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Re Zero Volume 10 Week 2

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Start Date: November 23, 2020
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Week 2 Reading: End of chapter 2 part 5, page 116 (50 pages)

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This week spoiler

I just wanna say I liked the reaction of otto when Subaru just bump into him end just stay on him.
So not a lot to say this week except we found an elf and a witch of greed. Wasn’t that long until we stumble upon the lady on the cover. I was sure she would have been the witch of envy to be fair. Seem like we have 7 witches now. I kinda guessed it though because you rarely see one sin alone. I suppose they don’t have their own cult too. There are archbishops with a sin assigned to them but they are all on the side of the witch of envy. I find it weird. Shouldn’t they all be archbishop of envy? Maybe the archbishop of envy is the strongest.

I had two questions.
When Subaru pet patrashu before leaving otto says something I don’t understand.

気位 = pride
設定 = setting
“This high pride setting kind of dragon setting, does it really only have that setting left?”
This does seem off. Any better translation?

2- This is just after Petra gave the handkerchief to Subaru. Subaru Ask Petra why she is hiding behind Frederica which Frederica replied:
“In this circumstance, Emilia can’t blame Subaru.”
I’m not sure what she meant by that. I guess it’s related to the relation between Petra, Subaru, and Emilia.

Thank you

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spoilery spoilers

I’m very sure Subaru said this - the ‘setting’ he’s referring to is how patrush, a dragon who’s supposed to be very picky and standoffish, just took to Subaru like she did.

By now she’s all loyal loving dog, so of her supposed prideful ways there’s nothing left but the ‘setting’, it’s not how she really behaves. Or, put differently -it was mentioned once and then wasn’t relevant to the plot anymore.

You’ve got a bit of a kana miss at the end there, it’s 設定部分しか残ってなくないか. ^^

Bit of a miss here as well: その様子だと、スバル様にエミリア様を責める資格はありませんわよ

She’s saying something like: in this situation (for lack of a better word)/like this subaru doesn’t have the right to accuse emiria anymore.

Since he’s basically accepting Petras feelings (he doesn’t know if, but…), Emiria should be free to be with whoever she wants, and subaru can’t complain since he did it first.

spoilery spoiler

Thank for the help. Didn’t realize I miss my coping. You found them pretty quickly.

Subaru-kyun, kakkoii

You made a small error copying the text, maybe that’s why it doesn’t make sense. It’s:
The 設定 here refers to the setting of the story/world. From Subaru’s point of view, this new world and its characters are like part of a story, and that story has a setting. Patrasche’s setting is that it’s a very prideful and difficult beast, but to Subaru it doesn’t seem that way because it liked him from the beginning and was affectionate to him.

As for the 設定部分しか残ってなくないか, it’s something like “Only the story part remains”, meaning that reality is different, just the story is that way.

The other miss you made was after 竜. You used the 類 kanji instead of 種


Welp seems like I can’t copy Japanese text properly ha ha. Talking about setting do you think Subaru can tame patrshu like that because of the witch scent of is it because he is naturally a beast tamer? I mean he has a high affinity with spirit too.


Not really related. And Sloth was alone the whole time we saw him. And so far we only know just 3 of the 6, and the 2 that were together we only saw them for a fraction of time, and they didn’t feel very “comradery” towards each other.

I think I talked about this somewhere before. What we know is this. There’s only one cult (the witch cult), and it worships the Witch of Envy. Naturally, because the witch of Envy killed all the other witches, the cult detests the others as well.

Might not have reached it in this volume yet, but this is a very short past event, I wouldn't consider it a spoiler

Otto mentions that a few years ago, one of the strongest cities of Lugunica was completely destroyed by a single archbishop, and all because an item related to one of the other witches was circulating in the city market. That’s how much they hate the other witches.

We can assume that the cult probably formed after the whole “Envy killed all other witches and consumed half the world” deal 400 years ago. Inside the cult, they assigned an archbishop responsible for fighting the sin they represent. Putting it that way, them being an archbishop of a sin is probably the complete opposite of what you think an archbishop of a sin is. Right?

There’s no archbishop of Envy, we already know that from before. 6 archbishops, one to counter each sin, not counting Envy because they love Envy.

The situation is not that complex, but it’s confusing because we don’t get many answers and it’s always chaotic whenever sins and archbishops are involved.

Sins answer

By that, I meant that in anime when there is one character representing a sin there is always the six others. They basically come as a pack.

That was greed if I remember correctly. Shoudn’t they hate the 3 great beasts since they come from the witch of gluttony then? Or is that spoiler content?

I did not remember that. Good to know

Thx for all the info


Well, they didn’t say they liked the 3 great beasts. What we know is that the witch cult was manipulating the Hakugei (Gluttony called it their pet). No idea how or from when, but it makes sense because after the death of their creator (the witch of Gluttony), the 魔獣s were stranded. That makes them a target of manipulation for people who are able to do that.


Next week is up

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