Stuck on level 6, or maybe a bug? :s

Greetings folks! I seem to have a problem on level 6. It’s telling me I have to guru these kanji to level up, as usual.
The only one I actually have access to is 亡. None of the others are in my lessons. Is this a bug? Or do I have to guru 亡 before I get them? Seems a bit unfair if that is the case, considering it gave me all the pink kanji after the radicals on the other levels.

I am worried :frowning:

@viet check this.

In order to access a kanji, you need to guru all its radicals. For instance, have you guru’d the radical for “mouth” and “arrow”? If so, 知 should be available.

The moment she has all the radicals guru’d (100%), she should have access to every Kanji of that level no matter what. This is not happening, so something is going on. That’s why I tagged Viet.

I have enlightened mouth and arrow. Oh dear seems it may be a bug then?

yes, it’s likely. @jprspereira pinged viet, so the devs will look into it :slight_smile:

I see! I will wait here patiently

hmmm not necessarily I think.
You can manage to level up without guruing all radicals. For instance here mouth is level 1 and arrow level 3.
Seems very unlikely though :blush:
But with people overusing the reorder script, you never know!

Maybe clearing your cache and restarting your internet browser may help? I am no programmer, but it can’t hurt

I usually use my phone, happens on my phone and mac! :frowning:

What? xD No you can’t. You need all the radicals guru’d + 90% of Kanji guru’d. The vocabulary is 100% optional.

The reorder script makes it easy to do the radical and kanji lessons while avoiding vocab. This doesn’t mean that you can level up whenever you want. You still need 100% of the radicals and 90% of the Kanji guru’d.

(Unless I’m missing something… Is it my lack of coffee? :thinking:)

I thought you were living in Portugal, are you saying you just got up at 5pm? :smile:

I think it is only about the 90% Kanji. But I might be wrong, never tried leveling up without guruing all radicals.
The FAQ doesn’t say anything about radicals for leveling up though:

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You can have coffee more than once per day you know :3 My morning coffee already left me.

I guess this could be possible on the levels where you get enough Kanji to level up right away. Yeah, you’re right, but honestly it wouldn’t make any sense to allow leaving the radicals behind in my opinion :man_shrugging:

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I agree on both of these :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that. I’ve initiated the method to unlocked the items for your level. You should be good to go.

Great! Thank you! :crabigator:

Only the kanji matter, so you can probably skip a radical per level as long as the others unlock 90% of the kanji.


I think this same thing is happening to me, I’ve been stuck on level 3, and nothing new is happening.


To level up you need to guru 90% of the level’s kanji. I see you still have over 60 apprentice items, are these all vocab?

@Trishcakes Another troubleshooting question in case it really is a bug: do you use any scripts?