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Another thread of me talking to myself :tada:

Book resume

The situation gets worse and worse with every chapter. I was super happy about the dream team of all the king candidates but it seems it won’t be easy. I expected all archbishops there when lust said she had all tower.
Greed was hinted in the last book but wasn’t expecting that kind of operation from the witch cult. They probably all have abilities against dying.
I’m not sure if it’s true but lust could be Priscilla. I mean their personalities are similar. They both reward people with feet licking or something. They look alike and lust can shape shift. This will also explain how Are knows about Gluttony’s power. Probably wrong but this is the impression I have. I think she or Glutoony can control the dead. If the woman in black clothes is really Whilhelm’s wife.

Poor Garfield this book was hard for him. His mother was alive, the trial was wrong. (I believe it was stated that shed died) Mimi is too nice to die…

I’m not sure what lust talked about with love. She wants to love everyone? She wants everyone to love her so she can change herself to please anyone? She hates nice words about loving someone?
I like her way of laughing.

I thought they hated all the witches other than Satella so why they want the corpse of Thyphon? To destroy it? For power?
Where is Reinhart when we need him T.T he was three seconds away the day before. If he was there he could win in a matter of a minute.(My opinion) Then the book wouldn’t be as good if everything ended in a matter of seconds.
I’m surprised Subaru hasn’t died that much. He probably died at the end by the dragon’s fire but why he attacked Lust is a mystery.


The way I understood it, she ‘loves’ everyone, and so she wants everyone to ‘love her’. By her definition, ‘love’ is really just the primal connection between male and female, and moreover, solely occurs in reaction superficial qualities. So she changes everyone else into ‘monsters’, and herself into whatever is it people are into, so she remains the only one asthetically pleasing enough for people to be able to love and not be repulsed by.

The dragon is one of the people working at the town hall probably, right? Maybe the fall reset something in their brain and allowed them to resist her or something?

You probably know by now, I’m just having fun theorizing. :smiley:

About 3 months after I started reading, i finally finished the volume. :upside_down_face: I really read half of it in a few weeks, and the other half in about the same time. It’s just I didn’t read at all for 1-2 months.

It’s weird, because I did actually really like it. There’s a lot going on, and we get to see a new status quo, and learn more about various characters.



第6章の始まり! 第5章から2年後[…]

あれ?You mean 第5章の始まり (from volume 16). And 一年後 from 第4章?

I also really liked the ガーフィール and ミミ stuff a lot!


congrats on finishing it. It gets even more intense from here.
Yes, I got my answer later on.


Don’t call attention to my problem with numbers please! :sweat_drops: Thanks though.

Just how do you remember everything?