Please kill me =(




In before all the people who have more reviews than you.


How did this happen to me ._.

I’m usually very dilligent. Just skipped two days just because and then this lmao.

I have to do it all at once.


Get it done and then you can go brag about it in the Show-er Off-er thread.


if you do this all at once, then all the items of same SRS level will appear together again, resulting in similar situation, better to break it in to chunks of hundred.


That’s right. Though, you might try WaniKani SRS Reorder Button


Use the wrap up button to do it in chunks rather than all at once! Too exhausting!!


As per usual.


Asked and answered :grin:

Wanikani reminds me of a parent teaching their kids to eat what’s on their plate:
“Why are you whining? Is that too much broccoli? Here, have some more.”


It’s gonna get worse, mate. Do your reviews on time. Man up.


Just fail a whole bunch of them and then problem solved.


Hm, I don’t know what the problem is… I often have 200+ without skipping any so far :slight_smile:
Next is 247 at 4am setting alarm


Are you doing all your lessons at once? That could be one of the problems. I started doing that early on but later did them in batches of around 30 per day in the earlier levels. Now that I don’t get as much radicals anymore I can usually comfortably do 20 lessons per day no problem while still going at around the same pace.



Yeah I do and I don’t see a problem there for me because I do have a lot of time for learning Japanese and I do spent a lot of time doing that in various resources.
I had a whole day without reviews two days ago and missed it ._.
Maybe that’s already a form of addiction…

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