One Piece Manga Reading Club 🏴‍☠ (Currently Reading: Vol 1)

Just about a week until we start! I saw @Pedrexus asked about how discussions work. We’ll set this up similar to the よつばと! club’s format that way the list of threads doesn’t get unwieldy if we end up doing a bunch of volumes. So one thread per volume (I’ll open the thread for Volume 1 up next week), and then we can link to the place in the thread where the discussion starts for each new chapter. We can also set up a vocab spreadsheet in Google Docs like some of the other bookclubs do as well.

Here’s the schedule:

|Start Date|Reading|
| — | — | — |
|September 2|Chapter 1 (pg 5 - 25)||
|September 9|Chapter 1 (pg 25 - 57)||
|September 16|Chapter 2||
|September 23|Chapter 3||
|September 30|Chapter 4||
|October 7|Chapter 5||
|October 14|Chapter 6||
|October 21|Chapter 7||
|October 28|Chapter 8||

I split Chapter 1 up into two halves since it’s nearly double the length of the rest of the chapters, and that way it will give people a chance to ease into it. The page split is based on a reasonable stopping point, so it doesn’t just stop in the middle of a scene or something. :laughing:

(Also @shikaji I am so jealous of your collection :sob: One day… )