No Wanikani for several months. Oh Crabigator bless my soul


Oof, good luck with that !





Out of curiousity, did you not do the vocabulary per level? You get about 100 new words per level, and seeing that lesson pile makes me want to faint :persevere:


Oof… maybe resetting a few levels might help? Best of luck whatever you do!

I did about 10 vocab per level and finished all radicals and kanji for a few months.

That was my setup not because I was lazy or something but uni was getting tougher ultimately I had to put a pause in my Japanese as consecutive hell weeks graced my subjects.

But hey, already made a dent, 300 down 1500 to go! Hoping to finish my pile before my term break is over.


I decided not to reset for now, I do wanna try how much I retained after a long hiatus. Thanks btw!

And here I was thinking 180 reviews was a lot…


You’re braver than me! You’re doing great though – already 300 done? Heck yeah, you got this.


I’ll admit that your counts making my palms sweat and my stomach a little queasy, but I think you’ve got the right attitude.

I’ve never had to deal with such a large backlog, and I’d still be tempted to just do 200 or so reviews a day for a while before resorting to reordering, but others in the same situation have seen success using reordering scripts.

You may want to review this entire thread as well as this specific comment:

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i think this is the first time someone has directly linked a post of mine :smiley:

i am working through a pile of some 1600 reviews currently. i’m using a script to re-order reviews by srs level, and doing about 150 reviews per day.

i’m making good progress btw. i’m down to under 900 reviews, over 600 of which are enlightened items waiting to be burned. i’ve also started doing a small number of lessons (8 per day) because i preferred to have some apprentice every day too.

if that sounds slow, consider that i started with some 300 apprentice items, all of which i’ve reviewed several times. i’m moving items which were apprentice when i started into master now. also consider that i was going full speed for several months before i stopped, as a consequence the pile of enlightened items ready to be burned is also growing by some 20 items per day.

i reckon in 3 more weeks i’ll have worked through the pile, systematically, sustainably, doing about 150 reviews per day. by then i’ll also have leveled up, and be close to leveling up again.

to work through such a large pile of reviews, i strongly recommend re-ordering by srs level.


I can understand wanting to see some new stuff too, but that seems like a lot of lessons to me unless they are mostly easy vocabulary. I’m very hesitant to have more than 10 or 15 brand new kanji in Apprentice one or two stages, myself. Every new lesson item requires at least a week or two of reviews to move it to Guru.

Also, aren’t lessons in batches of five? How do you do eight? (Genuinely curious)

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Settings, dude…

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Lol! I’ve only been here coming up on two years …

I had no idea you could change the lesson batch sizes.

For others equally clueless: App Settings | WaniKani Knowledge

You can also get there from the dashboard page. Click on your profile icon in the upper right, then Settings, App.



before i had my little breakdown i was doing between 20 and 25 lessons a day, every day. and i brought most of my items to guru in 3.5 days, as per the normal srs timing.

8 lessons a day feels very relaxed to me.

By the time you get to the 20s, you can easily get to a pile of 200 reviews in under a day!

You may be better off resetting to the level that you still have vocab lessons on since it seems like you skipped a fair bit.

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I just meant it takes five correct answers at a minimum to guru, but I only do one review session per day, and I also don’t mind misses or “unnecessary” reviews. Hence: “a week or so.”

Everyone has different goals. I’ve personally been much more biased toward constant progress and quality of retention than speed. I just can’t maintain your speeds and workloads without sacrificing one or the other.

Dozens of new lessons daily (or 8 with a huge backlog!) and fast progress like yours amaze me, but I’m happy with 2-3 weeks per level (my regular pace).

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Well… If you keep a constant pace, 180 lessons might be alot… I’d consider it alot cuz all I do is do reviews whenever they’re out hehe, cuz it’s summer and I have noooothing to do : )


WELCOME… to this great community !! :partying_face: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

Now go do your reviews! :crabigator:

perhaps i have the advantage of already being fluent in 4 languages, with various amounts of half a dozen more. and i have a lot of free time which i can invest into learning japanese.

i don’t intend to go quite as fast anymore. maybe 15 lessons per day, once i’ve worked through the pile-up. and use the extra time for reading and grammar and such ^^

Every time I see a post like this I am in awe of the mental strength and motivation to work through a pile like that and completely confused. Why do people not use the vacation mode? :sweat_smile: