Question about jojo panel

My question here is about Dio’s monologue, bottom right of the second page. I’m confused about what he means by “きさまの触れた腕の水分を気化させた!” What does he mean by 水分? The water in one’s body, or the blood in his veins? And 気化 also confuses me because that means to turn a liquid into gas, right? We clearly see Zeppeli’s blood frozen (solid), so what is he talking about? And why would that cause the heat in his blood to disappear?

Normally I only post the panel I have a question about, but these events span a couple pages so I wanted to show everything in case context was useful, thank you


He says he turned all the water in his (Dio’s) arm to a gas, and that when liquid turns to gas it steals heat from the surrounding area[*], and so that’s how he instantaneously froze his own arm. This is all in the left hand panel of page 3, after the explanation of why he did it.

[*] The liquid to gas transition does cause cooling – this is how a fridge works. I’m not sure the physics of doing it on your own arm work, though :slight_smile:


Ohhh, so he means きさまが触れた腕? As in, the arm you touched? So his description refers the evaporation in his own arm, hence why his own arm turns to ice, and that vaporization+freezing process absorbed heat from zeppeli’s arm, making that arm freeze as well. I get it now! I was really confused because both arms are frozen so it was hard to tell who meant what, thanks!


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