🗡 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 Book Club ファントムブランド第6: 切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリ・Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Eccentric 🗡

Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Eccentric

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Comprehension questions for Chapter 18: 凶人ジャック&奇人ツェペリ・切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリその1 (Participation is totally optional! Included as comprehension and discussion points)
  • Why is the woman afraid of Jack the Ripper? What does he do to his victims?
  • What’s Dio looking for?
  • How did Dio survive the burning of the mansion?
  • Who are Dio’s preferred victims and why?
  • What does JoJo think is weird about the new man’s jump?
  • What happens to JoJo’s broken bones?

I think this is the most physically blocked I’ve been from getting a week’s discussion posted lmao

Also, please enjoy the musical screenshot. It’s really an amazing work of art and I recommend seeing the few seconds that lead up to this particular point, heh

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Chapter 18 discussion questions

Because he’s out there exclusively killing women, and he disembowels them :fearful:

Loyal servants

A pillar fell and crushed the statue that he was impaled on, and then he dug and crawled into the pillar to shelter from the fire. It feels like Wang Chan was right when he predicted before that Dio has miraculously good luck.

He says he wouldn’t mind targeting young women because they have a lot of life energy that he can suck up?

He jumps up super high from a sitting position by just using his knees! (I thought he had rockets attached to his legs for a second)

They seem to be suddenly healed!

Is the musical available to watch online anywhere?


Yep! Nice :smiley:

Not legally currently, but some folks made gifs while it was. This particular gif is too spicy for the forums heh

There will be a blu-ray version of the play available later.

If you’d like more details about the play, shall we talk on discord?


Tbh, I don’t think this week’s questions need hidden :thinking: I don’t think they could actually spoil anything for once.

Chapter 19 奇跡のエネルギー・切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリその2 Discussion Questions
  • How does Zeppeli (ツェペリ) plan to answer JoJo’s questions?
  • What does 波紋 mean?
  • How does one build up the power for it?
  • How does the frog fare?
  • How does 波紋 effect living things? Non-living?
  • How does the stone mask fit into this picture?
  • Why is Zeppeli at the Joestar manor?
  • What concern does JoJo have regarding Erina?
  • What happens to the tree at the end of the chapter? Why is Zeppeli surprised?

If you want any English explanations of the concepts in this chapter, I’m happy to share


Sure, I guess I’m kinda curious about the gifs!

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Chapter 19 discussion questions

One at a time!

It seems implied that he learned it from East Asian sources? Considering that he says there’s a different name for Hamon in the East.

Ripples in water. Did not know before that Hamon is actually a word in Japanese!

Through special breathing techniques.

Luckily totally fine!

Dunno if it’s totally clear, but it seems like it can pass through living beings or give more life to living things, but it can also be applied destructively to non-living things?

It’s apparently the flip side of Hamon? So if Hamon is like life energy, then the stone mask’s powers are like…death energy? (I guess it does suck life energy out of living things)

He’s been looking for the stone mask for many years in order to destroy it, and he thought it might’ve been at the Joestar mansion because of what he heard from Wang Chan.

He doesn’t want her to get dragged into the conflict with Dio and the stone mask.

A withering flower on it blooms again when JoJo touches the branch nearby! Zeppeli thinks that JoJo must have an incredible innate talent for using Hamon energy!

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Do you have discord? I’m dio_berry on there

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Chapter 19 Questions

You’re right, that’s my bad on this question. He doesn’t say where/how he learned hamon in this chapter

Yeah, while Araki does sometimes make up words, this one isn’t at least

Yep! Non-living things can’t withstand hamon energy

I think rather than life/death, hamon is more like sun and the mask is more like night/the absence of sun

Yep, although I don’t think he heard it direct. It seems like Wang Chan was babbling in the streets about searching the manor ruins. Now I wonder if he told others about all the police dying.

Everything else, yep!


CW: Somewhat graphic depictions and descriptions of gore

Chapter 20 洋上の惨劇・切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリその3 Questions
  • What upgrade did JoJo get to his punch?
  • When did Zeppeli tell JoJo his backstory?
  • In what kind of setting was the stone mask found?
  • What was like a massive earthquake on the ship in Zeppeli’s story?
  • What being made did the action in the previous question?
  • What happened after daybreak? Both to Zeppeli and the being?
  • How long did it take for Zeppeli to learn about hamon?
  • What’s the relationship between hamon and the stone mask’s power?
  • What’s the connection between hamon and sunlight?
  • What is Dio’s goal?
  • What does ベロベロ mean?
  • What happens when zombies get hit with hamon?

Can’t believe I forgot to add music the past two week smh


Just realized that on page 54 of the tanko vol 3, Araki drew 2 fish in the same river, 2 birds in the same sky, and 2 birds on the same tree to drive home how similar JoJo and Zeppeli are to each other


CW: gore involving women and animals

Chapter 21 呪われた町・切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリその4 Questions
  • How far are JoJo and company from London?
  • What’s the geographical layout of this place?
  • What’s going to happen to this place?
  • What are the old women talking about? (hint: there are 2 things)
  • How does Dio feel about the women? What does he compare them to?
  • What info does Speedwagon share?
  • What does he request?
  • What did JoJo not do with Erina?
  • What’s up with the horses?

Got a Speedwagon song this time

Also, for once, I did the vocab for this chapter. I may go back and do more chapters since it helps with my project, but it also took at least 1 more hour than usual to do this week lol. Maybe I’ll be able to commit to that in the future, maybe not.


Ahh I’ve been really busy the past little while and fallen behind by a week! :confounded: Should be able to catch up later this week though.

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  • What’s different between Dio and Jack the Ripper?
  • What does Zeppeli tell Jonathan to do?
  • Why is Speedwagon upset by this?
  • What’s bravery according to Zeppeli?
  • What is amazing thing about mankind according to Zeppeli?
  • What does Speedwagon notice that Zeppeli doesn’t do during the fight?

nothing like realizing I should have saved immigrant song for this chapter, whoops

Also, I started building a vocab list on renshuu too. It only has chapters 21 and 22 so far, but it’s there if you want an easy srs opportunity.


Immigrant Song fits the next arc more. Dunno why past me was so eager yesterday


Ohh that’s a cool observation!

Chapter 21 questions

One day’s horse ride away.

It’s very isolated geographically. There’s rocky mountains on three sides, and a cliff going to the sea on the fourth side.

It’s going to disappear? :open_mouth:

They’re talking about recent happenings in the town: someone new just moved into a mansion to recover from illness, and a young couple has run away together.

He views them as just food to drain blood from. He sees them as being part of a hierarchical food chain where he eats them just like people eat pigs and pigs eat grass.

He’s confirmed that Dio is still living and is hiding in Windknights (deduced through hearing that Wang Chan was seen there).

He wants to stay with JoJo and Zeppeli to fight Dio and his followers, since he’s already stuck with them this far.

JoJo left on this trip without saying anything to Erina!

Jack the Ripper seems to have killed them by tearing their insides apart, and then hid himself in one of their bodies. The panel of his face peeking out from a horse’s neck was quite disturbing :scream: I’m a little unclear on why the coachman had a horse’s head on but I’m guessing Jack the Ripper just stuck it on for fun? :weary:


Thanks! It’s nice noticing all these things on this read through.

Chapter 21 replies


Yep, nice

Maybe… But if you want some intrigue, check out which which particles are used

Yep! Do you want to guess who’s moved in?

Yep! This’ll come back into play later

Yep, although if you want a bonus question, who saw Weng Chan?

Indeed, he risked his neck quite a bit.

The scondrel, amirite

Yeah, I think that’s a fair interpretation

Chapter 21 replies

Hmm…I’m not sure I get it. We’re talking about this phrase: “これからこの町は消失する!”, right?

Ohhhh I didn’t realize earlier, but it’s gotta be Dio! :hushed: And pretending that he’s recovering from illness is both half true and also gives a nice cover for people in the town to not look into him too closely!

I’m guessing one of the other guys who was with Speedwagon when we first met him? He does say that he pulled some strings in shadier circles.

Yeah, I get that he’s trying to prevent her from getting involved, but I feel like Erina would’ve been able to handle all the information fine!

Chapter 21 replies

Yep! And 町 has a not a , so we don’t know what will disappear

Right? He’s so sly

Yeah, it could’ve been one of them. I was fishing for something along the lines of his criminal world connections.

Right! She’s a tough woman. I absolutely agree

Chapter 22 questions

Jack the Ripper is a zombie (and it seems he became that way because of Dio, and not from putting on the stone mask). He eats people instead of drinking their blood, and he also lives forever but he’s continuously rotting.

Zeppeli tells Jonathan to try to put himself in the shoes of the opponent to figure out what they might do.

He thinks maybe you shouldn’t try to put yourself in the shoes of someone so abnormal :sweat_smile:

It’s when you feel afraid, but then you conquer the fear. Bravery also helps you use Hamon!

That they can be brave (feel fear but conquer it)?

Zeppeli didn’t spill his wine!

Some pretty disturbing imagery this chapter! :fearful: This one also feels like it’s starting to become more like later JoJo fight scenes with people using different powers!