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Chapter 2 - Part 1


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Week 4 Jun 10th Chapter 2 - Part 1 55 - 66 12

Ebook offset seems to be -2. So ebook page 3 is physical 5.

Last panel

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Cheat sheet for this week's handwritten text.
Preview Page

image image

image image

image image

Dejected Haruhi First Panel Page

Remember, sometimes the English version is less “direct translation” and more “sound natural in English”.

image image

image image

image image

Second-Half-of-Narration Page

image image

image image

(That’s grass, not bad handwriting.)

image image

Kyoya's Page

image image

image image

image image

Takashi+Honey Continuation Page

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

Blizzard(?) Page

image image

image image
The translation-interpretations tend to be pretty good in this series, but this panel shows that sometimes things are completely changed. That is to say, you can’t always use the English release to discern the Japanese. (Here line here is, 「は? 雪山登山ですか?」)

One handwritten text this week has 「[name]の君」. I’m not familiar with it, but I think this 君 is similar to:


In context, I imagine it’s a bit like 先輩(せんぱい), but rather than a reference to grade difference, it shows their difference in social standing.

It appeared in chapter 1 as well, but I didn't take notice of it then.


Page 55 / preview page

I don’t really understand the use of わりまし. I saw it meant extra (charge), so I understand that Tamaki is somehow charging extra for the beauty (of Christmas?) But what does the 5割増 mean, that it is five times extra charge? And is he referring to the readers (clients of the club) having to pay the extra charge or is he somehow saying that Haruhi has to pay extra?

page 55

割: 10% so 5割 is 50%
増 means increase

美しさ: beauty
見よ(う): let’s see
I think this sentence is directed to the mangaka.


I think the 「()よ」 is to the reader. Thus Haruhi’s comment about putting pressure on the mangaka to meet the expectation (given to the reader).


That is why I think it is directed to the mangaka:sweat_smile:. At least we can agree on that he is breaking the fourth wall.

Page 65

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 20.38.11

I suck at grammar, so if I understand this panel correctly, she is saying she will make Haruhi her pet (well, her favourite) next? さしあげる is the humble form of to do, right (so in this case ‘to make’)?


I interpreted it that way as well.


Finished this section! Thanks for the cheat sheet @ChristopherFritz! There were a bunch of handwritten bits that I was able to get on my own, which was great, but there were also a bunch I only got with the the help of the translation. That last one would have been no help at all though, wow! I wonder why the translator did that …


Thanks for the cheat sheet, @ChristopherFritz.

I do think a few more are suspect, potentially from how other parts were translated. Also some very much convey the same meaning but phrased differently, making it a good translation, but it might be good to look at the Japanese and figure out how they got there. However, that gets a bit hard if you don’t know how much of a liberty the translation is taking with any one comment.

Some liberty but same meaning (Dejected Haruhi First Panel Page)

The English translation makes that: “We had ourselves all set to greet a customer.”
More literal would probably be something like: “Thought (it was) a customer, so got into position unfortunatelyよ.”

しまう is a pain to translate. And I’m not gonna go deep diving to figure out just the right option for this line. Just picked “unfortunately”, but it doesn’t entirely fit with よ, so left よ in my “translation”.

Changed completely but not the same one ChristopherFritz pointed out (Kyoya's Page)

The English translation makes that: “String into a lei.”
But really: “air lifted (here)の”

Would love a take on one of these actually. From Dejected Haruhi First Panel Page, page number 59.

むしろ あらゆる意味で 寒いですが。(I put spaces were the text was cut to the next line.)
English translation is: Your cold intent kinda defeats it, though. Which I’m not entirely sure how they got to exactly nor how literal it is.
Because literally it is something like this: “rather/instead all meaning/sense で(by means of) is cold however/but/still.”

Even knowing that I still can’t make sense of it. I really hate sentences where I know every word and probably every grammar, but I can’t put it together with the context to make it make sense. :sweat_smile: