Kanji progression

for some reason, after 3 months, I am still stuck learning the radicals!? how can I progress to learning actual kanji? also, the list says ‘say hello in the community’. I’ve posted a few times already, but it still won’t check off. help is much appreciated!

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Have you made a thread saying “Hi, I’m new here…” or whatever? Concerning radicals, it really depends on how frequently you’re doing your reviews and how good of a job you do on them.

You need to guru the radicals to unlock the kanji lessons. You guru them by getting them correct 4 times in a row, there should be a Level 1 Radicals Progression bar on your homepage, something like this (except it’d say level 1 and show the radicals you have left to guru)

The checklist goes away as soon as you reach level 2, the Discourse forums aren’t synced to the checklist unfortunately :upside_down_face:

I suggest taking a look at the FAQ and Guide if you haven’t already, that may help explain things a bit more to you. ^^

The OP currently has 23 radicals in Guru and 3 in Apprentice. Does the 90% thing still exist in lvl 1?

@rakkun Are you sure you don’t have any lessons? You should. Is the number 0?

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Can you screenshot this part of your dashboard?


Don’t judge my item counts!


thank you for the help!

Oh oops, it’s 100% for radicals, 90% for kanji for leveling :see_no_evil:

-judges item counts-



I thought it was just 90% kanji in order to level up? With all kanji and vocab just being unlocked in-level when you guru the necessary prerequisite items?

I could be totally wrong about that, but otherwise if the OP has no lessons and 23 radicals in Guru something has definitely gone very wrong.

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:open_mouth: How can you know that?

It’s a privilege you gain after lvl 50.


https://www.wanikani.com/users/type the username here


@jprspereira This isn’t the fortune telling thread, but…

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Uhmm, if OP still has 3 in Apprentice, they’ve not reached the 90% mark yet…

Damn you nihonjin… なんじつ is so much more 日本語-like than なんにち. Also, I have no idea how I got 光 so many times wrong… shies away


As soon as you guru a radical the corresponding kanji in that level should be available; you don’t need to guru 90% of radicals to get kanji lessons, but you do need to guru 90% kanji to level up.

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Is that the case for the first level? It could be that level 1 kanji only unlock after 90% of radicals are guru’d

Yes, that’s why I think something is horribly wrong if the OP doesn’t have any lessons. Or unless bladepoint is correct :wink:

Ah. I thought 90% of both had to be Guru.

@rfindley is typing though, so we’ll have a definitive answer soon :yum: