Autoupdated list of fast levels

What is a fast level?

In order to level up in Wanikani, you must guru at least 90% of the kanji for that level. In order to unlock a kanji, you must reach its level and guru all the radicals it depends on. This means that for most levels, you must go through two stages: First guru all the radicals on that level, then guru the kanji on that level that you unlocked after guru’ing those radicals.

However, if at most 10% of the kanji on a level depend on radicals from the same level, then there is only one stage required to complete the level. This is because 90+% of the kanji are available immediately on level up, so you do not have to wait to guru that level’s radicals first before you can start on the kanji.

Which levels are fast levels and which are slow changes occasionally as Wanikani adds, removes, or changes content. For example, last October, level 41 changed from fast to slow, and at some point a couple months ago, it changed back to fast, leaving guides on the forum out of date. Therefore, I decided to create a script that will automatically calculate the current list of fast levels for you.

To see the up to date list of fast levels, go here:


That’s actually pretty neat. I have been wondering this myself recently. Not super relevant at my current level, but hopefully not for too long.

Nice job! :smiley:

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Neat. Suggestions:

  • Cache the results server-side, display them with a timestamp. Since the data isn’t user-specific, it doesn’t need to be calculated by each user individually.
  • Trim spaces from the API key client-side before matching to the format. Extra spaces before and/or after the key are pretty likely candidates for format mismatch.
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There is no server-side. This is purely a client side script running from static html and js files. Also, doing it this way lets people also use my accuracy script.


Good timing (for me)-- did my first one today. This is really helpful since in order to get through fast levels fast I’m having to pre-study the kanji. Thank you!