A. Lot. Of. Reviews

Hi Guy’s! I Hope everyone is doing greate in these strange times!

I forgot about WaniKani for a few months because of life. Life’s just … very busy. On the other way, I visited Japan for the first time in my life -it was so nice. Conclusion? I want to learn Japanse even more. It even created a ‘life dream’ about moving there, even tho I probably never going to do that (my gf doesn’t like it that much ;)).

Anyway, I need to do about 420 reviews now. Anybody got some tips on this? With normal reviews/new lessons, you are limited in the reviews you can do - but with 400+ I can keep going for hours.

Maybe it’s better to do a subset of them every day?



It really depends on how many you feel like doing! 400 is definitely a decent amount of reviews, but its far from some of the horror stories you see on the forums sometimes with thousands of reviews piled up. Unless you’re really struggling to find time or keep motivation, I don’t think there’s a reason to split it up between more than two or three days at most. When I was going full speed I regularly had days with more than 400 reviews, despite not taking any days off. But if that pace isn’t comfortable, just take it slower.

I guess one thing to keep in mind is that doing reviews in big batches causes them to come back in big batches. But this will be mitigated by the fact that the items you review will be at different levels (guru, apprentice, etc), you’ll get some wrong, and so forth.


Thank you - that’s some usefull information. The problem is that I get a lot of Kanji wrong at the moment because i didn’t look at them for 2-3 months. On the other hand, I DO remember a lot of them - so the SRS is definitely working!

Thank you!

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Glad to be of some help. Coming back and getting some wrong can definitely be discouraging, but I think it’s generally better to clear out the stack quicker if you are able to. Part of this is if you don’t clear the review stack, as the reviews you fail get added back to the queue, you may not see them again for a while, making it more likely to get them wrong again. But if you clear the stack you’ll be hitting the intended SRS intervals.


I would honestly recommend you reset since you’re at level 4. You’ll get to review the items again and start with a clean slate. And since you’ll have remembered quite a bit you should level back to 4 in no time.

Just be glad you haven’t got over a thousand…


Coming back from a break sucks, you just have to suck it up and pound through them, getting them wrong is natural, get back on it and trust the srs to do its work


hehe i also came back from vacation mode since october… problem was, i was 1 month inactive before activation of vacation mode so… almost 900 reviews, that hurts hehe… so i just tried to do a few (aka ~100) every day or every 2 days just when i felt like it (tip: it’s much nicer to do your reviews while you’re sunbathing!) so now there’s only 200 left yay

but believe me, altho my accuracy rate has completely dropped to dangerous levels, it’s better to get them wrong that to get them right, bc i have burned quite a few items these days (and more than just a few by pure chance) and i am not sure at all they are truly burnt in my mind :rofl: :sob: failing is just failing, theyll come more often to annoy you, true, but you will get a chance to learn them better, so stay positive about it!
it’s not like you have to hurry to do them all at once so you can take it easy and go at your own pace, just stay away from lessons for now, or as other said restart is also an option, since you already know the 3 previous levels you’ll be able to complete them very fast! and that will motivate you (tho might be counterproductive when you then start getting a lot of new kanjis that you dont know and then accuracy and speed drops idk) so whatever you choose, good luck!! and lucky you for having been in japan ah

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I’m seriously thinking about this now! Because yeah, only level 4. Would be a great recap.
Edit: and I’m back at level one :slight_smile: - here I go again.

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