(Problem solved) Userscript that shows what kanji are needed to progress

Hello, before now I have seen details of a script that tells you which kanji are “attached” to the other kanji in your current level but I can’t find it any more even though I went through the entire API apps list twice ;-;

Hopefully that makes sense… what I mean is you know how when you learn radicals most of the time you will need to get them to guru to unlock the kanji they are part of, but sometimes you learn one that will not be in kanji on the current level. So what I am looking for is something like this but for kanji, where it tells you if you must get a certain kanji to guru level in order to unlock another kanji on the same level. I could swear I’ve heard of one…

If you have any ideas or know please tell me :slight_smile:

Kanji that unlocks kanji? That’s not a thing, or am I not understanding what you mean :thinking: In order to be unlocked, kanji only depends on radicals. Kanji influences your leveling up: the moment you get 90% of kanji from your current level to Guru at least once, you level up.

Ohh my mistake! Sorry I am so tiered ;-; I must be thinking about a long time ago when I accidentally messed up some radicals and kanji on the same level and it took me 9 days to complete level 4, I guess I thought it was based on kanji as well ;-;

I get it now thank you haha

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Haha, no problem. It happens :grin:

Here’s a quick explanation of the whole thing :slight_smile:


Oooo very useful thank you, I had no idea about fast levels, now I have something to look forward to :smiley:

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If you’re just wanting to know what’s left before you level up…