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Happy One Piece day! :smiley: Does anyone have any interest in reading some (or all, lol) of the One Piece manga? I saw the JoJo club decided to start with the first 5 volumes and go from there. I am thinking we could do something similar and gauge interest as we go. The first major story arc (East Blue) is 12 volumes, but there are mini story arcs within that, so there are a lot of potential breaking points. Or we could just spend the next… several years… reading One Piece. :laughing:

If people are interested, I am thinking maybe we start off with a slower pace for the first volume and then increase the pace as we go if there is interest in continuing. So potentially start off with 20-30 pages per week for the first volume (so Ch 1 would be 2 weeks and Ch 2-8 would be ~1 week each)? I’ll include some polls. Plz discuss. :pirate_flag:


Ahh, I’m going to remake the polls to make the results always visible. Sorry if you already voted!! @anon54313967, @d-hermit, @downtimes, @Samraku, @mikesol Should be updated in just a minute.


I’d be willing to try. Way less daunting than trying to watch, what?, 900 or something episodes of anime? :rofl:

I remember watching that back when it first started then falling out of it and then coming back when it was still in the 400s and just never could find enough time to catch back up. Maybe some day…


I actually just bought the first volume! Don’t know if I’m at that level yet but I’d love to read it!


Excelent Idea! Shounen Jump actually has the One Piece manga available online here. That’d be the only way I could try to participate.


Oh, that’s cool! Looks like they only have the first three chapters free though :cry:
(also, welcome!)

Thanks! I would try to get the first volume until we reach the fourth.

Mm. Just when I finally managed to (nearly, still 2,5 volumes left) reach the timeskip point and I wanted a rest from the series.
I didn’t read this in Japanese from the start, though, I started with 46 volume and timeskip happens in 61. I watched anime before that.
But if this bookclub happens, I guess I’ll at least follow the thread, because I still have problems with very casual speech and it isn’t something you can easily google, so I hope to learn things from the discussion.


So if this does happen, unlike with certain Internet fan groups for One Piece, can it be agreed upon that 仲間 is not some special, magical, untranslatable term within the One Piece universe? :rofl:


… what? People say that?? :joy:

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Yeah… There’s even a fansub group that refuses to translate the term because they deem it having some special meaning that isn’t based on anything in reality or what the author has stated.

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At the end of the day, nuances are going to be lost no matter what, but then they might as well just not translate anything in that case :joy:
That kinda reminds me of the “all according to the 計画" meme.


I mean, fansubs are weird. I remember watching a fansub back in like, 2004 where Luffy was called Rufi and Sanji was called Sunkist.

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I believe Luffy is Ruffy in the official Swedish translation

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Well the problem is the nuance they think is being lost is completely made up. :joy:

Here’s a a snipped quote from someone on this:

No official source has EVER said that “Nakama means a bond greater than family”, not FUNimation, not Viz, not Toei, and most certainly, not Oda. there has never been an SBS where Oda has said “When Luffy says ‘Nakama’ he means a bond deeper than family”. That’s purely a Fan preference.


He was “Ruffy” in the German version, too, and they pronounced it “Roughy”. Also Usopp got renamed to “Lysopp” because I guess they wanted some weird pun on the German word for “to lie”.

Either way, I’d def be interested in a reading club for this. I tried doing it on my own not too long ago, but the lack of grammar knowledge made discerning anything happening about ten times harder than it should be.

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Of course, even the official translations aren’t always correct. I don’t think any official translations realized “Raftel” was supposed to be “Laugh Tale” until it was literally spelled out in english in One Piece: Stampede.

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Check out One Pace where they cut off all fillers and static shots, thus making anime super close to manga.


Thanks for the heads up on that. Some day I’ll get around to it. Still trying to get my wife to watch a bunch of classic shows she’s never seen (we just finished Lupin Part 2 at 155 eps). So it’ll be a while still before getting back to One Piece, but that sounds a great way to watch it.

I think we have enough Yes/Maybe votes to go ahead and schedule a start date! Right now most of the votes are for Aug 5, and we can wait a few more days or so to finalize, but since there are a few in September, I’m wondering if we should go for August 19 or another day mid-August. Since the first three chapters are available online (thanks Pedrexus for linking to that!!), it would at least give a way for people to read along before the physical book arrives, especially if we split Chapter 1 up into 2 weeks since it’s twice the length of the others.