel like I’m improving a bit at reading this one, then I look at my timer and I’m still roughly on-pace as previous vols… but the time disappears easily, and that’s what’s important.

Dec 11, Mon of Week 12 of Fall Q4 2023 :maple_leaf:

  • ゆるキャン△ Vol.15 Ch.84

  • NARUTO Vol.13 Ch.115-117 (end vol)

  • STEINS;GATE (VN) Ch.3 (1 hour 10 min)

Knights and slimes :melting_face:

Words of the day
  • 巻まき添ぞえを食くう = to get entangled in
  • お預あずけ = putting on hold; postponement
  • お世辞せじにも = by any standard; even by the best said
  • 後手後手ごてごて = being behind with everything
  • 博愛はくあい = philanthropy


Dec 12

Early start so early post today.

  • Continued a chapter of 心やばい on the train after daily revision, will probably read more on the train home.
  • I saw Ruridragon placed 9 on this year’s この漫画がすごい men’s rankings despite not releasing a single chapter this year. Fingers crossed. Also, probably a good list of manga to add to Natively if they’re not already on there…

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:calendar: 12月11日 :calendar:

:question: Title How much read today Currently at Notes
:kimono: 舞妓さんちのまかないさん 4 chapters 64/261 —
:orange_book: 恋人 2 episodes 51/52 —
:railway_car: 阪急電車 1.7% 1.7% 36 new words

A bit relieved to see that it’s not just me feeling uneasy with reading この美術部には問題がある! :sweat_smile:
Hopefully not the whole story is like the second part of Chapter 1.


All aboard the train! We start at Takarazuka station, direction Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station