Just starting out !@

hi i’m just starting out with the radicals but it won’t let me progress even though I’ve reviewed them 2 times and answered them all correctly? is this normal?

Yes, you need to answer them correctly four times to unlock kanjis.

I assume a bunch of people will soon come around and give the relevant links, but the way the SRS works is explained in the FAQ.


There is a nice thread explaining all kinds of stuff with links to more if you still find yourself disoriented. Check Unofficial FAQ

WaniKani seems to be VERY slow at the start… the SRS system is pretty boring and isn’t letting me pound these out in a way I would like, but considering people at lvl 12 have something like 600 Lessons/Reviews available to them, things will fill up quickly and I’m sure we will find ourselves having SOMETHING to practice at nearly any time of the day, pretty soon. (aka, few months probably but relatively soon…ish)

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Depending on your previous experience with Japanese, it may happen much earlier than that.
Some people have said they were overwhelmed as early as level 5.
I felt it was getting pretty serious from level 8, if I recall correctly.

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Yeah I agree with @Naphthalene here, I reset my account because I took a lengthy break (not a huge drop, I’ve never broken double digits) but last time I remember starting to feel a little overwhelmed at about level 4/5

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I just started level 6 and put WaniKani into Vacation Mode while I went on a trip to Japan for two weeks. After taking it out of Vacation mode, I had about 90 reviews and 90 lessons to do. The only reason I didn’t have 200+ reviews to do is because I had Vacation Mode on. I had about 30 vocabulary lessons to do from level 5, and level 6 added 40-50 more lessons on top of that. I’ve gone through all the reviews, and now I have about 100 of them to do every day.

WaniKani goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Just gotta be a little patient at the beginning, cause it will get crazy. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you should be practicing grammar, speech and listening if you’re trying to learn Japanese as a language and not just Kanji study.

At the moment I am level 7… been level 7 for 2-3 weeks now. Due to personal things I did not have enough time to memorise all the lessons and that is catching up to me. 150 leeches and 140 in apprentice.

So first I am taking my time of getting rid of my leeches and lower my apprentice items until I progress further.
WK starts slow but kicks in fairly soon!

ermagherd noooo

All is not lost! There’s a very convenient thread over in Campfire that specifically lists stuff you can do while waiting for new reviews. If you’re really jonesing to get your learnin’ on, it’s a good place to go.

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