Re Zero Volume 1 Week 9

Re Zero Volume 1 Week 9

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Start Date: August 26
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Week 9 Readind Until the end

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Just finished the book. Interesting!
I wondered how the author would keep Felt in the story. Just make her a lost heir or something :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t expect Emilia to be royalty, though, since she seems to be some kind a pariah? Based on the first run and the fact she called herself Satella at the time :thinking: not really sure, but I guess the next books will bring answers!


One book down, another 19-26+ to go! Alright, maybe that’s not the most motivating way of putting it

Anyway, I finished the book. This was one of the things I wanted to read when I started learning Japanese, so it’s nice to actually have read the first volume now :slight_smile:

Oh, and more of ラインハルト, nice. Even if he didn’t really do anything special this time, which I guess makes sense since it’s the epilogue. I think his parts were the biggest improvement over what I remember from the anime in the parts covered by the first volume :slightly_smiling_face: I won’t comment any more stuff than that since I do remember some things from the anime and I wouldn’t want to inadvertently spoil anyone(not saying I would, just that I don’t want to risk it) :sweat_smile:


About what I liked about the extra stuff compared to the anime:

I liked how they showed what happened from Felt’s perspective after she ran away. IIRC in the anime you see everything just from Subaru’s point of view, so it’s nice to see what happens from Felt’s perspective too.


All those spoilers. :sweat_smile:


Not that much spoiler though. more like discussion and theory on futur books :slight_smile:

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Well, they’re still spoilers for this chapter so @Belerith can’t read them yet either way :slight_smile: Not until they’re caught up :wink:


I’m working on it!

It’s weirdly motivating being able to go through threads and klick away those spoilers.


Every time I think about these few lines from this last section, it makes me laugh:


Then, shortly after, as she gets more flustered: