Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Chapter 2 - Part 3 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Chapter 2 - Part 3


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Week 6 Jun 24th Chapter 2 - Part 3 83 - 106 24

Ebook offset seems to be -2. So ebook page 3 is physical 5.

No end panel this week, end of chapter is the end. ^^

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Part 2 and Part 3 have the same ending panel?

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Copy and paste is sometimes overpowered.


Part 3 ends at the end of the chapter, so I didn’t even think of end panels because it isn’t needed this week. Sorry about that! ^^


I’m having a bit of trouble with this section. For starters, I skipped the long handwritten boxes. I think I’ll come back to them another day, later in my learning journey. However I also don’t really get the plot.

plot question

Why was the host club’s solution to the fiances’ problem to have the guy be seen with Haruhi? I don’t get the logic of that and then they just make up or rather the girl acknowledges the guy when the lights come on??? Is it just that they’re trying to make her stop running from him? by abusing social etiquette?

plot question

The club members know that they love each other. The guy is timid, sees himself unworthy of her and the girl refuses to accept that she loves him and they are perfect for each other. So, the club sets the scene with Haruhi, the girl sees these two together and gets jealous, runs, and our timid guy finally makes a move(affected by the conversation with Haruhi) and follows her. These actions prove that they care about and love each other.

This is a common Turkish drama move :joy:


Ahh, thank you

Page 88

Would love some help with this panel - I’m guessing it’s some kind of expression, the 豚 and 真珠 together?

Page 90

First bubble: not sure mainly about the meaning of かけひき… so I feel like I just have no idea of what Haruhi is trying to say.
Second bubble: 気をひく, is it also an expression? not sure what this means. I am guessing the さすらって in the end refers to her wandering around the host club (to try and get her fiancés attention?)


This is where ichi.moe helps:




The kanji version would be ()く.


Ah, I will definitely use ichi.moe where jisho fails me next time then, thank you!


this and 豚に真珠 came up for me when i searched on jisho, even without the kanji :sweat_smile:checking the ‘other forms’ section at the bottom of entries can be very helpful, same for ‘show collocations’. jisho sometimes doesn’t know what to do with longer strings of words, or frustratingly demands the exact wording to even bring up certain entries, but it can be more forgiving than you think! always worth putting in what looks like a phrase and seeing what happens! ichi.moe or something like yomichan are more reliable for that tho


I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately by shopping for manga in natively levels 18-22. :sweat_smile: (This one is currently level 27, but I’m not sure that’s high enough 笑)

Page 86: There’s a label on Haruhi’s jacket that looks like it says ヌヌ子 … Does anyone know what it really says?

Page 87: Does anyone know the cultural significance of this thing? 加藤家の食卓クリスマスSP I tried googling, but didn’t feel enlightened whatsoever …

Also, somehow I broke the page number colors in the vocab spreadsheet. Sorry!!

Eta: page 88: Why does Hani-senpai offer Haruhi tupperware? And what is the kanji in the teeny tiny label pointing at the thing that Mori-senpai is running to bring to Haruhi?


If you squint, you can see it:

image   双子

I can’t find anything on it, so I wonder if it’s a made-up title to sound like the type of show one might find on television, a common cooking show.

This is so Haruhi can take some food home with her, so she can continue to enjoy it.


1.5 pages read today
:hot_face: ← me reading this manga like it’s the last mile of a marathon, jogging slower than most people walk


Nothing wrong with working at your own pace!
image image


5 pages today!

@DIO-Berry thank you for the cheering! It really helps!

Also, @MissDagger I am so sorry, but every time I touch the vocab list the number colors get screwed up again. :see_no_evil:


I’m happy to help!

As for vocab, maybe the technique I use might help? That is adding words without numbers and hoping some lovely ebook person adds them :clown_face:


That really made me laugh :joy: I wouldn’t worry much about messing up the number colours @MaraVos, I completely messed them up for one of the parts too :sweat_smile: at least I know I’m not alone now hahahaha (sometimes I just pray I’m using the correct numbering for the ebook pages too)


No worries, thanks for letting me know! Because the fix literally takes me 2 minutes, but I might not see it unless someone alerts me. :slight_smile:


That last page. :joy: I don’t remember Tamaki being shamed in that way in the anime (in this episode). I LOVE IT. xD

Also, thanks to everyone who filled out the vocabulary sheet. It has really helped me in catching up quickly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: