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:fallen_leaf: Day 56, 25th of November :maple_leaf:

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Alright, managed to read something quickly during my break. Luckily DrDru stories are so short.

This story was about where to put certain things (like presents under a tree), and then a section about opening these presents, which helped me familiarize with several numerals

  • For example, I had initially read () as ‘eye’ but it was used as a suffix for ordinal numbers (second, third, etc.) instead.
  • (さつ) is a counter for books, very important! :wink: It even looks a bit like a bookshelf.

Finished chapter 2 of 青ブタ9.the story finally got going again and it feels like we’re back to the regular series’ hijinks. I remember the previous volume being such a nothing burger and the tone of the first chapter kind of continues from where that volume left off. Like it was necessary but mid. Now things are picking up at a rate I may just read the rest tomorrow. For now I’m just committing to chapter 3. But I could definitely read the rest if I wanted to though. I’ll update tomorrow as usual.


Nov 25, Fri of Week 9 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • SHADOWS HOUSE Vol.3 Ch.34

I also read a little into next chapter (Ch.35). Even without look up (I think I get the vocab meaning and reading), it still took some energy. I also want read something else next.

  • Death Note Vol.5 Ch.40

Making up from my rushing of Ch.39; so that I don’t hate the series.

  • かがみの孤城 (上) 78% => 82% (start of Ch.7 November)

Listened to audiobook first and finished the chapter (in 2 goes), now read 1/2 chapter.

Interesting vocabularies
  • 殉職 (じゅん.しょく) first Kanji is matyrdom. Thinking of being done for by Yakuza in the middle of the month (中旬).
  • 白々しい (しら.じら.しい) uses Shira variant of 白
  • 肩書き (かた.がき) What’s written on the shoulders (肩) of soldiers’ uniform? Like inscription on ranks, I guess.
  • 地道 (じ.みち) the word reminds me of 地味 (じ.み). Also, starts with Ji.
  • 何気に (なに.げ/に) somehow similar to 何気ない (なに.げ/ない)
  • 呆気 (あっ.け) feels like 呆れる (あきれる) + 気 [け], so like 啞然と
  • 面識 (めんしき) acquainted = 面 + 意識
  • 茫然と (ぼう.ぜん/と) similar to 呆然と and with the same reading. Probably signify vastness / lost into the void, rather than just amazement.
  • 徒歩 (と.ほ) from 徒歩圏内. Walking distance, just not only 生徒 / 信徒’s walking.


  • 犬死に (いぬ.じ/に) die like a dog, but with Rendaku.
  • 歴とした (れっき/とした) obvious history (歴史), but also with glottal stop (っ) to make it more obvious.
  • ピンとこない = ピンと instinctively / at once + (来る [気づく] + ~ない)

Forgotten ones

  • こだわる obsessive, insistent; and 拘り (こだわり) can mean “local specialty” (snacks)
  • 取締 (とり.しまり) binding together (締める) is controlling. Compare 取引 (とりひき)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221125 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 83.52% :postbox:

More guests mean more conversation!

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


呑気「のんき」ー Carefree; optimistic; reckless; easy-going
投函「とうかん」ー Mailing; posting
艶書「えんしょ」ー Love letter

喋舌る = 喋る「しゃべる」(To talk/chat)


November 25th!

Today I read a chapter of Happiness, and then, conversely to what I said I was planning to do - I started playing Pokemon Violet in Japanese.
As expected, its taking me a long time to get anywhere in it, especially since I insist on looking at everything and talking to everybody. :grin:
But I decided I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t at least TRY to play it in Japanese.
If I find I really don’t have the reading ability/stamina to enjoy playing it then I figure it wont take me too long to restart in English and replay up to however far I get.
So far so good though! Its slow going, with quite a lot of stopping to look up vocab but I’m having a lot of fun!

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I’ve managed to keep just ahead of you; made it to the end of the book and across the finish line this afternoon…


Woops, as easy as it is to say to I want to read more, it is to not do that too. First week after I wrote 2 weeks ago I didn’t really read every day, but I’m pretty sure I did the past 7 days.
I finished all released Wataten volumes, 12th yesterday, gained a small progress in また、同じ夢を見ていた - about 62% now. So 7% in 2 weeks. :laughing: I definitely wont make it until the end of the month but I’ll try to read as much as I can.

Also started Ponkotsu Ponko, which is a really wholesome manga. Went through volume 2 today.

The near future, in a quiet seaside town. Yoshioka, who had recently lost his wife, just wants to spend the rest of his days in peace. However, Yoshioka’s children, worried about their father’s health, sent a housekeeping robot to help him. Yoshioka’s quiet life is now changing.

Nausicaa I put on hold for now as long as I find wholesome stuff on the easier side like the above.

I’ll try to update more often, should hopefully give some more motivation. :sweat_smile:


Home post :bookmark: Nov 25 :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: :snowman_with_snow:

・本好きの下剋上 13 (83% → 100%)

Yoisho, I finished the book :3 Will write some thoughts on it later, it’s past sleep time now.
Have to say I really enjoyed this volume, author is doing wonderful.

Thanks for sharing! :durtle_love: Today I learned that horse’s bone is related to chicken’s rib cage and both of those are not 便利(べんり).


:maple_leaf: :turkey: November 25th :turkey: :maple_leaf: (Home Post Link)

I was out doing some black friday shopping and also musedash got steam achievements finally, so I was rather busy with those instead of studying/reading. We also did our family thanksgiving today, so I was reading partially in the kitchen and doing lookups on my phone while cooking. Because they were on my phone, I lost a few of the words I looked up at the beginning of the chapter, but I don’t think it was anything huge. Mostly just student council and kind of bureaucratic budget/document stuff that should come up again at some point. I got to learn the word for headbutt, and that’s really the important word in this chapter.


  • ホリミヤ ch 7 – things are starting to pick up quickly. The early chapters of just 堀さん and 宮村君 are cute, but the story really starts to shine as more of the side cast comes in, so I’m glad to be getting to them.

I could stare at these faces all day.

Good Words

騒ぎ「さわぎ」ー uproar, disturbance
渡し「わたし」ー delivery (here, a box of documents)
非「ひ」ー fault, error
てめえ ー you (male language, derogatory)
誤解「ごかい」ー misunderstanding
頭突き「ずつき」ー headbutting, headbutt
抱える「かかえる」ー to be burdened with, to take on (here, with トラウマ)


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November 25

人間椅子 -

15 - 48

Yesterday was not as good as I had hoped. I fell asleep reading, although this time I was in bed at least. I hope to finish the volume tonight if possible though. I’ll miss this Abbacchio and Giorno focused part, but at least it’s not a sad part. the scheduled suffering comes later


I finished 死仮面 and read a bit of the ユージニア assignment. I have several books to finish before the end of the year and yet I’m considering starting enough book to read along with an audiobook because…it’s fun? Really no other reason. Rushing through without word lookups and no need for 読み方 checks is just nice on my brain after long days. I have the second volume of スマホを落としただけなのに (stand alone story) and it’s on the Mystery Book Club nominations but it hasn’t been very popular… :thinking:


Finished chapter 3 of 青ブタ9. My eyes need a long break from reading. This story felt like it put all it’s eggs in one chapter and I’m hoping the last chapter gives some reasons for the events of this chapter because it feels too simple to be the lesson of the story. I don’t really care though. It’s better than the last volume which wasnt bad either. But the author clearly gave their all to those first 7 volumes. 8+ feels like they want to just let readers chill before doing another huge arc. I’ll see later.

I’m planning to read the rest of the story tonight before bed. I’ll probably read the last side story in shield hero tomorrow. Monday I have no clue what I’ll read during the day. Maybe I’ll just chill and read SH volume 2 before bed only.


November 25 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Read more than a volume of ブルーロック again today! :tada: I finished off the rest of volume 17 in one sitting because big things were wrapping up so it was impossible not to, and then I got about halfway through volume 18. Some very wholesome times after all the drama :pleading_face: but there are some interesting prospects now, I’m curious to see where it all goes as always :eyes:



Day before yesterday, I finished 金持ち君と貧乏君, and in other news also finished Legends & Lattes. That one’s great because it’s literally like “what if the real fortune was the friends we made along the way” (plus also it’s gay)

Yesterday, I read 不機嫌なモノノケ庵 vol 9. Underneath each cover is an omake which is like a chat recording of a convo between Hanae and Abeno (with occasional guest appearances by other characters). I don’t remember if it was vol 8, but it was in the omake of a recent vol where Hanae informed Abeno that he could do a handstand, and then in the story in this volume we get to see him demonstrate it! So that was fun.

Some vocab of note:

凶兆 (きょうちょう) [noun] evil omen

Today, I read ch 288-292 of HQ, a.k.a. a little over half of vol 33. When the twins did their minus-tempo back quick, I’d thought they’d mess up since this was their first time attempting it, and at such a critical moment to boot, but no, they pulled it off—but Hinata was there to block them. (Kageyama too, and it hit both their hands—so of course, even tired as they are, they still fight over who actually stopped it lmao I love them—but the focus was on Hinata.) It was glorious.



(they’re so dumb, I love them)

Some vocab of note:

下馬評 (げばひょう) [noun] rumor; gossip; speculation; irresponsible criticism; hearsay. I think I’ll have to try and look into the etymology of this sometime because uh, “dismount + criticism = gossip”? Does not make sense to me.

I got that book in English years ago, picked it up at an HPB, probably, when I decided I wanted to read more mystery and detective novels but then never did (and it’s 635 pages, so I don’t know why; I love big books). I should probably read that soon and see if I wanna get it in Japanese.


I have an English copy I also haven’t read :joy: I originally picked it up to help me through the Japanese copy when I first tried it…2 years ago? But at the start of this year it was finally an approachable level of difficulty so I just ended up not using it.


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Day 16 Progress:
お隣の天使様 三冊 - 19.30% → 25.53%
スローループ - Chapter 9

Quick post because tired and work tomorrow.

Pretty decent (and light) reading today. After a few consecutive days of being unhappy with my progress it was nice to not be miserable for a change!

I always prefer kanji to hiragana but it especially bugs me when they use half-and-half. Like today I was confused for a few dozen seconds because I saw 石けん instead of 石鹸. It completely throws off my ability to read the words!

Word of the Day: 口実 - excuse or pretext. Pretty simple word but ‘mouth truth’ is definitely a clear and simple way to get the meaning across!


Today I finished 秋の牢獄!

It was smooth sailing at almost 13.5 pages per hour. The author’s writing style is pretty clear and straightforward, I think his books would make for good first books as well.


:maple_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: :snowflake: :christmas_tree: November 25 :christmas_tree: :snowflake: :jack_o_lantern: :maple_leaf:
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Loopers :infinity:

Well, Loopers keeps me humble, I guess that is a plus? :sweat_smile: It has been nice reading things where I might not even need to look up something every speech bubble, and then I read Loopers where I might have a sentence where I need to look up all nouns and probably the verb too.

In fact, on a couple of screens I finally got my phone and aimed google translate at the screen to figure out what was happening. One was a freaking kanji I couldn’t find for the life of me: 棘. Because searching by the correct radicals didn’t bring it up on jisho nor Midori, nor did drawing it in either place.

Then there was a doctor speaking and he used so much weird vocab. :tired_face:

And still I was intrigued enough I just kept reading, hoping to find a good stopping point, but finally just found a scene jump I was willing to bale at. xD

Man sometimes this VN drives me nuts when it comes to throwing like 3-4 screens of narrative with so much vocabulary I don’t know (narrative is not voiced, so I have to draw all the kanji or guess at readings when I can).

Also, I’m very bad so far at remembering what I have looked up so I sometimes look up the same word twice in the same reading session. :sweat_smile: At least it repeats a lot of the vocabulary, so if I just keep reading it regularly, I think I can force some of the words into my memory. xD

This has been featured quite a lot so far. xD

I’m glad you all enjoyed the pictures. You enjoyed Kiro so much I’m not sure anyone commented on my book/VN haul. xD

Cats confirmed better than books and VNs. xD


November 26th

:maple_leaf:Home post:maple_leaf:

Card Captor Sakura volume 1 or Aria: the masterpiece volume 2 – progress report

Yesterday: Read up to page 103 of Card Captor Sakura.
Today: Read up to page 114 of Card Captor Sakura. / Began reading Aria: the masterpiece volume 2 and read up to page 20.

Read a few more pages in Card Captor Sakura and moved on to Aria: the masterpiece volume 2. Started reading it and @MissDagger already unintentionally summed up my first 10 minutes with it:

Funny that you mention this because I just got whiplash upon starting the second volume of Aria the masterpiece. Reason being that the first two pages were once again dedicated to the word-building.

While many of the words looked familiar to me (as they were literally used in chapter 1 of the 1st volume during its world-building intro), I had to basically go back to the wordlist of the first volume’s chapter to look up the words that I should technically be somewhat familiar with by now. But no, I forgot almost everything, so as self-punishment I went through the words yet again which was a pain in the butt. :sweat_smile:
Granted, it didn’t happen within the same reading session in this case but I also experienced having to look up a word 5 minutes after encountering it for the first time within the same session on other occasions – so yeah, your situation sounds very familiar. :laughing:

Other than that, I definitely notice the difference in difficulty between Aria and Sakura. I’m glad I made my adjustment because deciphering Aria – even with the vocabulary list and without looking up grammar points but only writing them down for future reference – takes me much more time.



Cute animals make me brain dead which is why my brain didn’t even properly register your haul – it looks great! It’s always satisfying to get a book/media haul in, isn’t it? Though, one may simultaneously feel bad for one’s wallet.

Except for Hakuoki (and I don’t even know anything about it apart from it being samurai-themed) nothing looked familiar to me. The hotel one and 百年後のアポロ caught my eye and I may check them out to see if I’d like to read them in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Word or expression of the day:

歯が立たない - (はがたたない) - unable to compete with, no able to make a dent in (e.g. a problem); hard to chew

Honourable mention:

詳しい - (くわしい) - detailed, accurate; knowing very well, well-informed


The hotel one is so good!!! Gorgeous/handsome/great art and wholesome. 百年後のアポロ is a short story collection from the same mangaka. No idea what it is like, basically bought it because same mangaka, and more butlers in at least one story. xD