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Just reposting this from the thread of next week because I posted in the wrong week T.T
Just finished this volume yesterday and so many things are happening.

Volume 18 spoiler

It seems I was wrong about Priscilla being the sin archbishop of luxury. They do act similarly though. She looks pretty strong.
Subaru’s leg is pretty confusing. So it’s an immortal, self-regenerating leg? He can also absorb Krush’s curse. Weird. I’m surprised Subaru hasn’t died and restart everything yet.

I need to speak about how perfect the teams are.
-Willhelm and Garf. One old and collected the other young and wild. The contrast is real but both of them felt guilt for not protecting their lord.(Garfield even more because of Mimi) They are also both power centers.

  • Priscillia and Liliana. One egocentric and powerful the other humble and weak(combat wise) Important contrast. Liliana doesn’t think she can be useful while Priscilia is sure everything will be good.
    -Subaru and Reinhard. The most OP character with one of the weakest. Both have low self-esteem Another contrast. Reinhard in white with no wound, Subaru in black with lots of wounds.
    -Julius and Ricardo. Like before the calm, composed knight and the wild countryside-esk character. One with magic the other with brute force.

All the teams are made with two contrasting characters. It’s a match made in heaven.
I was surprise Priscilia wanted to take down Sirius. I never thought she had any grudge against him. Talking about her team, this is the first time I see Shulto but… He is so cuuuuute. I was sure he was older. No wonder Priscilia wanted to find him.

I had a question, where was it implied that the dragon was the husband of Garfield’s mom? I don’t remember seeing it but everyone took it for granted.

Another thing: @mrahhal made me realize that Glutonny had a different name. I the end of the book it is confirmed that there are at least two. I looked back to see what was the name of the one that attacks Rem and found out it was the one at the end of the book. In book 9 he speaks in たち which never bothered me because I was sure he was referring to him and Regulus. It bothered me at first because I was not sure why he was saying 僕たち while he was alone. I had to reread it to be sure. I did not realize there might be more than one. Not sure how the witch factor works in this case since I don’t think there are two of them. Is it like Ryuzu again or is there only two of them? Otto is in a bad situation.

For the book of wisdom: I was surprised there was something left. I get why he wants to have it again but not sure I want Rosewald to learn about it. If they work like the gospel only Rosewald would be able to use it. How is the witch cult knew about it… who knows?
Why did Are had a communication device of the witch-cult?
Lots of questions no answers.
I really liked Subaru’s speech.

I don’t know why Emilia was trying to do by pissing Regulus at the end. Not the best idea. I’m not sure why she does not even remember him.
Regulus does not want Emilia to smile because he finds it ugly? Weird… His version of love is just I possess you as an object… Interesting.

Are did seem to have his idea of Subaru’s actions. He seems to have been in a similar situation.
Before I hated Reinhart’s father, now I despise him even more. How dare he stopped Reinhart.

Sorry for the huge block of text in an unorderly manner. Just collecting my thoughts here and there.