Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

I can see why he opted for a head shot… He left his pants at home and had to make do with some fabric and ribbon for his full body shot. Lmao. Not diggin’ it.


The Swede looks good:
(Full body picture here: https://world-flags.org/europeanunion/sweden.html
The motto seems to be: To love, to forget, and to forgive are (the) three trials in life.
Although the Swedish saying it seems to come from is more: Learn the great mystery of life: to love, forget and forgive.)

@Lids Thanks! I managed to get Chi’s Sweet Home free as an ebook a couple of months back, so that made it an easy option as a first book to read along with the book clubs. I also have another book that the absolute beginner book club have already finished and hope to read that next, although if we pick the second book of that series, then maybe I have to read it concurrently with Chi, because I think I’ll really enjoy reading with the club. :slight_smile:

As to voting for the next book, a poll will be put in the main thread for each club when voting will happen. Since nominations are going to be finished for the absolute beginner book club tomorrow (I think), a poll should show up early next week where you can vote for the nomination(s) you like most.


Which book is that? I recently got a copy of ようばと、but I believe that’s a book the beginner book club read、 not the absolute beginners. I’ll try that one down the track too. 君の名は has 3 volumes… I really want to read them all. Lol.

I think I wanna try join the beginners… they seem to read texts that appeal to me more. Plus, reading is my BAD area and really letting me down so I want to challenge myself as much as possible. I did the JCAT today, and it highlighted how terribly I read… my listening was really good tho. Not surprised with those results, I know where I need to put some effort in to see improvement!


The にゃんにゃん book (whatever its full name is…). I also have よつばと (from the beginner book club) for later, plus a few other mangas laying around. :angel:

Just don’t take on more than you can chew. Because if reading is already your bad area, maybe it is better to improve incrementally rather than jumping in the deep end, but you know yourself best to know which method works best for you. I definitely like the incremental method and have therefore spent quite a bit of time on graded readers and still will when I’m not reading Chi with the club.

But which club also partly depends on your level of grammar which I think in general is the bigger indicator where a book falls when it comes to the book clubs here. But you can read about that on the Master list of book clubs (I believe).

When it comes to enjoyment I either don’t care, or because I like reading about fairytales and such in my own language and English, I don’t mind that for my Japanese reading (a lot of graded readers have fairy tales both Japanese and some Aesop tales and such). So far I haven’t really read anything that was too boring to not enjoy the fact that I’m reading Japanese. I guess the novelty will eventually wear off, but until then I’ll use the fact that most texts at least intellectually challenge me due to the language and therefor I’m engaged.

It seems I’m always derailing this thread with all kinds of strange talking that isn’t related to leveling up. >_>


Thank you, as always for your well thought out response. I don’t think I’ll be biting off more than I can chew. I think I just don’t have enough practice… my grammar and vocab isn’t bad, and my listening skills are pretty good. I guess if it’s too easy for me, I will accept that and not push myself harder. I can always try beginner and then go down a group, if it’s too hard. Having an 18 month old, means not much time to read, so the time I do get, I want to be spent on something that interests me, not just reading to read. I know. Silly goals.


Not really. I totally get wanting to read stuff that you enjoy, especially with limited time. So far I have enjoyed almost everything I’ve read. The people who writes those graded readers are good at making a little twist to bring a smile to my face even when I read about a normal family’s morning routine. Although certainly the fairy tales are more interesting and the どうして stories about why animals are a certain way (fables basically) are pretty funny. So I am reading stuff I enjoy and I’ve started a small library of manga I want to read that I picked because they looked fun, were recommended or I knew were fun. So go for what interests you!


It’s sounds like you are having a wonderful time reading and learning. I love it!

I too have started a small collection of manga that I want to read. Slowly, slowly, eh? I’m sure the first reads will be painful, but it will get better in time… every little effort counts… I hope! Haha!


Im here to whine,
I had a deadline for a report in my studies and i didnt even get half of what i wanted in there.
So now i came back to wk for 400 reviews. Ouch! Cannot recommend.

Thank you for your time :+1:


@avalia congrats on the lvl-up!!


Thank you!! I love the chicken hug, I needed that :heart:


I accept your challenge :sunrise_over_mountains:

How’s level 8 for you?


I’m with you on that one. It’s 夏 in my 近くso there’s a lot going on right now. What’s the harm in getting motivation from rivalries?

I look forward to it, team 地 will keep on 回る …:earth_americas::earth_asia::earth_africa:

Also those level up times are impressive, keep it up.


I really need to figure out that leaderboard script thing everyone has slash be less lazy and actually set it up. That way I can surprise congratulate people on their level ups instead of just derailing this thread with other strange discussions. Yep. That is me, being on topic… >_>


I was lvl 12 before my reset so lvl 8 feels familiar, it’s not that hard yet, it will become harder when I get to 13, but that’s also the level where the amount of radicals (which i’m having most trouble with due to their sometimes cryptic meaning) is reduced by half compared to previous levels.

@MissDagger have you ever used a userscript before? If not you’ll need a browser extension like Tampermonkey if you’re on chrome/firefox, they’re gonna ask a lot of permissions regarding your content but that doesn’t really matter since they are not really collecting data on a server, it’s just done locally on your computer. Then you can download both the Wanikani Open Framework then the Leaderboard script (in this order respectively, if you did the installation of Tampermonkey correctly it should directly open a new tab with an install button if you click on the script-install links).
Also you don’t have to stay all the time on topic, it’s fine to derail, we’re here to have fun while progressing on WK, so why forbid you from derailing it a bit :eyes: especially when your answers are very interesting to read.


I do have scripts installed, but I don’t think I’ve seen a link to the forum topic about the leaderboard script, thanks!, or I’ve been too pre-occupied (better than saying lazy, eh?) to actually click the link. I’ll see about installing it and adding people in the next couple of days. :smiley:

Also, thank you, you are very kind. I was starting to feel like this big bear crashing the party with all these not quite on topic posts, but I am glad people are enjoying them and finding something useful in them. So I will keep doing this and perhaps snipe a couple of level ups before anyone else! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Man, I feel old saying that. That was like so in when I was like 18, so like a dozen years ago… … … … I’ll make it cool again… maybe…)


Hahaha, USA’s character does look borderline prepubescent


Apparently you can export and import your leaderboard. I can give you mine if you want, I put everybody on it.


Hey ! I would like to join the race !
Been away for too long, just went through 600+ reviews & 120 lessons, but I just managed to level up !
I think I should be able to got at ~9d/level, I hope

team 空 here ! :smiley:


Hi @gorufu22! I see you’re still not on the leaderboard. We can add you, but you might want to take a look to our friend @kitsunensei’s advice:

That’s fine, I’m not a jealous rival :see_no_evil:
The username thing is a bit unusual but I’ll get used to it :slight_smile: I liked Kare-uso, though N-Not that I really paniqued thinking my rival was gone for good 'cuz I’m looking forward to catch up and both of us eventually getting to Level 60 or anything
Congrats on getting to Level 7!


Yup :sweat_smile:
Congrats on the Level-up!

We can make that happen :sunglasses:



Ugh, now all Guru II material is coming one afte another. The workload is getting real. And there are two more waves to come >.<