Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Chapter 1 - Part 2 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Chapter 1 - Part 2


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Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 2 May 27th Chapter 1 - Part 2 27 - 40 14

Ebook offset seems to be -2. So ebook page 3 is physical 5.

Last panel of the week (bottom left)

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Poor Honey

Wanting to help out but being sent to eat cake instead lol

Also what a long author’s note. I thought it would be important but it mostly sounds like a psuedo apology for the title?? Please correct me if I’m wrong lol

Also feeling really hit by the somewhat dated face shape aesthetics.

I love Mori’s assist at the end of this section lol. Following the assignment to the letter but not the spirit lol


I guess it’s a mix of psuedo apology + explanation to why she chose the title?. I didn’t read it 100%… I feel like I can understand most of what is written, but at the same time that I have to use a lot of brainpower to decode the handwritten text, and I just feel so exhausted after a few sentences!


Right, thanks

I’ve finally reached the point where I can understand most twitter comics I see with handwritten Japanese but geez, I feel you, this mangaka’s is a pain.


I also finished this weeks section. I must say it went way better than last week. But it is still the most difficult manga I have ever read :joy:
I think it really helped that we slowed down and I didn not feel so rushed. (I know we still only have saturday and the whole week in front of us…but I never know when or if I’ll have time for a somewhat longer read :sweat_smile:)

And I did not have the patience to read the author’s note (yet?) :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately german netflix does not have the anime. So I will keep learning everything about the Ouran high school host club through the manga now :wink:

Cheat Mode for the Author's Note

It’s been a while since I read through several volumes of this series in English, so I don’t recall what the author’s notes tend to be like. Maybe this one will give an idea of what to expect from the notes, which may help decide whether to try deciphering future notes.


Finished this weeks section, It really did feel a bit easier than last week. Maybe because there were less explanatory sections? (I skipped the author’s note, though)

Also the twins are truly delightful :laughing:


I also found this week a bit easier, I believe in week 1 we also still had a bit of the introduction to the host club / getting into the more specialised vocabulary, which is why perhaps this week felt less hard (+ we had less pages as well, which helps)


This week was easier because Kyoya talked less


So, the first section felt really difficult but do-able, but this section I haven’t gotten past the first three pages yet … I don’t know if I’m just getting fatigued or what, but I can only barely get the gist of what the twins are saying, and the handwritten bits are getting overwhelming. Maybe I’m just at a lower reading level than everyone else in the club?

I really wanted to keep up with this club cause I loved the anime and really want to continue the story, but … Hmm, I’m not sure what to do.


I would recommend skipping over the handwritten bits at the least. For the fatigue, of course you could take a break, but it seems like people often quit when they take a break. What about setting a minimum goal of 1 page a day for a week and then evaluating your feelings on it again?


I’ve read 4 pages into this part and it took me probably an hour and I had to really work at getting it. (Meaning I probably don’t have full comprehension, but most of the way there.)

So this is proving a lot harder than I thought it would for sure.

As for the handwritten bits, at least I don’t have problems figuring out what is written, but I do have to work at understanding it.


Don’t hesitate to give specific pages/panels asking for breakdowns.

Consider page 28 (I think) where the twins appear only in the last panel.

Hikaru says ()にならない.

This is the negative of ()になる, an expression meaning “to make a lovely picture; to be perfect for a picture”.

Here's an example of its figurative use.


These two are at a family restaurant when they see a tall girl alongside a very tall boy.

Contrast the boy and girl in that example with Tamaki and Haruhi in the panel before Hikaru uses the expression.

Knowing this expression, does Hikaru’s line become more clear? (That is if you were uncertain of it before.)

Kaoru replies that the situation with two guys, Tamaki and Haruhi here, is completely uncalculated.

It’s understandable if this line doesn’t make much sense at this point in the comic. The next page clarifies it. But since you’re familiar with the anime, this won’t be a spoiler: They think Haruhi is a boy, so Tamaki’s offer of a thank-you kiss to another boy is the twins’ territory. Everything the club members do is calculated to please their guests, so the twins see Tamaki lacking their refined “two guys” technique.

At least, that’s how I take it. If anyone has a different take, please do tell!

This brings us to the page with the twins in the first three panels. I can try breaking these down if you’d be interested. (The gist of it is talking about how the “two guys” technique works when there’s a close relationship, but being twins is best for it. Then they finish by saying Haruhi’s looks exclude “him” from being able to play the part.)


@DIO-Berry Thanks for these ideas! I think skipping the handwritten bits could be particularly helpful, and I can always reread it later when my kanji recognition is better and I’ve gotten more used to the writing style. Also aiming for just one page a day to keep a little momentum sounds good as well!

@MissDagger Sorry you’re struggling as well, but it is nice to know that I’m not alone. We can do it!

@ChristopherFritz Thanks for the breakdown! I sort of guessed at the meaning of “not being a picture” but was having trouble with what 計算 was doing there.

And four more pages read tonight! :tada:


Finished this section! Yay!

I love Mori-senpai so much.


@ChristopherFritz Thanks for the cheat sheet for the author’s note. Comparing that with the manga shows they do take a bit more time with the manga to make it more legible. Perhaps not a lot, but enough that I can always figure out the handwriting in the manga, but that note… I couldn’t read it better than skimming because I couldn’t be bothered to keep each full sentence in my head while I deciphered kanji. :joy:

Finally read the rest of this assignment today (did the first four pages a whiiiiiiiiile ago. Mori-senpai is good senpai, and thanks to the vocabulary sheet I could read what Kyouya said without needing to look anything up myself. Thanks to everyone who is filling it out!