Vacation and Tsurukame App

Hi! I’ve been using wanikani for almost a month and I just made it to level 4. I’m addicted! I use the Tsurukame app to do my lessons and reviews pretty much every hour that I can. My problem is I’m about to go on vacation and I don’t see a vacation mode, so this must be for paid users only. I’m ready to purchase the yearly version, but I’m thinking I should wait until I get back from vacation. But at the same time, I don’t want to stop. Can I continue to use the app if I don’t have internet access for a week? I’m going on a cruise, so I literally won’t be connected to the internet for 7 days. If the app can continue my lessons and reviews without having internet access, I will purchase now. I love this app…

It’s probably better to ask in the app’s thread

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Thank you :slight_smile:

For anyone wondering the same, you have to enable vacation mode on the website, and then the app will automagically enable it!