🗡 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険・JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club 一部:ファントムブラッド 第1: 侵略者ディオ・Invader Dio 🗡

1: 侵略者(しんりゃくしゃ)ディオ・ Invader Dio

SPECIAL NOTE- This may be different for other editions, but the tankobun vol 1 has limited furigana. Some of the most common kanji lack furigana. Most of JoJo has full furigana. I am not sure when it changes or if it gradually became more included. I will try to research it. If you have trouble figuring it out, please check the vocab sheet or ask.

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Comprehension questions for Chapter 1: 侵略者ディオ・プロローグ (Participation is totally optional! Included as comprehension and discussion points)

What’s different about Dario’s (Dio’s father) speech patterns from standard textbook Japanese? What might it hint at?

At the carriage accident, how does the woman with Dario feel about his actions?

What does Dario order Dio do? How does Dio feel about it?

What kind of family are the Joestars?

What reason does Jonathan give for standing up for Erina?

What unforgivable thing does Dio do?


Thought I would start off the year by reading the prologue. Colors make the characters pop up a lot more than I’m used to. My thoughts are in spoilers below, I try to not give away too much in case anyone misclicks.

Ch 1. Prologue

The background information ended up being the most involved part of the chapter. Quite some vocab I did not necessarily know at firsthand, but it progressively gets easier. Dio and Jonathan’s introduction being so different really adds to the dramatic part of the series.

Glad that we won’t see Dario anymore, as that speech style is very annoying to keep reading. Almost monkey like…

I think difficultly wise this first arc will probably be the hardest to follow along with. The furigana feels a bit random in this version, it’s not full furigana, but also not without it at all.

Anyway this will be a fun read.


This first bit of the manga is definitely one of the harder parts I found - there’s a lot of narration which tends to be a bit trickier than standard dialogue, and you have the lack of furigana on some kanji here (which doesn’t last, it will have full furigana later on)

And for everyone: don’t let the difficulty out of the gate discourage you - beginnings are always the hardest I find, and this one does quite a lot to scare you. Stick with it, and don’t worry if you don’t quite get everything


:sparkles: Poses dramatically :sparkles:

…It begins.

Thanks again for starting this up, DIO-Berry! I’ve been seriously looking forward to this (the perfect way to start the New Year). I ended up buying the first 5 parts of the manga in bulk around the start of December, so I’ll be set for…uh, a little while. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

It really does. I was surprised to see it done that way. I think this is the first manga I’ve seen where it feels so random. Thankfully the words without it don’t seem too hard yet, but we’ll see…

That’s good to know. The overall difficulty feels like it’s at a fairly comfortable level for me at the moment, but it was still slightly harder than I expected.

Also I love that quote on the title page. :relieved:


I think it’s probably a combo of the most frequent plus what a younger schoolkid would be expected to know. It should conform to Shonen Jump editing standards of that time (late 1980s).


Thanks! I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been promising this book club for at least 1.5 years, so I’m happy to finally follow through with it lol

Ah, yes, it begins

(Sorry, Danny)


I want to reiterate my intention to join in at some point - just maybe not right now!


No worries! Book clubs have a 10 year no activity close date and this club is projected to run 20 years. No need to rush heh


If only Dio hadn’t chosen to be like that :pensive:

but then we wouldn’t have 35 years of the manga lol


I don’t see a quote on the title page in my version (digital b/w), what does it say?

Thanks for this! I also, like others here, found the first bit difficult, but still manageable.

Chapter 1

So dramatic! Poor Danny :cry:

Is Dio flipping his dad off here? :laughing:

This is the oldest manga I’ve read, and I’m enjoying the smudgy ink washes and thick brushwork.

Comprehension questions

Thanks for the comprehension/discussion questions, it was interesting to think about them after reading the chapter!

It seems like Dio feels resentful about receiving any help from Dario, but also decides to take the chance to go to the Joestars anyway because it’s self-benefiting? It’s kinda funny how in the same panel (on p. 21) that Dio talks about how much he hates his father for being sly, he immediately then says he’ll use anyone/anything he can. :smiling_face_with_tear: But I guess it’s more like he looks down on his father for being pathetic.

I was surprised when Jonathan slapped Erina’s hand away and then said that he wanted to be a true gentleman. So far he’s coming off as kinda goofier than my impression of him before from the anime.

Chapter 1

I just got the impression that maybe he is still too naive - he has a child-like ideal of what a true gentleman has. This is probably also why the whole meeting with Dio will come as a huge shock and a learning experience for him.

And oops! I kinda missed the comprehension questions, but I’ll keep an eye open for next week!

She doesn’t agree with his actions and wants to voice opposition, but seems easily convinced that what Dario is saying is actually right and she should support him… is she scare of him? Or just opportunistic and looking for a chance to earn more coin? Who knows…

Semi-related, but I struggled a bit with the part about his mom (who passed away if I got it right?) - it was not implied that the woman with Dario was the actual mother, she was just a bar lady, right?


The quote says:



The last kanji is written with the furigana “うた.”

A beautiful quote to start a legendary manga. :relieved:

Chapter 1

That’s true! He does seem pretty naive. I’m guessing he might’ve had a fairly sheltered upbringing because of his noble family.

Yeah, I assumed that because of some sort of power imbalance the woman didn’t feel like she could really argue with Dario even though she disagreed. I also thought she was just someone from the bar, although now that you mention it…since Dio and Jonathan are the same age, Dio must’ve been born near the time of the carriage accident, so I guess it’s possible she’s his mother?

Thank you! That’s a nice quote. I wonder if it’s supposed to be about Dio and Jonathan.


Araki gives a lot of nods to older art styles and works, so I think you’ll be able to appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

chapter 1

I think she only tries to draw attention to the baby and then she definitely says that looting the bodies is a good idea lol.

They cute the second bit from the anime, so I was really surprised when I noticed it this time lol.

Yep, both JoJo and Dio’s mothers have passed away. We get some more details about Dio’s mom in volume 1 iirc. The woman walking with Dario is unrelated as far as we know. I also found out that some versions translate it as them walking home together, but I don’t think the original Japanese implies home specifically.


Cool! Looking forward to it!


Comprehension/Discussion questions for Chapter 2・新しい友人・侵略者ディオその①
  • How does George ask Dio to be treated?
  • What reasons does Dio give for not letting JoJo touch his bag?
  • What kind of dad is George to not question why his son is prone on the ground?
  • In what ways does George compare JoJo and Dio?
  • Why are the boys boxing?
  • Why does JoJo hesitate to fight Dio?
  • What’s Dio’s goal at the boxing match?
Ch 2 comprehension questions
  • How does George ask Dio to be treated?
    • Just the same as JoJo.
  • What reasons does Dio give for not letting JoJo touch his bag?
    • Something about JoJo’s hands being dirty with dog drool, and besides, the servants should be doing that anyway.
  • What kind of dad is George to not question why his son is prone on the ground?
    • A bad one this whole chapter! Like, man, tough love, I guess.
  • In what ways does George compare JoJo and Dio?
    • Dio is very prim and proper and intelligent, while JoJo lacks manners and is not good at studying. George says that after Dio came by, he realized how pampered JoJo was. I wonder if George was less strict of a dad before then…
  • Why are the boys boxing?
    • It’s the New Hip Thing to do in the 19th century. (I think there’s a section about how sports became almost like a religion?) JoJo was supposed to fight the previous champion but he got swapped out with Dio.
  • Why does JoJo hesitate to fight Dio?
    • Dio wagered his month’s allowance on the match, so if JoJo loses, he’ll have no spending money for the rest of the month.
  • What’s Dio’s goal at the boxing match?
    • To get everyone on his side and isolate JoJo to kill his spirit, gradually taking everything that JoJo once had, and curry enough favors so that he can inherit the Joestar fortune instead.

As someone entirely new to JJBA, reading this has been fun and not too difficult so far. I like the Dramatic Narrator (who I can hear in my head lol). I didn’t even know Dio was the bad guy, even though I keep seeing him around the internet! He’s definitely the epitome of the trope “looks angelic and somehow no one notices him being completely evil” ha.

I’m really curious to see how JoJo will have ~character development~ later on. I guess the weird mask is going to come into play at some point…

Also, who needs 8 head heroic proportions when you can have 14 heads...