So I was doing my reviews on the tube and there are some sections that it goes underground. What timing!!!

Are there any apps that let you do reviews without an internet connection?



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That’s annoying. Really at this point in time, wi-fi should be human rights as much as clothing and food.

I guess this is discouraged, but you can always press that little cross to dismiss the modal dialog an keep on doing reviews hoping to get WiFi back again soon so the browser synchronizes again.

I’ve done this a couple of times while on road trips and haven’t seemed to face any major issues… but again, I don’t think this is recommended

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Coincidence? Or did you disconnect yourself to show this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve never seen that X!

You, sir, are a genius. Thank you! I shall try that next time!

I always see the X on mobile (specifically Allicrab), but never on desktop.

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I haven’t seen it on desktop or on my app… (the much older, non-supported, “WaniKani Mobile”). I have much love for it, though.


I will continue using it until API v2 makes it obsolete.

Wasn’t able to download it, even. But AlliCrab satisfies my mobile needs pretty well

@alexbeldan saved the APK.

I don’t like pink… But also the notifications were originally my main reason.

Coincidence. I was on the tube and had just filled in that answer when it went into a tunnel. I had to screenshot that!

Notifications are quite a hassle. AlliCrab only gives you a notification for your next review.
Then I bought a Pebble and installed TabiTabi but I have to manually refresh my review schedule for it to be accurate >.<

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