Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Went up to level 13 yesterday. Not sure how long it took - wkstats is refusing to tell me and I’m too lazy to work it out. Guessing about 7 days 14 hours.

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I give you thumbs up for your courage at even attempting Japanese and its kanji. Speed does not matter. Go at your own pace, it is how much you retain that is important. And, don’t be afraid to mess up. In foreign languages, we only learn by making mistakes. Keep up the good work!


I leveled! This time I did it in 23 days, 7 hours. My last level was 62 days, so I am very pleased!

Keep up the good work, everyone!


Yeah! すごいですね!

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3,000 sucks too, gotta keep going…


Well done! Keep going!

Quick question @krysta84 - how did you access that cool graphic and bar chart, mine doesn’t look like that!

Those are userscripts
Ultimate timeline gives me the bar chart. [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline
LevelUP celebrater is the graphic, you can change the text and picture if you want. [userscript] Level-Up Celebrator!
And I also turned the burns into a golden yellow using Golden burn. [Userscript]: Golden Burn

I also use the heatmap, that other people have posted pictures of, which can be found here: [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


And another level down, 12 to 13 in 10 days and 11 hours with all lessons.
I like this pace, it isn’t as stressful.

The levels after this one are going to get easier, because there are less radicals.


Not sure about getting easier, I’m having trouble getting some of the level 13 kanji to stick! That may also be lack of sleep though.

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Hi everyone!
Finally decided to join this race (and managed to edit the table, yeah, I’m surprised, too!)

My speed is 8 days and 0 hours, average speed is 6 days 7 hours. Currently I manage to do my 3 revisions per days for optimal speed. I always keep it at 0/0 (so far, fingers crossed, it’s only level 4 and still previously knew all of the Kanji and vocab)
After calculating what’s realistic to reach until December 1st (316 days left; roughly 8-10d per level-up, disregarding any fast levels) I rounded my goal to 40. This will be doable if I keep up my speed. (Edit: adjusted the time because I am slower than expected)

My final goal this year is to pass N4 in July and N3 in December. N4 will be doable, N3 will be a bit ambitious, but my immersion is good, because I work in Japan sourrounded by Japanese coworkers, speaking 95% Japanese.

My goal for level 60 is latest to the summer JLPT 2021, where I will probably repeat N3 after most-likely failing it this december, lol.


Welcome, and thanks for joining us!

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Go! Fight!! Win!!!

Hey friends! I’m traveling for my sister’s wedding from now until Tuesday night, so I’ll be absent for a few days. If someone wouldn’t mind welcoming anyone new who joins and making sure they get on the board, I’d appreciate it!


I just hit Wanikani second half! Yay!

But I’m not sure if there is a reason to commemorate… I’m at Hell levels… Uh-oh…


You defeated Death, you may as well defeat Hell next! (=
also congrats!


I think you’re right xD
Now I feel like Doom’s Demon Slayer, descending to Hell just to defeat it xD
Yeah :metal:t2:


Have some fitting music:

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Level 22. Took 8 days 11 hours. I missed one kanji of the second batch and so didn’t level yesterday^^


Level 30!

Almost there at the halfway point. On a good pace, took around 10 days.


That’s a big number.

30! = 265 252 859 812 191 058 636 308 480 000 000