Re Zero volume 10 week 4

Re Zero Volume 10 Week 4

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Start Date: December 7, 2020
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Week 4 Reading: End of chapter 4 part 3, page 209 (54 pages)

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Here is the translations for Garfield’s weird expression.
Not all but well explained
all but not much context

This week in rezero…


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Not entirely sure what that smile mean.

It’s my clueless face. :eyes: I don’t actually remember what happens this week.

This week stuff

We now learn the secret of the sanctuary. This is a problem. I wonder how can the magic of a witch that is dead is still working. I know it’s magic but I was thinking maybe the is something at the end of the trial that is supplying magical energy to the barrier.

Otto getting bullied again. I know I say it every time but he is getting bullied so hard. Imagine if he is the last boss or something. The archbishop of something. Could explain why he wasn’t killed by the witch cult.

Not gonna speak about what is happening with Subaru in his family because I plan to speak about it all in one go next week because I just loved that part. Prepare yourself for my thesis on why this is the best Re Zero chapter for me(until now)

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Next week is up

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