Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

So I recently just learned that the JLPT is only offered once per year in December in the US. I’m hesitant to say I want to go straight for N1 without seeing how I would fare with N2. On the other hand, I don’t want to wait until December 2021 for N1. Right now, I’m leaning towards going for N1 in December 2020.

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Why go for N1 over N2? I mean other than the time gap, N2 is very good and you can even state that you speak Japanese fluently on you CV as (at least as far as I am aware in the UK) N2 is considered fluent enough for the workplace. Don’t let the idea of the time gap be the reason you take the N1 over the N2, because from what I gather from other people, N1 is more for showcasing how good you are at Japanese, and not for usefulness (not saying its not useful, it just doesn’t provide much over the N2).

If your taking the N1 for personal satisfaction (i.e. your not taking the N2 because you only want to see if you can pass the hardest test), then why does the time gap matter? I mean taking the N2 and passing would show that you are ready for the N1 (or at least you are at the stage where you can start to prepare without worry of any stuff from previous exams catching you out) and therefore you get the extra year to ace the revision for the N1 test and then the test itself. Don’t rush it, I’m not sure it will help you in the long run.

Anyways, whatever you decide, best of luck with it!


Hi Im Amphidora, Im literally 3 days in but I want to hit Lvl 60 in a years time so …yeah Yatta~

Anyway, idk what speed is all I know is i’m on Lvl 1 or all the racticles I know is on whatever apprentice level is?? and im not a member this is literally my first post ever on wanikani


Welcome to the WK community @amphidora
Since you are new, you’ve probably missed some of the very important guides that members of the community have written. Check the second post of this one for example, it’s a famous guide (written by a famous member of the community):

I know…it’s a long guide :sweat_smile:
At least see if there’s anything of use to you…
I think it’s important that you find out about the Srs spacing and about the Userscripts

Anyway, I’m adding you the leaderboard. (Speed is something you’ll be able to fill after you level up so I’m leaving it blank) I’m writing lv 60 but it’s gonna be very hard since you just started. Feel free to downgrade the goal to lv50 or something if you change your goal


Welcome to the forums!
Definitely see the post above, but if you can’t read them:

  1. Radicals are building blocks of kanji, which makes up vocabulary.
  2. Apprentice, Guru, Master, etc. are just arbitrary names for the amount of time that will be required between the last review (when you’re quizzed about an item) and the next one.
  3. Level-up speed is the speed between levels (obviously). You level up by getting 90% of the kanji of the current level to the Guru stage.

For more details, reading the Guide (which is really just the first post or two) would be a good idea.

P.S. Getting to Level 60 in one year is pretty unreasonable and probably unnecessary. You’re going to be able to understand quite a bit even at ~30. @jprspereira made it in 368 days, you can check out the Guide for more about that.

P.P.S. Levels 1-3 are free, try those before making a decision to become a member or not.


My burn reviews have finally started coming in today! :tada: :confetti_ball:

It all goes downhill from here :new_moon_with_face:


You can link to the second post directly like this:
(the link also updates automatically in your browser address bar if you scroll far enough in the thread)
and yes, it’s a very good guide for beginners (=

@MeowMashiro I want to second this. Usually the N2 is good enough for any job opportunities. Of course you may not be looking for jobs with Japanese, but if you try N2 first and then N1, you have an even better idea of where your Japanese is at, unless you’d ace N1 of course.
But i guess if you want to go for N1 anyways and think you can do it very soon, there’s also good reason to go for it directly. I just know that i’d personally want to secure the N2 first.


Ah, there! I knew there was some better way, especially if you want to redirect someone to the 4242nd post in the poll thread. But I didn’t know the format and hadn’t noticed the url changed while scrolling…I totally blame the fact that the last part of the address is cut because it’s too long and maybe my laziness for not checking :eyes:
Anyway, thanks! I’ll look a teeny bit less of a noob when posting links (I hope)

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no worries! it’s not made too obvious, nor does the link always update responsively.
We’re all here to learn, no judgement needed (=

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Welcome @amphidora and @Mrsjabas! Thanks for joining, and looking forward to working with you!

Amphidora, your speed is how long you spend on a level before you reach the next one, so you don’t have a speed yet because you’re on your first level.

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500+ reviews on the wall
500+ reviews,
Take 200 down,
Wait a few days,
500+ reviews on the wall


My goal is to pass N3 in December 2020.
WK statistics say that by level 48 I can get 95% of N2 kanji, so I will try to do that. I started using bunpo for grammar and currently looking through multiple options to learn vocabulary.
I am at level 8 now, its starting to get tough. My speed right now is 8 days 18 hours which is not exactly slow, so while I may not be able to rush it any faster, I will try to maintain this speed as I level up.


The end of 18 is near. The kanji to push me to 19 is due tomorrow at 8 am.
I still have 81 lessons to go.
So even though I might be able to level up tomorrow, I won’t start the radicals until next week friday. Which means my next level will at least be quicker, but not as quick as it used to be.
Still trying to figure out if I should do radicals tomorrow or not. I think… maybe not.
Let 19 be slower than usual too. Then pick it up again at 20. By that time, my guru pile will be decent… hopefully.

Also to add to the comments about N2 vs N1. I am currently going for N3 in July, but after that N2 in December. And after that, certainly going for N1. Whether it is necessary or not, I feel for me personally that it is a good goal to strive towards because I want to become a translator. (and there’s resources available, so instead of just grasping into the nothing, I can follow a book or program). I do however think that I need the full year of 2021 to be able to get from N2 to N1. I wish I could do it faster, but we should all try to remain realistic in our goals. Why rush and half-ass it when you can pace yourself and ace yourself. Or something less poetic and stupid sounding.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


I would take at least a couple days to reduce current (and previous?) level’s vocab, the pile will only grow larger!


Level Up!

It’s 2020, so Level 20 (in 7 days 2 hours).

Could someone update the board, please? Thanks.



Oh man, was going on at a decent pace and then suddenly got so busy. Getting to a point where I have a backlog of 1000 reviews is so demoralizing!
Down to ~250 now…whew…gotta keep pushing!


Wow, great drive! How long have you been chipping away at that stack?


Got back on track. My second sub 8day lvl up since a 3 months break.

Actually feells pretty easy now. I only get ~150 daily reviews, so the load is low.


YEAAH! No more level 18! :partying_face:

See that stack of lessons though? HAHA. 10 at a time. Level 19 will take me 2 weeks looks like.
That’s okay, anything is better than (checks) 85 days and 1 hour… :sweat_smile:

And yes, according to my apprentice pile, I could do a bit more lessons to catch up. But I also have other SRS and grammar study to do, so I think this amount is just about right for me right now. No rushing.