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A warm welcome to anyone that wanna watch a show about food appreciation where the main characters encounter people on many walks of life where food means something important to them, all the while trying to create the Ultimate menu for a magazine they work for.

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The show has been released for free and most episodes can be found on the official Oishinbo YouTube channel:

Old Viewing Schedule from 2021-2022!


Tips for late arrivals: Watch episodes 1& 2 that explains the basic premise of this series. Then jump ahead to where we are in the watch schedule. You can go back later to the older episodes. :high_touch:

Week Start Date Episodes Episode names
Week 1 7th June Episode 1-2 究極のメニュー & 士郎対父・雄山
Week 2 14th June Episode 3-4 野菜の鮮度 & 活きた魚
Week 3 21th June Episode 5-6 そばツユの深味 & 幻の魚
Week 4 28th June Episode 7-8 炭火の魔力 & 接待の妙
Week 5 5th July Episode 9-11 寿司の心 & 料理のルール & 土鍋の力
Week 6 12th July Episode 12-14 ダシの秘密 & 手間の価値 & 横綱の好物
Week 7 19th July Episode 15-17 日本風カレー & 直火の威力 & もてなしの心
Week 8 26th July Episode 18-20 鮮度とスピードー & 氷菓と恋 & 食卓の広がり
Week 9 2nd August Episode 21-23 包丁の基本 & 板前の条件 & 牛なべの味
Week 10 9th August Episode 24-26 中華そばの命 & 舌の記憶 & 食べない理由
Week 11 16th August Episode 27-29 激闘鯨合戦(前編) & 激闘鯨合戦(後編) & 旅先の知恵
Week 12 23th August Episode 30-32 うどんの腰 & 鮎のふるさと & ハンバーガーの要素
Week 13 30th August Episode 33-35 新妻の手料理 & あわび尽くし & トンカツ慕情
Week 14 6th September Episode 36-38 スープと麺 & にんにくパワー & ビールと枝豆
Week 15 13th September Episode 39-41 暑中の味 & う真夏の氷 & 技巧の極致
Week 16 20th September Episode 42-44 大豆とにがり & 青竹の香り & 女の華
Week 17 27th September Episode 45-47 香港味勝負(前編) & 香港味勝負(後編) & 黄身と白身
Week 18 4th October Episode 48-50 母なるリンゴ & 牛肉の力 & 究極の作法
Week 19 11th October Episode 51-53 レモンと健康 & 魚の醍醐味 & お菓子と夢
Week 20 18th October Episode 54-56 江戸ッ子雑煮 & しょう油の神秘 & 飲茶
Week 21 25th October Episode 57-59 フォン・ド・ヴォー & ふるさとの唄 & 飯の友
Week 22 1st November Episode 60-62 キムチの精神 & 非常食 & 大地の赤
Week 23 8th November Episode 63-65 愛の納豆 & サラダと美容 & ぼけとつっこみ
Week 24 15th November Episode 66-68 椀方試験 & ボクサーの苦しみ & 卵とフライパン
Restart on January 3rd
Week 25 3rd January Episode 69-71 再会の丼 & 玄米VS白米 & 骨のない魚
Week 26 10th January Episode 72-74 代用ガム & 豆腐の花 & 黒い刺身
Week 27 17th January Episode 75-77 北海の幸 & 臭さの魅力 & ペンションの名物
Week 28 24th January Episode 78-80 究極のメニューVS至高のメニュー & 究極VS至高 黄身の実力 & 根気と自然薯
Week 29 31st January Episode 81-83 潮風の贈り物 & 究極VS至高 生きている米 & 究極VS至高 対決!!野菜編
Week 30 7th February Episode 84-86 不器量な魚 & 下町の温もり & 家族の食卓
Watch schedule paused!
Week 31 14th February Episode 87-89 不思議なからあげ & おせちと花嫁 & 究極VS至高 餃子の春
Week 32 21th February Episode 90-92 究極VS至高 対決!!餃子編 & 真冬の珍味 & 洋食屋の苦悩
Week 34 28th February Episode 93-95 究極VS至高 エイと鮫 (前編) &究極VS至高 エイと鮫 (後編) & 及第ガユ
Week 35 7th March Episode 96-98 江戸の味 & ばあちゃんの賭け & 食は三代?
Week 36 14th March Episode 99-101 父のコロッケ & 贅沢な献立 & もやしっ子
Week 37 21th March Episode 102-104 丼VSのり巻き & グルメ志向 & 二代目の腕
Week 38 28th March Episode 105-107 五年目のパスタ & 思い出のメニュー & 海のマツタケご飯
Week 39 4th April Episode 108-110 梅干しの雨 & 杜氏と水 & 柔らかい酢
Week 40 11th April Episode 111-113 料理と絵ごころ & ほうじ茶の心 & 涼風そうめん
Week 41 18th April Episode 114-116 古酒(クースー) & スパイスの秘密 & 新しい企画
Week 42 25th April Episode 117-119 禁断の鳥 & 挑戦精神 & 日本の根っこ
Week 43 2nd May Episode 120-122 ジャンボ茶碗蒸し & 命と器 & 辛し明太子
Week 44 9th May Episode 123-125 究極VS至高 対決!!スパゲッティ & 恥ずかしい料理 & 年越しうどん
Week 45 16th May Episode 126-128 タイのタイ & 二人の花嫁候補 & カジキの真価
Week 46 23th May Episode 129-131 ピザの横綱 & いわしの心 & 究極VS至高 菓子対決!!
Week 47 30th May Episode 132-134 天日の贈り物 & 猿蟹合戦 & カレイとヒラメ
Week 48 6th June Episode 135-136 究極の披露宴 (前編) & 究極の披露宴 (後編)

Vocab list


Shirou Yamaoka is a 27-year-old journalist, tasked with creating an “Ultimate Menu” for Touzai News
Yuuko Kurita is a 22-year-old journalist, tasked with creating an “Ultimate Menu” for Touzai News
Yuuzan Kaibara is the founder and director of the exclusive “Gourmet Club”

People at Touzai News 東西新聞社
Kinue Tabata (co-worker and friend of Kurita)
Noriko Hanamura (co-worker and friend of Kurita)
Toio Tomii (deputy director of the arts and culture department)
Hideo Tanimura (director of the arts and culture department)
Koizumi Kyouichi (editor-in-chief of Touzai News)
Daizou Oohara (the publisher of Touzai News)

Other recurring people
Toujin Touyama a famous ceramicist and gourmet
Ryoko Touyama much younger wife of Toujin Touyama
Nakamatsu a police inspector
Seiichi Okaboshi a talented young chef and owner of a restaurant the main characters frequent
Tokuo Nakagawa the head chef of the “Gourmet Club.”
Kyougoku Mantarou a wealthy businessperson and a gourmet
Ryouzou Okaboshi the younger brother of Seiichi Okaboshi, who works as a chef at Kaibara’s “Gourmet Club”.
Natsuko a female sushi chef
Seisaku Arakawa a photographer
Stan Black an American tofu researcher (and aspiring Rakugo performer)
Tatsu-san a homeless man


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Oishinbo music and popular culture references

(this post is a wiki so add whatever you like ^>^)

First OP: YOU / Megumi Yuki 結城めぐみ

Second OP: DANG DANG 気になる

OST playlist with time-stamps in the details! :notes:

Here’s also an Oishinbo TV special, with the voice actors dressed up as their characters! :grin: Yamaoka is played by Kazuhiko Inoue while Kurita by Mayumi Shō.

this is the old post that I’ve put under a summary tag, so please leave it as it is. ^^

The old post

@Nemuitanuki I made a thread for us! :yarn: :grin:

@anon26278845 sorry for jumping the gun, but we’ve already started in on this show, so making a thread made sense. なんかすみません! :bowing_woman:

Oishinbo taught me a lot of food related words. Like the word for liver: 胆 【きも】 (n) (1) liver, (2) courage, spirit, pluck, guts, (P) which they eat in the first episode? using the liver of a ??? fish. I forget what it was called. :sweat_smile:

WK also teach us this word and kanji!


No need to apologize I actually really appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to create another thread
The more we expand the merrier :hugs:
Plus anyone who wasn’t initially into Escaflowne now has another option to pick from
I’m going to try to watch Oishinbo too so I can join in the discussions~


Ramsay Durtle approves of this message! ^>^


Which site are you watching it on? I don’t have nearly the level to watch it without subs, but I really wanna try nonetheless.


I can literally hear his voice . . .
Ringing in my ears . . .



Apparently it’s been released for free and you can watch all episodes on YouTube! <3



The title sounds like 食いしん坊(くいしんぼう), which is literally ‘glutton’. Hahaha. I don’t know if I’ll watch it (probably not), but the title alone makes it sound fun. :grin:


Yes! I actually haven’t thought much about what the title means. 美味しんぼ isn’t a real phrase, but 食いしん坊 is glutton; gourmand according to Jisho. Not sure how 食いしん/美味しん works grammatically to mean “that eats a lot”/“that eats delicious food”. :thinking: I guess what I’m asking is what しん means in this context?

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It might actually be a combination of 食い and いやしん坊(卑しん坊), which apparently means also the same thing:


It also related to greed, but gluttonous desires are one special case in which it’s used as well.

I guess the idea of 美味しんぼ would therefore be something like ‘someone who really likes/wants delicious food’? It seems that there are other ん坊 expressions out there, like:

甘えん坊、おこりん坊 etc

Basically, it would seem that し is part of the adjective stem, and ん is just a transformed の or something added for euphonic purposes. (Here’s one answer in Japanese that I think does a decent job explaining how it might work: 食いしん坊の「しん」はどういう意味ですか??食い辛抱が語源だったら... - Yahoo!知恵袋)


Now that you brought it up, but I’ve seen/heard this one used as well in the meaning of someone with a sweet tooth. :eyes: I think it was? :thinking:

Thanks for the explanation! ^>^

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I think it’s more of someone who acts like a baby/wants to be spoilt. I’m not sure what ‘someone with a sweet tooth’ would be though.

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So I did misremember that one. I was thinking about “naive” as a meaning as well…:sweat:


This one is just 甘い, if I remember correctly


No worries about level! It’s all about food so you’ll hear 美味しい、おいしい (yummy), and food names a lot. Perfect for starting out.

@ekg my favourite thing so far has been trying to sing the into and outro. Husband says my English is perfect for Cryyyystall liiiight

I want to watch each episode with full focus which will be super slow.


I also sing along with this show! :joy: :notes:

I do love how much this show is a time capsule of sorts. I know it’s manga and as always that means the show isn’t realistic, but you can still get a feel for aspects of Japanese society of the past. I think that’s one of the great aspects of this show. And I like the main characters of Yamaoka and Kurita! <3

As for ep 8, well, I started in on it, but ended up having to other stuff. The theme of frugality and the excessiveness of certain food establishments and food culture in general is an interesting one.


Thanks!! Though I don’t know which one is the first chapter ^^>
It’s pretty confusing, as it doesn’t clarly say “CHAPTER ONE!!!” or at least put an 一、ニ、三...

Edit: AHH! Now I get it. I have to choose the [ENG subtitles] ones, which do have the numbers there, and then just turn the subtitles off xD


Great that you managed to figure it out. It is confusing, yes. And glad to have you watching with us! ^>^


Side note.

So the main characters work at a culture food publishing place?
きょうこくのメニューwhat is this?

Episode 8: Guy doesn’t like wasting food so they take him for department samples.

Why are they taking this guy to eat?


Yamaoka and Kurita are both journalists at this food/Japanese culture magazine. They’ve been charged to create an Ultimate Menu of the best dishes ever basically.

窮極 ~ きゅうきょく (adj-no,n) ultimate, final, eventual, (P)

About ep 8. Well, in the beginning they talk about various incentives to raise money to help people in Africa. And the plan they come up with, is to get this big company to give money to charity - where the CEO is a know frugal person. Which would boost other companies to follow suit, as even the frugal guy is willing to give money to charity. But the CEO stipulates that he might wanna get treated to a great meal before that happens. Which brings in Yamaoka and Kurita, who are also to write something about it. (we never really see them write stuff in this series though :joy: ).

But, yeah, that’s why they wanna treat this person to a great meal. ^^’ (but who gets upset by the wastefulness from the first place they bring him to…while the free samples brings him true joy!)

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