Kanji lesson examples error


When I’m doing a kanji lesson and I get to the examples, if I click on the example, for example 一, when I click on 一人 it opens up a new tab but goes back to the first kanji in the lesson. It doesn’t do it at first, it sends me to the kanji at first I mean, but it starts doing this after the third of fourth kanji of the lesson.

Is this just me or can you reproduce the same bug?

It’s kept me from clicking on the examples.


I had had a similar problem with my reviews - if I got something wrong and opened up the item page in a separate tab to re-read the info, when I switched back to my reviews tab, it would often-but-not-always start my review session from the beginning.

I was using Chrome on a Samsung tablet when this happened, but quickly realised it never happened in Chrome on the PC, so I just stopped doing WK on my tablet (reading the forums gave me the impression that glitches like this are related to devices and whether you’re using Chrome/Firefox, etc. rather than it being a bug on WK’s end…).

Yeah this happened on desktop Chrome (well, work laptop). So I guess when you do anything in Wanikani for now, the workaround is to focus on the task at hand, lesson or review.

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Oh, right! Well, that surprises me, but I’m in vacation mode at the mo, so haven’t been using WK so no chance to have experienced it myself. I’m interested to see what other responses you get.

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