Typing weirdness

Hello. So I was happily doing my early morning kanji review (I use an iPad with a Zagg keyboard) when all of a sudden it only typed in hiragana. I never purposefully did anything to change it. I only used the kana option and touchscreened the kana when answering readings and used my keyboard to type meanings. Now I cant type in the meanings. This only happens in the WK program as you can see since I’m typing this. Any ideas?

This might sound obvious, but make sure the item in question really is asking for the meaning and not the reading.

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This has happened a few times it seems. I just refresh when it does.

Can you check to make sure this is the case, OP? Newcomers don’t realize our built in IME kicks in for kanji (pink screen) and vocabulary (purple) reading questions (carefully read the question prompt, meaning vs reading).

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It definitely wanted the meaning. I’m very careful about that after I did a stupid screw up and had to wait longer to progress. Kana just started coming up like I was using a Japanese keyboard. But only in this program so it’s definitely not a choice I made through the control panel.

Thanks but refreshing didn’t help plus I had to start all over again

Is it possible to get a screenshot of the screen when this happens?

I had this happen yesterday, it seemed to get stuck in hragana until i refreshed. I just presumed my computer was playing up. been fine since though.

@scollins Did you have another WaniKani tab open when this happened (specifically lessons)? I did when this happened to me.

Assuming it was my screwup, I’m trying to figure out the automatic IME. It doesn’t appear to be based on the Windows Hisgana keyboard or at least the chart I printed off. Do you have a chart for this? Thanks!!

I don’t think so. I’ll pay attention to that though. Thanks!!

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