Peer Pressure Me to Stop Making Typos

Hey y’all. I’m planning on getting a subscription, but in the meantime I’ve restarted back from level three. The problem is this: either on my phone or my laptop, I make typos when answering questions. It’s especially a problem when I type “ke” instead of “ka,” try to delete the e and replace it, delete the whole thing, and end up just submitting an “a.”

Do you guys have advice for slowing myself down for proofreading? I’m an impatient person, so I rush a lot, but I’d like to be able to be more thoughtful with my answers. Anything from just yelling at me to be patient to scientific studies will be appreciated.

Have you had similar experiences? Is that 1 item you review several hours apart from the rest in its group getting to you? Share it here!

On desktop - I use userscripts to let me retype. Generally I say the answer in my head, type it, and then if I am wrong, compare what I typed to what I said and will allow one retype of the answer if they don’t match. If I’m in doubt about whether or not I was right with my mental answer, I got it wrong and move on.

On mobile, I use a japanese keyboard instead of the English for readings - it slows me down, and I can’t make the ‘ka’, no no ‘ke’, oops, I wrote ‘e’ mistake. It is slower for me to type with, but it’s a good learning experience.

I always have a few that I failed and are now at a weird time - but I do my reviews at more or less fixed times, so it rejoins the group by nature of my not reviewing it as soon as it comes up. I’d rather have reviews at predictable times then hit that SRS interval exactly.

Good luck!



Userscripts are basically community written add-ons that adjust some functionality of WaniKani. They let us do things like adjust what information we see on the dashboard, reorder lessons within the level (do with caution), get a list of words that you miss often (leeches) and study them, show extra information in lessons…lots of great stuff created by the community. There’s a master list of them (and other related apps) here - The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

You have to install a browser extension like TamperMonkey to use a userscript - some people don’t like to do that and therefore don’t use userscripts - totally up to you.

DoubleCheck is my preference for handling typos - you can find it here - Double Check Script

This guide to WaniKani is really helpful for understanding how the system works more in depth and is recommended reading for getting started and wanting to use your time wisely. Also, explains scripts and other stuff way more eloquently than I can.


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