Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Chapter 1 - Part 3 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Chapter 1 - Part 3


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Week 3 Jun 3rd Chapter 1 - Part 3 41 - 54 14

Ebook offset seems to be -2. So ebook page 3 is physical 5.

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I totally forgot the events of this section but that was a good read. It felt much easier than the first two parts of chapter 1


I felt like the last two parts were easier then part 1, but it could be just getting used to the style + the fact that they are shorter. In any case, the weekly pacing is much better for me now :slight_smile:


It’s been a long time since I watched the anime, but I remember that during the first episode, each time one of the host club members realised Haruhi’s gender, a lightbulb would pop up (and we’d see it at different times in the episode). I guess it’s an anime only addition, but I was a bit sad that we didn’t have it in the manga as well.


That was the first thing I noticed back when I was reading the manga in English.

I feel like the manga is badly paced for an anime adaptation, so I think they did a pretty good job fixing that up in the anime.


I was also thinking about this, even within the chapter it felt like there were a bunch of weird time breaks where other series definitely would’ve split up into multiple chapters. Maybe that’s just a shoujo thing? I noticed it reading some of the free margaret magazine stuff (specifically blue spring ride and haru x kiyo, both from around the same time period as ouran) as well. They have their own sense of pacing and flow that doesn’t quite match up with my more modern manga/anime sensibilities.

Looking forward to trying out the anime to see how it’s adapted, just wanted to get a little ways into the manga before jumping in :sweat_smile:


If I remember my research right, the anime covers up to volume 8/9 (I seem to remember it pulls something from 9? But mostly up until 8. Although I’m sure the anime skipped things and added things), so when we’re about halfway through the series, you’d have covered the whole anime. ^^

I’m a bit behind right now, so right now I can’t, but in the future, I won’t mind figuring out how many anime episodes we’ve covered by the manga at any point. (Any excuse to rewatch the anime is a good one for me. xD)


Finished this weeks section. And yeah, it was much easier than the beginning of the chapter. Still way harder than most of the other stuff I read…but manageable.

Heavy spoiler

And loool I so didn’t see it coming, that the main protagonist is female :joy:
I am not sure whether this is because I did not understand everything or whether this was intentional. Either way, I love how it played out…I love twists like this :laughing:


Finished this section! Sort of. I want to reread the last couple pages cause I got caught up in the story and did some heavy skimming there when I realized I had to leave soon for work. :joy:

Also, @ChristopherFritz, would you be able to provide a cheat mode for the second to last page? The bottom panel in particular.

All the lines that I didn’t get were キング Tamaki’s. :see_no_evil:

page 44

バーカ 水もしたたるって いうだろーが

page 45

確か 拾い主は 3割だったな…

page 50

うちの部員に 手ぇ出す奴は 客じゃないんでね

Glad you had this experience!! I had it too, but with the anime. :slight_smile:

This part?


I’m not certain what it says that he buys women’s clothes to wear himself, yet he accidentally buys boy’s clothes for his daughter…

Is it just me, or is the translation is different from the Japanese text? 「ごっめーん また(ふく)()っちゃったーー」

Here's the panel above it as well.

Page 44

This comes after Haruhi says, 「いいですよ!!ぬれるし!!」 Telling Tamaki that he’ll get wet going down in the water like that.

Tamaki then says 「(みず)(したた)るって()うだろう」 I added some kanji to make it a little easier to parse. (Who expects that before they start really learning kanji?)

The って()う lets us know he’s quoting, and the だろうgives it a feeling of “They say 「(みず)(したた)る」, right?”

At first glance, you may look at this as “water also drips” and wonder what it means. However, as an expression, it has the meaning of “to be splendidly handsome”.

I think he’s basically applying the expression with the fact that he’s dripping wet, suggesting that dripping wet makes him splendidly handsome.

That’s my take on it. The English version couldn’t literally use a Japanese expression, so they went this route:


Page 45

Tamaki’s prior line ended with, 「さっさと(さが)すぞー?」 They’re getting back to searching for Haruhi’s things in the water.

Tamaki then says, 「(たし)(ひろ)(ぬし)は3(わり)だったな…」


  • (たし)か, if I’m not mistaken
  • (ひろ)(ぬし), finder (of lost property)


  • (わり), 30%
  • だった, was

Together: “If I’m not mistaken, it was 30% for the finder.”

In other words, finding the wallet means he gets a reward of 30% of the cash contained within.


Page 50

The first part to know is that ()()す is ()()す. (Maybe that part was easy?) This can mean to act violently against someone, but it can also mean to steal from someone. I’m not certain the usage here, as what’s-her-name kind of did both, but I’ll go with “steal”.


  • うちの部員(ぶいん), our club members
  • に from
  • ()()す, to steal
  • (やつ), person


  • (きゃく), guest, customer
  • じゃない, isn’t

Altogether, “A person who steals from our club members isn’t a customer.”

In other words: Goodbye.

Note that in the English version, ()()す is translated as what’s-her-name trying to smear (damage the reputation of, by false accusation) Haruhi:



I think the second definition “to get involved in; to make a move on” makes more sense there.


Imagine an extended hand. This hand can steal, strike, reach out and touch things. In our case, this hand is touching Haruhi.
We cannot say that all reaching out and touching actions are wrong. But this one is being done with malicious intent.
“Smear” works but it is more like "you touch our member, you out.":joy:


Thanks so much for this! Your explanations were all really helpful.

Re: second to last page

Agreed, I don’t see how the translator got “shopped in the boy’s section” from " ふくっちゃった" …

Also, I was wondering how the speech bubble immediately to the right of this panel was translated? It’s something about Haruhi’s uniform?

Second to last page (continued)

First, a look at the Japanese:


Context: Haruhi just said about being okay with everything thinking she was a boy.


Try and work it out before clicking to the English!



The anime definitely did the “figure out Haruhi is a girl” thing better with the lightbulbs. But I like the manga better in that the twins only dumped their drinks on the offending party and not also Haruhi, which I guess is the reason Tamaki figuring out Haruhi is a girl had to be different.

I’m so glad we didn’t ruin that for you! I’m pretty sure I called Haruhi a girl either in the main thread or possibly in the threads earlier for this chapter. It is such a big reveal the first time you see it, but it is kinda hard to keep that hidden while talking about the series since the whole thing is a reversed harem or at least playing with that theme.

And yes, you are supposed to assume Haruhi is a boy to start. I guess it is possible to figure out before the reveal Haruhi is a girl, but I certainly didn’t the first time I watched the anime.


And some of us were introduced to the series based on the DVD product description, which also gives it away:

Ouran Academy: an institution of extravagance and prestige where learning comes secondary to luxury. And nothing proves this more than the school’s beloved Host Club—a club staffed with the truly elite, and the most handsome members on campus. For scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka, studying is top priority over wasting time at the school’s frivolous clubs. But that changes when Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club, a stumble that leaves the freshman indebted for millions of yen! The only way to pay for the damages? Haruhi will have to play host—without giving away the fact that she’s a girl!


I guess because I was (or still am) bad with remembering their names, I didn’t catch that :sweat_smile: But I guess many won’t even really consider it a spoiler, because it is revealed this early. But for me, I am still happy, that I missed that fact before getting to the part in the manga :smile:


I ended up going to a manga café last night and read through the first chapter.

I forgot just how much of a pain it is to read the tiny handwritten parts lol. I’m bad enough reading handwritten Japanese as-is but the size doesn’t help. Ended up just skipping them midway.

I originally watched the anime and read the manga in English so I knew going in what to expect but I had forgotten quite a bit! I do remember it takes a few manga volumes for the mangaka to develop her style.


I started reading the manga without watching the anime or having any prior knowledge about the story. The first chapter was quite challenging for me, but seeing other readers insistently continue motivated me. I’m happy that I had the patience to read through the first chapter.

I don’t know how much better it can get, but I am eagerly looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters.


Personally all of my favorite characters and storylines from the manga come from after where the anime ends!

For drawings after a few volumes her style is set, but I think then halfway through the series or so I noticed there were more subtle changes?