Master List of Other Media Discussion Threads

What is this thread?

This thread is modeled on @seanblue’s Master List of Book Clubs, but with a focus on other types of media. Meaning, the focus here is not on reading, but rather listening (or any form of Japanese language practice - think big and free here! ^>^).

I’ve been thinking about creating a wiki for other media discussion threads for a while now, as a way to make it easier to find the various discussion clubs here on WaniKani, especially since it’s not entirely clear in which section of the forums people will put them.

What sort of media?

Anything that you feel is a good way to practice Japanese is fine! For example, anime, video games, audio books, YouTube channels, drama CDs, movies, TV dramas, board games, children’s games, radio shows, podcasts, movies etc…

How to add discussion clubs to the Wiki?

For simplicity it’s best to create links to the discussion clubs in the following format, also stolen from @seanblue, :wink: to help keep things organized.

[Discussion Club Title]({threadid})+ (additional comment).

The comment should be short useful info, such as if the discussion club is ongoing or finished, is scheduled or not, or give an estimate on difficulty.

Please organize added discussion clubs A-Z!

Generally speaking, the subheadings will be type of media to help people find discussion clubs in the medium they prefer. If you want to change how the list is organized, please post your suggestions below in the thread so everyone can discuss the benefits before making a change.

How to open a closed thread?

Closed threads can be opened by simply tagging the Mods in this thread and kindly asking them to do so. It’s worth doing to avoid spreading the discussions thin on these forums, which is already a problem (and ends with threads being closed).


General Anime Discussion thread (ongoing)
Beginner Anime club

Audio Books

Children’s Audio books (inactive)

Drama CDs

General Japanese Games Discussion Thread (ongoing)

Performing Arts & Stage Shows

General Japanese Theater Thread (ongoing)


General Podcast Discussion Thread (ongoing)

TV broadcasts

General Japanese TV Dramas Discussion Thread (ongoing)
General J-Drama Discussion Thread (inactive)
General Favorite J-Drama Discussion Thread
General Japanese TV Shows Discussion Thread (non-drama) (closed)
General Japanese TV Shows (non-drama) List (closed)


General YouTube Thread


Wow, this is a really great idea! ありがとうm(_ _)m

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I’ve managed to dig up some of the gaming threads here on WK.

While most are older threads, several of them were not closed and could be revived if people still have an interest in these games. It was kind of hard to say if something was truly finished or not. Some threads have closed, but could still be useful for reading about others’ experiences of the games. :thinking:

Edit: It’s also worth knowing that it’s possible to open closed threads by simply posting on these forums and asking the Mods to do it for you. It’s a good option to keep all discussions related to a single game gathered, as there is not that much forum traffic as it is. :slight_smile:


I added a new subheading “Movies” after finding two movie clubs here on Wanikani, which made me happy. I thought there would be some, but as with many of the threads I’ve found, I never knew about them. Sadly they’re both closed threads, but yeah, if you never find out about them, what can you do.

It’s just incredibly hard to find these discussion threads, where many are found in the Campfire section and are drowned out by the avalanche of casual conversations going on.

But, this just confirms that there is a real purpose for this sort of Index thread, which allows people easier access to the various ongoing and past discussions about Japanese media.

Not all of the linked threads are “formal” discussion clubs, but some sort of collective pooling of knowledge or open discussion about media X is taking place. Good enough for me! XD

Other additions includes more Games discussions, some Podcast discussions and a couple of entries to the YouTube subheading. :slight_smile:


I added the pro wrestling thread! I marked it as “ongoing” even though it’s not exactly a normal club thread, though we do essentially have a year-round Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “book club” going on in there, in addition to the miscellaneous other wrestling stuff that gets talked about!


Great! :+1: ^>^ thanks for helping out!

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More added subheadings: “Audio books”, “TV broadcasts”, “Performing Arts & Stage Shows”.

There are some Japanese radio threads on here, but non seems to have had much traction and most doesn’t seem to be discussion threads as such, but more posts about possible resources and links. :thinking:

There are more Japanese media discussions here on WK than I thought for sure! Again, most are hidden away by newer threads and put in various parts of the forum, making it hard to find them.


I think this thread might be very useful for people who’ve not been here for years. Older members usually remember these old threads and reopen them from time to time.

This thread illustrates one of the great aspect of this community : most discussions here are about something people work on/put effort into and not yet another theoretical discussion about how children learn or what the best method™ for learning Japanese is. That means overall, there’s no ego involved in the discussions and very little drama.

@ekg keep posting memes, you’re doing a great work :wink:


Yeah, I’ve been around for a while now, and I’ve missed so much! :astonished: The fact that there’s a (now closed) Japanese Boardgames thread, blew my mind!

I’m actually going to go all out on this one by kindly asking the @Mods if you think this thread might be useful enough to pin to the Japanese Language subforum, just to make it easier for people to find and make use of? :eyes:

Most threads I’ve posted here are buried by other threads. They’re spread across multiple sections of these forums. In many cases threads closed up due to lack of traffic, and that’s because it’s just very hard to find things on WK.

While using Wanikani is focused on reading, it’s in the end it’s about learning Japanese, and finding ways to enjoy what you’ve learnt here on WK.

I hope this thread can be a big help for people to just find ways to immerse themselves in whatever Japanese phenomenon they enjoy, create discussions about it and share with others. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t Other come last in the list?

Also you missed this one


This is a generic youtube thread though, not necessarily Japanese. I think the goal of this list is the Japanese aspect.


It’s just been 24+ hours. I’ve just not been able to dig up everything. So, do please help out! That’s exactly what I wanted, not some self-curated list. This is for all users to add and make use of! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thanks for checking the fact also @Gorbit99 ! I did not. I might still include it, but the question is if it’s about discussing Japanese, or just YouTube content at all. It’s just easier with Anime as it’s all Japanese in some extent.

And to be fair, I added no “general” threads for a reason initially, knowing this would be a difficult issue to navigate - where to draw the lines…

But it also felt a bit unfair, as some gaming and Vtuber distussions are all in “general threads”. so it is with other subjects as well, as you can’t manage to get enough discussions for singular “stage shows” as an example.

Still, just add your thread! :+1:

My thoughts so far: it’s not going to be completely clear when or not to add something, but we could do a reorganization thing where “resources” is a subheading, like the one you linked @kumirei and the general threads I already linked, so a separate category might be helpful to lift out anything that’s not a specific topic of discussion actually! :thinking:

Because, the more I searched these forums I wanted to bring focus to all the variety of topics that do exist. They’re just drenched out by the noise!

Thanks for the great thread, @ekg! I’ve pinned it to the subforum.

I have trust in everyone participating, but as a friendly reminder we should keep pinned list threads “strictly business” to make them as useful as possible for all members :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!


I think there will we an initial trial and error period here as to what are useful threads. But, it might also work like reflections, since more people can find these threads, and realize more topics are up for discussion - more Japanese discussion threads are created! That’s my hope for this project for sure! ^>^

And i totally forgot to thank you for pinning thread. I think of this as long-term project really, like the other big indexing threads! :slight_smile:

Let’s just build a great community together! ^^


I thought you added it, but in the end I added Plantron’s thread, lol

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New thread added for Tokimeki Memorial 2! ^>^

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Added an entry for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town:

Marked is as active, even though it’s been a while since the last update since it’s still very possible the author’s still playing the game.

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Great job! :+1: ^>^

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