Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

I just installed Lightning Mode. This script really deserves its name. I finished my reviews in less than half the time.


I’m already in the olympics race thread but still reading this thread here every once in a while.

So I’m just super quickly jumping in here to tell you that your little happy avatar is making me happy every time I see it, @CassLinTheSky. I hope that @sad-axolotl can be this happy one day too :wink:

If anyone feels like talking about the JLPT btw, we have a thread for this years JLPT over here by the way: JLPT 2019!

Only 32 days to go until the July JLPT. :scream: But 550 days until the December 2020 JLPT that you guys are aiming for. Looking forward to see how much we all have improved until then!


Yay! Axolotl-san is happy to hear that.
This photo is also my PC wallpaper, so it’s always fun to hear my students ええええええ?! and scream every time he pops up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone! I’m joining that race for JLPT and I hope that will be doable in 500+ days. My speed is not persistent, but I’ll do my best.


Here’s to hoping …

I kind of hit a wall again and I’ve been stuck on level 18 for three weeks almost. I can’t seem to memorize those darn kanjis…

Just gotta push through and be a happy axolotl just like @CassLinTheSky


You can do it, axolotl-san!! :+1:

I also regularly hit WaniKani walls. I stop doing lessons then and try to focus more on other aspects of studying. In the end, the problem is always that I don’t read enough so except for the artificial exposure in WaniKani, I don’t reinforce what I’m learning here as much as I should.



550 days devided by 60 levels is a little over 9 days per level. Doable, but it won’t be easy.

including the 8th one i’m on, i have 53 to go so I have around 10 days. Which isn’t really that much more, but every day helps.
Bumping down kanji doesn’t help though. So I’m going to do my lessons daily so they hit the review queue, and then study them a bit more. Any leech I have, I’ll write down and review them again.

Don’t fret if you don’t get the right pace to make it to December. You could also set a goal of 30. 30 levels of Wanikani teaches you a sh*tload of kanji too.

Personally, i aim for 48 in July because that’s 95% of N2, but that’s probably more than I need.
At my current pace, I should be fine. And 60 in December would be right on track.
I need to focus some more attention to other aspects of the language learning process. Grammar for one. My vocabulary is also pretty behind. (I use iknow and it says 2200 mastered. Not even halfway, lol)


Hi everyone. I’m TheBlueFaery, it’s nice to finally join the WaniKani community. My goal isn’t to take the JLPT, but I’d like to join you guys in trying to reach level 60 by then anyway :smile:

Btw, this is only third message since joining, so I hope I’m doing it right and not being obnoxious and putting it in a weird location :sweat_smile:


Welcome to WK, and welcome to this study-along group! You’re more than welcome even if you don’t intend to do the JLPT. Whatever motivates you is what matters, whether that’s the JLPT or the people you level alongside in this group/friends you make on WK etc.

If you want to introduce yourself more directly to the entire community, check out this link:


I’m not seeing the option to edit so I can add myself. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking at. I’m not 100% sure if I have editing privileges or not…

Nice to meet ya. And thank you, I’ll do that :blush:

So I was doing my reviews and I got this email pop up right beside me on my phone…
Talk about spoilers!! :rofl: I’m so glad to be done with level 12, good god.

@TheBlueFaery You need to have a certain status on Discourse forums before you can edit wiki’s - I think you get it by hanging around the forums and interacting a little (liking, posting etc) - at any rate, what you’re looking at is the previous edited versions. At the bottom of the post there’s a gray pen.

If you can see that, you might be able to edit it. Alternatively, you can just post your level info here and I’ll add you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding me to the list, @FennelFox

Hopefully, by the time it comes to update my standing, I know a little bit more about how this whole forum works.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can learn in the next 500+ days…that should be enough to make some decent progress, level 60 or not!


another 6 kanji back to apprentice.

I’m thinking I need to actually review them more when I’m actively learning.
Also, study while the child kicks against my chair watching cartoons on my second screen is not really helpful.
I guess I should just take this week as lost, and focus more on what’s in my review pile. Level 8 will be a bit longer, and probably the levels around summer vacation will be too. But 仕方がない


AHHHH A NEW SPORTS ANIME TO WATCH! Time to check out 風が強く吹いている. Thank you, @FennelFox


Studying while something is distracting you is definitely going to be problematic, but of course, you might not have a choice. It’s happened to me where I just lose my train of thought and send a message to someone mid-lesson session, and before you know it it’s like I never saw the kanji at all.

Do you do +5 min reviews after your lessons? I find they boost my retention dramatically.


Leveled up again! Now I’m at 5. Happy I beat my 9 day goal!


Yeah, no choice here. Child is 4 years old, so she needs supervising.
School starts again next week Tuesday.

I’m going to start doing more reviewing after the lessons. Pretty sure that would help me too.
I haven’t before because up till now, the kanji were already pretty familiar to me.
But now I constantly seem to struggle finding the onyomi, where I already know the kunyomi.
Vocabulary seems to be going decently.

Pretty soon I’ll hit levels where I don’t know either kun or onyomi, so I’ll have to get into the habit of reviewing more anyway.


Alright @FennelFox, count me in. I had gotten up into the 20s before life got in the way and I just recently reset to level 1. Hopefully these initial 20+ levels will feel more like a recap than all new information and I can fly through them. Definitely in it all the way to 60 this time around!


Level 12 was grueling! I just leveled up to 13, too :slight_smile: We are in this together!