Post your J-CAT score!


You would only make profit in monopoly money, but some people are into that I hear :thinking:


I took the J-CAT in july 2016 while studying quite intensively for a few weeks, and then proceeded to not touch anything Japanese for more than a year, until I restarted my studies and took the J-CAT in December 2017. I haven’t been studying “hard core” since then, but I’ve gone from WK level 1 -> 16, and been reading NHK Easy News. Haven’t studied grammar or listening at all really.

Listening Vocabulary Grammar Reading Total
2016 july 55 29 42 40 166
2017 dec 44 45 40 43 172
2018 july 57 50 34 44 185
2019 dec :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question:

The test felt like I was doing really badly the entire time (like usual with the J-CAT), and I was surprised to see that my score went up since last time.


Done the test at the end of June, these are my scores. I believe the result shows pretty accurately my present level, though I’ve done it at work, with one eye on the computer and the other one on my boss :wink:



So, is J-Cat not accepting new registrations ? I had an old account which I never logged into and it seemed to have disappeared. Can’t even “forget password” there. Then I tried registering from new email ids and I just don’t seem to get the mail after “72 hours”.


They erase it after 6 months, yes.

A common problem is that it gets into “spam”. That’s where the email they sent me ended.


They erase it after 6 months, yes.

So do I have to create a new account every 6 months anyway?

A common problem is that it gets into “spam”. That’s where the email they sent me ended.

The original mail came into spam only. I do keep checking spam everyday.


Yes. That reminds me I should do it right now.

And in doing so I just saw that they made an important announcement (not related to your problem).

@Kumirei and everyone else in the thread, they are pretty much out of funding and so they will start using a paid model starting April 2020. Based on their remaining money, they may need to stop operating at any moment between now and then.

  • They are going to renew their questions (yay!)
  • They are going to stop using flash (yay!)
  • If registering through an organization, the price will be around 3000 yens. They didn’t mention individual prices, but I assume it would be the same?

There were more stuff, but it’s only relevant to organizations requesting group tests, so it does not matter…

Better get your test now… I’m not willing to pay 3000 yens for this. (Well, if they remake it really well, maybe…)


3000 yen may be a bit much, but I wouldn’t mind paying for this kind of test.


That’s great that they’re renewing things! I just hope they find a way to not stop service. I’d be fine paying 3000 for this test.


I’m not sure they will put anything online before they switch the system, I think. (But maybe I’m just pessimistic, and the “still free” period could be a nice beta testing period for them…)

Anyway, I also don’t mind paying for tests (god knows how much money I have given to the JLPT… N4N3N2N2N1N1, that’s like 30000 yens?) but as it stands, it’s just that 3000 yen feels a bit high. But maybe it will be worth it after renewal, I don’t know…


It’s a shame about it becoming paid, even if the rest is nice. Hopefully I can squeeze one more in before that.


I am having the same problem. I put in a request a week ago and still no response.
If I don’t receive anything in the coming week, I will request again.


Just interested - how has it been funded up till now?


They mention the kakenhi (which is the all purpose public research fund) and the MEXT (ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Research, and Technology) which would be a specific fund.
Both source of funding are competitive, and project extension are difficult in the first case, and impossible in the second case.

The Jcat has been running since 2005, the longest funding you can get is 5 years, so my guess is that they got 3x5 (twice Kakenhi and once mext) and are really not optimistic about their chances to get something else…


Cool, thanks for the insight!


Well, I got the password in one of the email addresses I applied from. I will probably give the exam tomorrow and see where I lie according to J-CAT.

Did you guys just give the exam to check where you are currently or revised a bit (even though this exam is probably better suited for former)?


I took the exam to check where I was, for the most part, and to spur me to learn more and improve.


Same as @TamanegiNoKame, trying to see where I was

It had been a while since the last time I had done any sort of test, and I was quite afraid I would be rusty… I wanted to assess the damage.



Well this was a surprise. I thought I did worse than this. The test started with listening section (no images) and it went on for 19 questions. It mentally drained me right from the beginning. Comparatively, vocabulary finished pretty quickly.

So, where does this score place me? (finished N4 10 days ago). I would want to give N3 this December.


According to the J-CAT, you should be able to comfortable pass N3 as I understand it. Not sure how accurate the J-CAT is though in relation to JLPT levels.