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Re Zero Volume 10 Week 3

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Start Date: November 30, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: End of chapter 3 part 2, page 155 (39 pages)

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Here is the translations for Garfield weird expression.
Not all but well explained
all but not much context

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This week spoiler

This week the end of Echidna tea party until the middle of Roswald meeting. I wonder what that tee tasted? If I was Subaru I would have asked soooo many more question. Sometimes he is so carefree it’s driving me crazy. I guess she does not know recent things but still. She seems so nice but she is a witch there is definitely something behind it. She does seem like a tsundere witch.

We now introduced the new character, Garfield. Not the orange cat that eats lasagna, the blond demi-human one. The way his speech is written, I can definitely hear his voice actor speaking. He just wrestler a ground dragon. I also love his 俺様. Otto get bulied again. I’m starting to feel bad for him.

In the meeting with Roswald we learn that the temple was the tomb of Echidna. Subaru seemed to have forgotten about his meeting with Echidna. Memory erasure maybe? What the goal of learning from Echidna to forget everything after. Roswald seemed to have been seriously injured. What kind of 4D plan have he tried?

As much as I like Garfield as a character he have weird expression. I had written all the question before finding there was someone who already had the answer written elsewhere. I will post the link here and here The first one does not have them all but have a better explanation. The second has them all but not that much context, only the meaning. I will put them in the OP for every week from now on. this week we had:
『めくってもめくってもカルランの青い肌』 = 何度やっても同じこと
『聞いた端から爛れるペロミオ』= 噂
『人もケゲルモもいずれ老いる』=「どんな存在にも老いはある」 という事を言っています。

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M’alright, I am going to start catching up as soon as I am done with 獣の奏者 (about 200 pages left so a day and a half or so). I haven’t started volume 9 though, so it’s probably going to take me a full week or a bit more.


I admit I just gathered their general meaning from context and moved on. Thanks for researching these, I’m sure I must have gotten some wrong. :smiley:

We shall be keeping count. :eyes:


I wonder if there’s an official dictionary for these or if the persons writing the article did the same, just kind of guessing from the context.


I assume it’s the latter, but I’m very willing to believe a native speaker’s guesses over my own. :smiley:


Well, so far I finished 獣の奏者 exactly as planned, so things are looking okay so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Next week is up

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Well, no, because I’m reading the webnovel version of 本好き now, since I just can’t wait for the next volume… In fact, based on average chapter count, I’m already past the next volume (26) and half way through volume 27 which should come around next summer in paper version :thinking: Might as well finish the whole damn story. That’s probably going to take me a month or so, so… I’ll see you all on volume 11 or 12. (I do like Re Zero well enough to keep reading it, so I’ll catch up).


It was nice seeing you here, but we’ll somehow make do. See you on the other side!


Sadly I’ll miss all the discussions :pensive:


Oh, hey, we agree for once! Finally a sense of connection.

Aaaand it’s gone.


it’s better than nothing I guess ha ha!