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Hello there,

I’m having an error on windows 10 chrome where I will write an answer, it will be accepted as correct, and then I’ll be shown a new word only for that word to disappear quickly and the word I just finished pops up again. It’s hard to describe but basically it seems like a page reloading old content. Anyone else have this issue or any advice on how to fix it? Sorry if it has been asked before, wasn’t sure what to search for. Thanks!

You don’t happen to have multiple instances of WK open at the same time, do you?

Maybe try a different OS or browser?

Are you running any user scripts?

This happens to me too!! Very very annoying. It only happens on lessons for me though, not reviews. Win 7 Firefox 61.0.1

Though perhaps mine is slightly different, I’m not sure. For example, I might be doing the lesson for “Hot Dog” and “Hamburger”. It’ll be on the meaning or reading version of one of those words and all of a sudden it’ll switch to a different word and it’ll be the opposite question (was meaning, now wants reading or vice versa). It’s annoying because sometimes you’ll try to enter the kana and it won’t accept it. The screen will shake and it’ll act like you have incorrect characters on the screen (ex: instead of kana just type F then hit enter and see what happens, thats what i mean). usually to get around this I’ll have to copy and paste or do some weird trick to try and get it to work. Really, really annoying bug.

TBH this is the kind of crap that happens when you don’t chain Viet to his desk :smiling_imp:

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This does tend to happen when you have another review or lesson session open, so look out for that next time it happens.

Hmm, perhaps! I don’t do that per-se, but I do load up usually 6 or 7 review pages as a time till I get the right mix of kanji,vocab,radicals that I’m looking for then I close the other pages (i do know of the script). Though I never actually have more than one “session” open at once either. Either way this is good to know.

I also keep the tab pinned 24/7 so maybe that has something to do with it.

Tabs that are on WaniKani but aren’t an active review or lesson session shouldn’t be a problem, but yeah it’s good to look out for this general problem.

This script?

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Akanbe, I’ve had this happen, too. I found out that usually if you retype the answer slowly, it’ll work. Don’t know why this happens.

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