Website acting very weird again

Just did a review and for the first part it was showing the kanji for answer when it wanted English and “Your answer” when it wanted Hiragana. And the green thing showing you got it right was not working.

That seemed to sort itself out after a while (asked me several questions again though).

Now when I try and do a lesson it bails out after 1 answer with “You’re quite the explorer, aren’t you?”.

You’re quite the vandals of your own website, aren’t you?

EDIT: Now the “Review Forecast” is blank and if I try and redo a lesson neither D nor enter works to advance the page.

Well let us know when website is usable again (unless it’s only me having this error)


Also weird for me. It’s showing me roman letters instead of converting to hiragana. And the Review Forecast pane is blank.

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Yeah, same here. For me though, I have 78 reviews and whatever I type, the number just doesn’t go down. Also letters don’t auto convert to hiragana, no green correct answer as well.

kinda happy to see its not just me, my letters also dont convert to hiragana like the dude above, and any time i try to answer anything by pressing enter it just refreshes the page.

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Add me to the list of folks with the weird. It isn’t converting text and just moving on without recording right or wrong.

Yup, it looks like something in the IME broke? My review forecast panel is blank too.

Same for me, I thought something was wrong with my browser :grinning:

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Yeah, this is site wide it seems. Just as I was getting the last of my lessons done

Can’t do reviews at all here. Won’t accept any answer I put in, won’t convert to hiragana, nothing’s working.
Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Seems like the page is reloading on each submission rather than staying on the page. It’s late, guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

same issue here

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Seems to be serious for people here.

Send an email to if you’re experiencing.

Also tagging @Mods for fast response

Yes I can’t do any lessons, when I try to progress my browser shows a weird URL but nothing happens on the page. Can’t progress.

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Likewise, not working for me either. No automatic hiragana conversion.

Same issue here.

Came here to check if it was just me - happy to learn it’s not just me. Hoping it will be sorted soon!

I logged as a bug in the app but seems to be an issue on the mobile browser as well.

Review forecast isn’t showing for me, and I can’t do any lessons

Does WK even have an official app?

Same issues here. Please fix :melting_face: