Re Zero volume 12 week 1

Re Zero Volume 12 Week 1

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Start Date: February 22, 2021
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Week 1 Reading: End of chapter 1 part 7, page 62 (50 pages)

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I have only read the online preview so far (so chapter 1), but anyway.

So, that’s what happen if Subaru doesn’t wake Emilia up. Good thing he did wait until he had a way to get out of that situation before he let it happen :stuck_out_tongue: To be fair, since Echidna knows what’s going on on Emilia’s side, she would not have let things go otherwise.
I thought that Emilia’s past was dark, but not to the point that she would get possessed by the witch (or… maybe she is the witch and just self suppressing that memory? But then killing herself in one of the loops would not make sense).
It was kinda funny to see that the extra Ryuzu we saw before is just one of many suicide bombing clones.
Speaking of bombs, Emilia is a freaking walking weapon of mass destruction. Be it through the witch or Puck, she can wipe out half the world (indirectly). Funniest scenario would be to kill her while in witch form (after she had ravaged for a while); you thought you were safe, here comes Puck.

Unrelated to this week, but the color illustration of the tea party (which, to be fair, doesn’t really feel like a spoiler considering the massive Chekov’s gun that was laid out by giving the conditions for it to happen) cracks me up, especially Typhon’s face. “Here cometh Death, destroyer of worlds! Yaaaay, 久しぶり!”


Next week is up

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