Shown Kanji not changing during lesson and review

Hi Guys, Today I started a new lesson set. Once the first Vocal word had finished the new word came up but the word that was shown remained as for the first word. This continued for all five words. On review this stayed the same I typed the answer to the word shown and the red bar came up. This is because it was actually asking for a different vocabulary word. This happens on Both my Mac and my laptop. I have switched the computer on and off to no avail. Anyone got any ideas.

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Hmmmmm… I’m no IT expert, but have you tried:

  • clearing your cache
  • logging out, closing the browser then opening it up and signing back in again
  • turning off any userscripts (if you have any. If you do, then post them in the OP too, becuase it helps the creators find any bugs/potential issues they might be causing)

Thus ends my technical knowledge, but maybe @Kumirei or @prouleau might be able to help more

Thanks for your reply. I turned the computers off and waited a while and now all seems to be back to normal. Very strange.

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it would be interesting to know what caused it, but sometimes inexplicable things do happen with it that later resolve.
I’m glad it’s working for you again ^u^
Can I suggest marking your reply as a solution so that other people know when they look through the threads that it’s been fixed?

I think someone else had this issue on safari recently

With these kind of symptoms my hunch would be a temporary glitch in the web site. But I didn’t reproduce the problem so I didn’t troubleshoot. This is just a hunch. I don’t really know.

If the problem happens again you should turn off your scripts to make sure it is not a script issue, and then notify Wanikani tech support. Use the chat thingie or email

I have encountered this kind of glitch a few times on my tablet. I don’t have any scripts there so that can’t be the issue. I’ve noticed that simply switching to another tab or doing anything that causes the screen to update fixes the problem. If it happens again try switching tabs and see if that fixes it.