Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Onto my leaderboard you go! Race ya :stuck_out_tongue: I spent 66 days and 7 hours on level 12. If I don’t get my act together, this won’t be much of a race :sweat_smile:


I just realized this is December 2020 instead of 2019, thought you guys just had some lofty goals lol.
Do you know if there’s a similar thread for 2019?

You don’t have editing privileges yet, unfortunately. Like @Ilyasaur mentioned, you have to have a certain status, which in this case is referred to as “Trust level.” It’s listed under your profile, and right now you’re a “basic user.” You need to be “member” before you can edit the leaderboards. Here’s a link for more information: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Anyway, if you’re active on the forums for a while, you’ll get to “member” in about two weeks! If you don’t want to, feel free to just @ me (or Ilyasaur) when you level and I’ll (we’ll) be happy to edit the leaderboard for you!


I ALSO love sports anime; do you have any that you particularly like that you would recommend?

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Yeah, the levels and editing privileges are confusing, but here’s a link to how it all works:

I’m going to put it in the introductory post, too. Hang in there!


WOW, that had to be a really hard thing to decide to do. Welcome back! I’m sure the levels you’ve already done will come back more easily than learning htem the first time.

Good luck!

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The only other thread I’m familiar with is the Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!) - #1202 by FennelFox group, which has a deadline that’s only three months earlier, but also has more people in it around your level. You might also like to check out Race to the Cake 🍰.

Good luck to you! Would you like to stay in this race, or withdraw?

More than you know! The anxiety of coming back after a long hiatus and having forgot so much made reviews something I feared doing.
After coming back fresh, it is enjoyable again and I look forward to staying on top of things.


I’ll stay in, I just changed it to AB from 55. Lets do this!


Done with level 2; Onward and upward! 3d16h/level


Ah, that’s really helpful to know. When I level up to three I’ll @ one of you, but I’ll try to hang around the forums to get my trust level up so you don’t have to keep doing that for me. Thank for the info and for adding me to the leader board. I’m really excited about this ^^


Thanks for the info Ilyasaur. It was appearing in orange for me and FennelFox linked me to a page explaining trust levels. I’ll work on getting my level up to two :slight_smile:

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Reviewing works!


yes it’s only 24 items.
But my previous session only had one mistake too and my leeches are going down.
Any good answer is a win.
I might just saved level 8.


Thank you! That’s very encouraging! I’m looking for rivals and I think you’re the only person whose leaderboard I’m on :-p

If you think I have my act together you need to see this:

…nah just kidding it’s not that bad. that must be a glitch because i reset from level 12 to 5 in March. here is my truth:

I’ve got my eyes on the prize this time! Race ya, indeed~


I am five episodes into Run With the Wind and I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I will keep watching because it has very original characters, not just the same archtypes we are used to seeing over and over again. I suppose it’s a slow burn? Chihayafuru is like that, too.

As for my top recommendation: 弱虫ペダル!!! 見た??!?!?!!?!??!
It actually got me into cycling by making me believe that I could do it. It teaches you A LOT of real world stuff, and is encouraging and eye opening. I was so inspired I even bought a $300 bike! Corny, I know. The characters are all really lovable, even the ones you’re supposed to hate. Good character designs too! I can’t recommend it enough! As much as I love cycling after yowapeda, I tried to watch Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club, but it didn’t have much of a story and was too cutesey and k-on-like so I ended up dropping it.

I also really love ちはやふる cause it scratches the card game, sports anime AND the shoujo itch. It made me feel real emotions, and every victory and loss felt like it was my own. Interesting, deep characters all around and you get to see how everyone’s past shapes their future. It’s… hard to explain but I definitely think it counts as a sports anime because playing too intensely can lead to injuries. Also, season 3 comes out in October! This is relevant. (Can we do links here? It’s a prozd video where he talks about Chihayafuru called “trying to recommend that one niche show you love”)

yowamushi pedal is about a competitive cycling team that gets a new member that didn’t know they were good at cycling, awesomeness ensues. there
is also a movie called Yowamushi Pedal re: Ride which sums up the first season if you want to see if you it’s for you

chihayafuru is about an intensive japanese card game about poems called karuta, and part of the first season consists of them trying to get enough members for their team, like Run with the wind. There’s a couple of live action movies, but I haven’t seen them so I can’t speak for their quality

thanks for asking <3

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I hope I’m not a bad person for laughing out loud at that. :joy:

Mine so far:

If I may be so bold as to join this conversation, Haikyu-!! inspired me to want to play volleyball. It’s on the long finger for now though, but the tactics, rules and game-style really caught my eye, where I find other ball-sports unbearably boring (football, rugby etc). I’m not sure why, I guess it’s just funny that anime can inspire people like that, and I think that’s great.


So excited for this and the Tokyo Olympics thread, I’m trying to take either N5 or N4 (hopefully) this December and plan to finish WaniKani in September after a study abroad opportunity! Maybe I can take the N3 next year? But I’d totally be happy with N4 too!


Ah yes! The first half or so, you kind of want to smack Kakeru’s head against something and shout, “Get over yourself! And you too, law student! And you, and you, and you…!”
I honestly wasn’t sure I liked the anime for a while, but now that I’ve finished the series, it’s one of my favorites. More of the characters grow more than in most anime I’ve seen, if that makes sense.

I actually watched quite a lot of 弱虫ペダル! At least, I watched the whole first season, but I haven’t seen the rest of it. I also loved that it actually taught cycling! I did enjoy Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club, but I was going through a stressful patch and so I was watching a lot of anime about pleasant people with few problems at the time XD

Chihayafuru is literally my all-time favorite anime, and I am SO EXCITED about the third season. I really, really want to play karuta and for a while I was trying to memorize the 百人一首。Maybe I’ll pick that project up again.

Well, Chihaya tied with 三月のライオン (March Comes In Like A Lion), have you seen it? It’s extremely beautiful and artistic, but less about sports. It’s about a high school kid who is a professional shogi player; he went pro to be able to move out of his adopted parents’ house and the complicated reasons behind that, and about a cheerful family who becomes friends with him and makes sure he eats from time to time. It sounds very boring, but it’s all about the characters! It’s definitely more of a slice-of-life anime than a sports anime.

Also, have you seen Haikyu!! ? We seem to have similar taste in sports anime, so you might enjoy it. There’s three seasons … or two and a half seasons, with a fourth on the way. This one is about volleyball and has great art, voice acting, and really random hilarious moments thrown in.

Yes, welcome! Obviously anyone is welcome. Especially people who love Haikyu!! I learned the vocab 村人 really easily because of the episode where the second manager joins.


Welcome to the team! I’ve added you to the leaderboard. When you level, update yourself or @ me if you can’t edit the leaderboard yet!

Good luck with your JLPT studies! Have you studied Japanese before/are you in a class? With this amount of time, I think you can probably pass N5 at least.


Is there a yojijukugo for the frustration one feels when this :point_down: happens?