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It’s been a long time since the last one but I finally finished it. I was way too stuck on other books ha ha.

This book contents

Subaru is back and Rem seems to like him moreé Let’s gooooo.
I understand Subaru not wanting to participate in another country’s war.
The siblings are pretty nice. Furoppu(yes the usual I can’t write names) makes me think of Otto. He basically is Otto as a pacifist. Same reactions.
The scene about Toddo killing Subaru in a row was scary. Like that dude is persistent. Sad for Roen. We saw him once. I was sure he’s was an outworlder since he looked pretty Japanese.
Them escaping the city was pretty epic. Subaru read Toddo well.
That infiltration plan was pretty funny. I wonder how many other tricks Subaru has. He did not have time to explain how he learned the art of cosmetics. Ossman looks ridiculous. Nothing more to say.
That last scene with the number 2 was intense. I wasn’t expecting it. Of course, Nagatsuki sensei is gonna left us on the cliffhanger. I was sure it’d be an archbishop and that Subaru will end up dead.
PRICILLIA-SAMA!!! I love her so much. I don’t know what she does there but she is epic as always. I love her more and more ha ha. I wonder if she realized it’s Subaru under the disguise. Maybe next book he goes back to Emilia. Probably not. I wonder if Aru is there with her.
Also happy that Rem is getting friendlier with Subaru.

I feel less into this arc than the last one, to be honest. Maybe because now I’m hooked on another series or that I just read too much Re Zero for a time but the previous arc felt so much more interesting. I’m just hoping for Subaru to get back to Emilia at this point. It’s a good arc. Just… less good without all the other chara I guess.

LUCKY ME THE NEXT BOOK IS OUT. I was sure I’d seen it out on Twitter. Glad I checked.
just naming people so they see the thread
@mrahhal @HaseebYousfani


Out of curiosity, what series is that?

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oh, never thought I’d see you here I thought you weren’t reading it anymore ha ha
It’s Honzuki. Finished book 7 last week


Yes, I stopped at volume 15. I somehow got a notification from you editing the home thread (it says you linked to one of my threads, but I have no idea of which one; there are too many links in that post :stuck_out_tongue:)

Nice! Feel free to comment in the 本好き thread :slight_smile:
Especially since you are done with arc 2 now!

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I did edit it to had stuff ha ha. I’ll see for the Honzuki thread. Everyone prob already read it already anyway ha ha

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Sorry, I made a stupid typo. not liked, “linked”.

There are a few people at arc 3 (including volume 8) and 4, so they aren’t that far away from you.


It really has been a long time that I managed to level up a bit since the last time. It’s nice to hear from you again

I definitely think arc 6 is the best but the recent developments have been really nice and interesting in arc 7. This would be volume 29 for you. Anyway,

full book spoilers

I also think Flop was like Otto, and Medium is a nice new character, I like her.
I was wishing he could find a way to just go home but there’s no way Tappei will make such emphasis on the war if he’s going to force him to participate, especially since he can’t do anything without Shudrak and Abel’s protection. The Todd deaths were really great I remember when the chapter came out some really nice fanart was being posted on Twitter in the bar during the fire. Subaru is making Todd more and more wary of him now though. He’s going to keep trying, might be one of the final opponents of the arc, maybe he will have to kill him.
And of course Rem, I always love reading her parts, there is a lot to explore with Subaru and Rem’s relationship, it’s very interesting, and I simply just really like her lol.


Oh man. There’s no topping arc 6 anytime soon, but these latest chapters…


いわむし creates amazing fanarts. I know exactly the one you’re talking about.

On an unrelated note, I should get back to Umineko at some point :eyes:

Answer to Haseeb

Glad to know we have the same opinion on the chara. I do agree that it was obvious Subaru would be forced into the war and that they won’t get back without protection. I just imagine Subaru allied with Aberu/Abel after he takes back the country. That will help Emilia for the election.(okay maybe it can be seen a treason but still)

I have the most important qestion for you since you like Rem…
Who do you ship Subaru with? Rem or Emilia?

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There is no topping arc 6 indeed. Seems like I missed all the nice fan arts T.T



Here’s the one from this volume we’re talking about:

Reply to icefang

It might help because he could establish a good relationship with Abel and the current relationship between Lugunica and Vollachia isn’t that good. He could do a good diplomatic move here… at the cost of many deaths lol.

Also Rem. To be honest it doesn’t matter to me TOO much as long as she doesn’t get some crappy ending. Lately though I’ve been thinking that Emilia and Subaru doesn’t actually make sense and won’t work well, putting aside what I want, I still genuinely think that the Rem route would make the most sense.


On an unrelated note, I should get back to Umineko at some point :eyes:

Honestly I didn’t even finish it yet. I’m on EP8 still, hoping to continue soon. Just didn’t have time for a bit, I do have the time now but I’m out of country and trying to download it with the internet here would be painful and I’d need to install the mod too.

Also about the latest chapters ending was very interesting to see where that’s going to go now.


BTW, that is ascendance of a bookworm right? What’s it about, I need something new to read


I think that’s the English title, yes.
The basic setup is that, after dying from being crushed under a pile of her own books, the main character gets reincarnated in a different world with a medieval level of technology. She used to be absolutely crazy about books, reading pretty much during all waking hours, but sadly books are a very rare and expensive commodity in that world, so she decides to do everything it takes to make them more common. That brings her to naturally climb the social ladder over the years.


I remember that and I found it made sense

So cool thx for the pic.

Let’s gooooooo. I started falling for the Emilia/Subaru ship lately but Rem still best girl.

Yep it is. It’s super good but sometimes the plot is cut by random cooking chapters and the mc is sometimes really annoying but it gets better in arc 2.
It’s about a girl who loves book like waaaaaay too much and gets isekai into a poor family with a weak body. Aaaaaaaannnd I got leebo’d by Naphthalene.
Well I recommend it. It’s really good
edit: Right now I’m hooked on the serie more than Re Zero sooooo really good. Re Zero still better


Then it gets better in arc 3.
Then it gets better in arc 4.
Then it gets better twice in arc 5. (That would only make sense once one gets there, but I still need to mention it).


damn only fun stuff coming then. Still shipping Mayne/Lutz even if it’s getting harder and harder


That (volume 6-ish spoiler) social status (and magic level) difference tho.
(Or “indeed”, I guess)

To be more explicit, I feel like every arc starting from the 2nd one have a strong start, a slower middle, and a strong finish.


For bookworm, how is the genre/tone?

Right now I’m hooked on the serie more

I understand, I love reading classroom of the elite books even if I like Re:Zero more

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