One Piece: Vol 1 Discussion, Chapter 3

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One Piece: Vol 1 Discussion (Chapters 1-8)

Current Chapter: 3


should we continue at the same rate?
  • just continue at the same pace
  • double the pace

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Since there was a long gap between this chapter and the previous chapter, should we,
  • just get on with it
  • wait a week
  • wait 2 weeks
  • wait 3 weeks
  • wait even more

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Reminders for Discussion

  1. Please blur/hide any major events in the current week’s pages (however early they occur) or any events that happen in future chapters, like so: [spoiler]texthere[/spoiler]
  2. Feel free to discuss grammar, vocabulary, comprehension questions, as well as interesting plot details
  3. Include references (page, panel, character speech bubble, etc.) so that others can help you
  4. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. We’re all here to learn and read together, so share your thoughts and ask questions! :smiley:

Vocabulary List Spreadsheet

Reading Along?

  • Yes
  • Maybe later
  • Already finished
  • Nope

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can someone say what ノリ is in ノリで吹っ飛んじゃったんじゃねか. is it nori as in the seaweed? (the dialoge is at the bottom of the page after the restaurant)

It’s definition 4, I’d say.


so it’s like “it dampened the mood?”

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Other way around - they got carried away by the mood.


this thread dated, but I think it is better to double the pace especially for those who are fast readers. Well, if there is a long gap, it is better to just get on with it. After all, it is still the same if we will wait for another week or two. why not just get on with it.

@5oulCrusher how long do you think we should wait?

One Piece?! I might jump in later, I have a random volume! (nr 17 or so, I’ll have to check :rofl: )