Post your J-CAT score!


So, when you come to repeat the J-CAT, do you use the same password each time? Or do you need to apply for a new one?


You apply for a new one


Well, did not go as well as I hoped, but it went decently at least. I really struggle with the speed for the grammar questions and the “does this vocab work in this sentence” questions.



@Kumirei, can you add a poll at the top that is public that you can choose two options and the list of options would include what range you landed in on the JCAT and what JLPT level you have passed (or “I have not taken the JLPT” for those who have not)? I would be curious to see how much correlation there actually is between JCAT scores and JLPT levels. They seem like massively different tests to me, measuring very different skill sets.


Oh god it uses flash


I can’t add more polls at this point, but I’ll post it here and link it in the OP.

When you passed the given JLPT level what was your most recent J-CAT score?

  • N1: >350
  • N1: 301-350
  • N1: 251-300
  • N1: 201-250
  • N1: 151-200
  • N1: 101-150
  • N1: <100
  • I accidentally voted and can’t unvote

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  • N2: >350
  • N2: 301-350
  • N2: 251-300
  • N2: 201-250
  • N2: 151-200
  • N2: 101-150
  • N2: <100
  • I accidentally voted and can’t unvote

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  • N3: >350
  • N3: 301-350
  • N3: 251-300
  • N3: 201-250
  • N3: 151-200
  • N3: 101-150
  • N3: <100
  • I accidentally voted and can’t unvote

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  • N4: >350
  • N4: 301-350
  • N4: 251-300
  • N4: 201-250
  • N4: 151-200
  • N4: 101-150
  • N4: <100
  • I accidentally voted and can’t unvote

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  • N5: >350
  • N5: 301-350
  • N5: 251-300
  • N5: 201-250
  • N5: 151-200
  • N5: 101-150
  • N5: <100
  • I accidentally voted and can’t unvote

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Jlpt 2018!

I technically passed the N1 first and then did the jcat, but I guess it does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

@TamanegiNoKame Same! Those two categories (especially grammar) really tripped me up. During the grammar part, I spent more time looking at the timer than at the questions…


My goal is 300 ish in 6 more months. Though, whether or not I will actualize that goal is a whole other question. Not sure how to improve on the speed thing though…I guess just reading more.


Just learned this exam exists… pfff less than 150 days to the Dec. JLPT…

I’m starting to feel the pressure… I don’t think I’m going to make it to N3 level, N4 is still kicking my dérriere.

I’m a bit scared to take this Jcat exam to learn that i’m unprepared. But as i’m reading they’re both different. So I guess i’ll give it a try on another weekend with more time on my hands. I’ll share my tally then.


Sign up now though, since it takes a few days to get the password


Oh, thank you for the advice. I will


Also, fyi, it only takes like an hour and a half so it is not a huge time or energy investment.


Except if one hour and a half straight of free time is hard to come by…


I didn’t take the JLPT though. Am I not allowed to vote then…?


Exactly. I think the idea was to see how the score correlated with the JLPT level.


Okay :frowning:

  1. Pass JLPT
  2. Vote in poll
  3. ???
  4. Profit


What are people expecting to see? People who scored 150 passing N1 or failing N5?


Personally, I am more curious about the upper range. Do people in the 250-300 range actually fair well on N1/N2 in general. That type of thing. How predictive is the JCAT as far as JLPT performance goes is basically what I am wondering.


Does passing the JLPT on the way to work count??? :wink: