It's been about 30 hours since my first lesson but I can't access the second one

The website still thinks it hasn’t been a day since the previous lesson. It’s actually been two calendar dates. I am suspecting this could be because I leave my computer on overnight and haven’t closed the wanikani tab. This is a shame because I know how well SRS and mneumonics work, and I was 99% sure I’d buy a subscription to wanikani after level 3, but unless this is fixed, the site is unusable for me. I have faith in you though, since I learned hiragana and katakana in 4 hours using your mneumonics, for which I am grateful.

Have you done the reviews?

Yes, I’ve gotten 24/26 of the first series of radicals correct 3 times in a row, and made a mistake on the other two, which I fixed on subsequent reviews.

An item unlocks new items after you get it to the 4th level of the SRS (which is called guru status). It takes a day or two to do this at the max pace (in level 1). That’s how you unlock your next lessons.

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It’s as Leebo says. The lessons build on knowledge that is cemented in reviews. In time, you will have so many lessons and reviews that it will be hard to keep up. The first few levels are relatively calm, but don’t worry if it seems too slow.

Oh, excuse me, I thought there were more level 1 radicals left, I must have gotten confused by seeing the entire list of level 1-3 radicals, thinking they were level 1 and that they would be unlocked on the next lesson. Thanks.

Yeah, your level 1 radicals will reach guru on the next review (for the ones that you got right 3 times already) and that will unlock the associated kanji. When 90% of those kanji are at guru, you’ll go to level 2.


I’d like to add that leaving the computer on doesn’t affect anything =)
If you leave in the middle of a review session it can time out, which happens quite fast actually. But every finished item will be saved, only half answered items might need a repeat (those with two sides, meaning and reading, if you have answered one but not the other yet; radicals are not affected)
So feel free to continue leaving the computer on =)

As for calendar days, WaniKani disregards the days completely. They have a timed interval by hours, so when there is a “1 day” interval it is actually 23 hours, the “2 days” are 47 hours. So if you do the review at 5 pm it will return at 4 pm a day or two later depending on interval. It completely ignores when midnight is, and thus a new day =)
Not sure if you get the bonus hour on the weeks and months interval though, but will either return the same time you took them or an hour earlier in the same way at least =^_^=
In all my time here there has never been a glitched interval, they always do come when they should =)

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