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October 26th!

Chapter 10 of Yoru Cafe Volume 2 today. As always it took me AGES to read - I usually do it on a weekend to make sure I have enough time and I’m not already tired from a day of working, so doing it today after work was a bit of a challenge!
I did it though :slight_smile:

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26 October 2022

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  • Chainsaw Man (Chapters 42-44)



The shit that Denji goes through really stings to read through again, and it’ll only hurt more watching it animated. Poor guy gets betrayed by every character he interacts with in the most crushing ways. Power wasn’t too bad cause they just met, but being shown love that wasn’t laced with dog-related messaging by Reze only to get dismembered at a festival seconds later, ouch. Homie really doesn’t catch a break.


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I read today’s NHK easy news article, which was about a v-tuber teaching how to use an AED.


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Day 25:

Priority: :houses: 青桐. Constant 出血 and a persistent smell of 腐汁. :grimacing:

Free choice: :mag: 硝子の塔の殺人.

Extra: :notebook: デスノート 1.

Read-aloud: :curly_loop: ミステリと言う勿れ 1 with Bri.


October 26 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Wasn’t feeling the best today so my reading was a bit sporadic and chaotic :joy: I read a bit of ブルーロック, but I also got in the mood to check out Persona 4 again (finally managed to get it working on steam deck woo) so I messed with that a bit. It’s still sightly above the just pick up and chill level I want with it (though maybe I’d have more patience for it on another day lmao) but I can definitely tell I’ve come a long way since the last time I picked it up. So yay! :tada:


I said I wouldn’t read yesterday but my migraine cleared after I took the medicine so I downloaded a random free manga from Bookwalker. I had heard @Naphthalene say something along the lines of anything with the title 溺愛 is questionable, but I also vaguely recall someone finding that adult content was hidden unless you had a JP IP address?
Well worry not, cause that manga was most definitely adult :upside_down_face: I think I lost brain cells reading it too, but it checked the reading box for the day so eh. Not putting that in Natively though.

Today I finished this week’s reading for 死仮面 which frees me up to read other things for a bit. I still have 異世界の名探偵, 自殺行き往復切符, and 三体 to read so we’ll see where my fancy lands.


Yes, 溺愛 is a trope in TL, to the point that it’s a tag on the 18+ version of なろう. Not that I would know about that, of course.

Bookwalker does hide 18+ stuff from non JP IP addresses last I heard, but at the same time I have come across quite a few things that had adult content but was still not classified as 18+ by Bookwalker. That was kinda freaky in some cases too. I’m not sure what their standard is.

I understand the feeling :joy:


Read a couple pages from the Lycoris Recoil LN. I like just being in that space, so I don’t mind going slower and taking my time with it. Its not a book I feel “I need to finish this.” Just kind of hop in and hop out unrequired reading. I don’t have my switch today (needed to charge) so I can’t play Persona on the commute. Brought my 3DS instead and played Yoshi’s Wooly World.


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October 26th:
:yellow_square: 名探偵コナン (74% → 87%)

Only 25 pages left! This case is a little more twisty than the last one. Turns out the dead man in this idol’s apartment is her old boyfriend from high school. Plus, a rival entered the mix and admitted to not only breaking into this girl’s place, but harassing her because the idol got a TV role and she didn’t. The chapter ended with Conan solving the mystery and Ran’s father saying he knows who did it? Are they one in the same, or does our now-six-year-old hero have to coax the actual answer out of that drunkard’s depleted brain?


October 26 :heavy_check_mark: :mountain_snow:

山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 , 34-35%

On a trip for a couple of days, so reading time is greatly reduced. Reading manga on a small phone screen is not especially pleasant, so back to the mountains it is. So many place names were mentioned. It might be fun to follow along on a map, but not while reading on the phone in a moving car. I only managed to read a little, so I haven’t reached the meat of the story yet. It starts with another lonely autumn hike. Isn’t it considered a bad idea to go hiking on your own? Or are these mountains supposed to be so busy that there’s always help nearby anyway?


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October 26

ニャンキーズ two (because discourse can’t handle digits) jk this pathetic website can't handle letters either. :clown_face: or emoji for that matter. yikes 84 - 89

I think I may have been sick this week :sweat_smile:. I felt so crappy and tired yesterday that I read only a few pages before going to bed at 8:30pm… I woke up at 5am :sweat_smile:. This is usually an amount of sleep beyond my capabilities


:jack_o_lantern: October 27th :jack_o_lantern: (Home Post Link)

While I was digging into some retro game archive stuff for a friend, I stumbled upon a whole library of archived PC-98 series (think: original 80s/90s macintosh style computer, but japan. DOS, floppy disks, big ole crt monitors, all that good stuff) games, and thought it would be kinda fun to try setting up an emulator. I had some pretty good success! I’m going to enjoy digging through this archive for good games later, but for now here’s the 2 games I tested and my thoughts on their reading level:

銀河英雄伝説 PC98

This is the original legend of the galactic heroes game released in 1989, it’s a tactical strategy space-battle game with 5 different scenarios that you can play from the story. I could move ships around and do some battle stuff, but strategy was beyond me. I lost extremely quickly. Evidently, I’m no Yang Wen-li :sweat_smile: The animations were actually super cool, though. I’m going to really enjoy this game I think (…eventually)

Reading level: extremely hard. Lots of kanji and military terminology. Game is complex and you understanding exactly what you are doing matters a lot. Dialogue also scrolls automatically on scenario description and during battles, so you have to read it very quickly or pause emulation manually to even see who is attacking who and with what and dealing how much damage at what cost (etc etc)


東方幻想郷 PC98

Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story is a top down bullet hell style game (it’s touhou, ofc), but it’s old enough that it lacks a lot of the modern mechanics. No Spell Card system, no item gather line, basically just shoot, dodge, and collect items. 2 playable characters with different shot and bomb types. I played Reimu, a 巫女 at a shrine in 幻想郷 who is tasked with solving various incidents by beating up the problem. 5 normal stages with waves of enemies, a midboss, and a final boss, plus a 6th final stage that you can play if you don’t use a continue. I got a nice lil 1 credit clear on normal, but i’ve played my fair share of touhou games before. Definitely still some challenging and fun parts, even if it’s on the easier side. This game also has some of the most iconic music in the series: BAD Apple!! is the stage 3 theme, and Casket of Star is the stage 4 boss theme when you are fighting Marisa.

Reading Level: very easy. Characters use some slang and jokes, but dialogue is simple and only progresses as you hit enter. Comprehension also doesn’t really matter: the gameplay doesn’t depend on the dialogue, as there’s no dialogue options. The characters quipping is definitely worth reading, though.


After I got done messing around, I also read some よつばと!ー chapters 86 and about half of 87. These chapters are pretty dense, and I’ll definitely do more reading later but for now I can feel my eyes starting to skip to the point where reading is probably not super productive.

Edit: Round 2! Finished chapter 87, 88, 89, and 90. Finishing Volume 13! Just two more to go. excellent おばあちゃん energy. I loved the little 掃除 chapter. よつばはえらい子だね (at least, when she’s trying to be). Especially enjoyed that grandma seems to be a birder! ハクセキレイ and ヒヨドリ are both pretty common birds, but still!

Good Words

低反発「てんはんぱつ」ー memory foam
罠「わな」ー trap, ruse
削り「けずり」ー shaving, cutting, flakes
掃除「そうじ」ー cleaning
玄関「げんかん」ー entrance, front door
余計「よけい」ー extra, superfluous
お世話「おせわ」ー help, assistance
放題「ほうだい」ー doing as one pleases (suffix)
汚れる「よろれる」ー to get dirty
雑巾「そうきん」ー cleaning cloth
床「ゆか」ー floor
標準語 「ひょうじゅんご」ー standard japanese
仕組み「しくみ」ー structure, workings
ぐずる ー to grumble
縁起「えんぎ」ー omen
手製「てせい」ー handmade


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On October the 27th I:

  • Read today’s NHK Easy News.

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Another day, another DrDru story. This time, another person is being chased by things and running everywhich way.

Furigana are starting to disappear before I’ve memorized their reading, so it might help if I go through every story so far and see which Kanji I need to mine?


Oct 27, Thu of Week 5 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • かがみの孤城 (上) 30% => 33% (Finished Ch.2 June)

Things are getting spicy and troublesome in the castle. Also, オオカミさま.

I am reading ahead of my previous audiobook listening now.

  • かぐや様は告らせたい Vol.26 Ch.255

No need to be too ahead of manga reading clubs. The previous chapter felt difficult before because of the need for external references. (Well, a little of vocabularies too.)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221027 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 63.19% :tea:

It’s a new day, it’s just past four, there’s only one thing to do, it’s Wagahai time!
and cup of tea time too, of course

Master, in a surprising turn of bravery, confronts the battalion of uniformed baseball soldiers.

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


ネル ー Abbreviation for flannel (fabric), full: フランネル

グズグズ actually has kanji, it’s: 愚図愚図 (slowly; tardily; hesitantly)


There’s been quite a few English words I’ve learnt thanks to translating them from Japanese, but saying that, I can’t remember what English words I have learnt :thinking:


:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 26

Some more 狼と香辛料 (79% → 83%).


:maple_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: :snowflake: :christmas_tree: October 27 :christmas_tree: :snowflake: :jack_o_lantern: :maple_leaf:
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夜カフェ2 :cake:

Read second half of chapter 9 today. Some good, some iffy. I really remember enjoying the first volume. But now I’m not so sure I will continue with the series. I have volume 3 too, and I will see how that one goes with my new idea for how to read it (aka not with the book club because I suspect the slow pace is making the story less enjoyable for me).

Any case, I still have this week’s chapter of 夜カフェ to read, and tomorrow is Friday already, so new book club week starts Saturday. I guess I won’t get to Loopers this week. But next week… or wait, I just noticed after next week’s chapter, only one chapter is left plus atogaki in 夜カフェ2, so might just finish of the volume. With that finished, I’ll only have Orange, and then 神さまがまちガえる when that starts on Nov 5.

With only two active clubs, I should be able to finally get to Loopers. :smiley:


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・狼と香辛料 (75% → 77%)

Only had time to read in the morning, uni is taking over :ocean:


Lol, Japanese is ruining my English. I read that uni as the Japanese word first, not an abbreviation of university. :joy:

Watch out! They’re taking over!!! :scream: