One Piece Manga Reading Club 🏴‍☠ (Currently Reading: Vol 1)

Hm. Maybe I can join in. Haven’t had a wealth of time as of late, but as long as I’m not as methodical as I am with the Kiki’s Delivery Service Thread (Reading a few pages every night without looking anything up, then rereading the next day, looking anything up I don’t understand, asking questions about anything that still confuses me), I can probably knock out the reading for each chapter in a day or two.

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Is anyone else having trouble reading it on the Shonen Jump website? I find the writing too small and I can’t find a way to enlarge it, please let me know if I’m being stupid and missing something obvious.

I have a physical copy at home, but it’ll be hard to pretend I’m working with that on my desk :laughing: Is the e-book available (legally of course) through any other source? seems to have figured out I’m not in Japan and I can’t find it on Bookwalker.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Here it is:

There’s also the full color version if you’d rather want that:


Thank you so much!

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Are you guys gonna do book 2 as well? Has the club fizzled out?

I believe it stopped at chapter 3. OP didn’t want to let it die, but they also didn’t attempt to keep it alive image

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@shikaji How’s it going?

veeeeery slow :eyes: occasionally i’ll read a page or two but it takes all out of me :sweat_smile: sadly, a book club with my pace makes no sense - but of course i’m not gonna let my purchase be just decorative :smile:


頑張って!You can do it! It’s all about making steady progress and it’ll eventually get easier and easier and your pace will increase!

Maybe someone else can try to take over and help run it? I’d be interested in reading along interleaved with the other series (City Hunter) I’m currently trying to read.

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@kelsyp hasn’t been on the forum for a month hopefully they are well. in the mean time, should we do a mutiny and continue the club without them?

  • yes
  • no

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Excuse me I’m relatively news to this whole reading staff, where can I see how that reading book work and how that can help me get into the first tanbook?

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Could you be a bit more specific about what you want to know?

woops, forgot about this. i can run the club for the time being but do i make a new topic(for the volume and/or the club) or do i ask the mods to make the post a wiki?(would they even agree?))

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Whichever you feel comfortable with

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@Mods, the original poster of the thread hasn’t been online for quiet a while but we want to continue the book club. i think it would cause less confusion if we reuse this thread instead of making a new one(both for the club and the volume threads. Is it possible to turn them both into wikis?

Sure, done! Let me know if you have any other wiki requests.



Look on the bright side - if you watch more than one episode a week, you will eventually catch up!

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chpater 3 is up,

should i make new topic every week so people who are behind don’t see spoilers?
  • yes, make new topic(post?) for every week
  • no, just use the volume’s topic

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there’s a poll in the chapter three’s post that i would like people who are still interested in the book club to vote on!