Is the review summary page ever coming back?

First off, since the last big update, I’m delighted that the WK team has taken the feedback into consideration and fixed a plethora of issues that people had. I’m genuinely impressed with the recent progress so kudos to the entire team. Thank you for always trying to improve the platform.

Also, I’m aware that there are currently multiple threads discussing this exact issue but the more the merrier.

However, I just had a fantastic review session, about 100 items and very few mistakes (which is incredibly rare for me). I really miss the page that shows your accuracy and which items you missed out on. Usually when I got an item wrong, I would write it down (in my book of shame and failure) using the review page to check the items. Since it’s removal I have adapted my system to writing down the item at the moment where I fail it which really breaks my flow and makes the reviews a lot longer to do. This is purely my personal approach so I’m sure others have different ways of doing things but I really really miss the summary page.


I wonder why they took it away? I need to know how bad I did and how bad my accuracy was! :laughing:For real though, I think it is one of the changes that will be missed…


It was removed as a consequence of sessions no longer being a thing, and they removed the concept of a session to get rid of timeouts

Personally I’d rather have timeouts and the review summary than no timeouts and no summary


They removed the summary page because they changed the underlying technology behind lessons and reviews (including removing the library they tracked sessions in, but much more as well) and they would have had to reimplement the summary page from scratch. It’s not strictly related to the sessions or timeouts since a summary page can obviously be implemented without either of those. I think it was more just a side effect of the change and a lack of desire (at the time) to reimplement it. That’s my interpretation at least.


Ah, okay, I remembered them saying it was due to getting rid of timeouts. (Also that they thought getting rid of the summaries wouldn’t negatively affect anyone bc they grossly misunderstood how users used them.) Well, I don’t understand most of the tech stuff anyway, so I would be surprised if I misremembered and/or misunderstood something

Regardless of the reasons, I’d like it to come back. I would prefer timeouts and a review summary page than neither of them.